Why I’ve been tested.. (VLOG 55)

Majority of this footage was recorded 2 weeks ago. Currently, I am in self-quarantine with Laurens and 3 family members. Please take social distancing seriously and stay inside if you can. We hope you all stay safe and well.


  1. Romee Strijd

    Romee StrijdJaar geleden

    Hi guys, just to clarify I didn’t see anyone in the time I was waiting for the results. I just forgot to film it and that’s why I mentioned at the end of the video. I would NEVER take that risk to infect others! 🙏🏼❤️

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    ❤🌹 حبيبتي والله

  3. فيصل زايد

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  4. فيصل زايد

    فيصل زايد5 maanden geleden

    رومي منورين ماشاء الله

  5. Femke Sophie Faber

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    Get well soon your perfect

  6. yayan liu

    yayan liuJaar geleden

    Romee Strijd hope you can be safe

  7. Abigail Yoder

    Abigail Yoder6 maanden geleden

    *me, watching this 10 months later while still in quarantine... unfortunately it got worse :(*

  8. Terri Backhaus

    Terri Backhaus7 maanden geleden

    I love how she says Beige

  9. Amber Hays

    Amber Hays8 maanden geleden

    Thank you for sharing, Romee. I love your vlogs. You and Laurens have beautiful hearts.

  10. Hamid Parck

    Hamid Parck9 maanden geleden

    Je t'ai pas un message toujours je passe pour toi et vous êtes malade et pourquoi vous êtes malade parle-moi la grosse pourquoi tu es malade le prix les le petit lézard vous avez un programme vous êtes quand même et je te donne tout ce qu'il faut merci de bientôt et bonne chance

  11. Hamid Parck

    Hamid Parck9 maanden geleden

    Je passe un message pour voir un bon message pour toi je vois tu es une erreur Bonsoir vous êtes intelligente Bonjour je vois toutes les chaînes en or et vous êtes pas toi et la famille de toi je vois qu'on partira tous les jours la qui m'a touché vous n'êtes pas les radis communication tous les jours courgette net parce que il y en a beaucoup de parents c'est pour ça je te demande à toi à l'autre je change c'est pas grave je veux regarder et bientôt je l'espère pour toi et ta famille de

  12. LA P

    LA P10 maanden geleden

    Vis a vis is super cool serie!

  13. Gracie Lake

    Gracie Lake11 maanden geleden

    I’m praying for you and your family! God bless you and your family! ❤️❤️❤️


    HUGO GARCIAJaar geleden

    Watching this in quarentine

  15. dontbelievethehype

    dontbelievethehypeJaar geleden

    you take money to lie to people

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  17. Twig Legs

    Twig LegsJaar geleden

    I wonder if it’s because she was in early months of her pregnancy so corona was a bigger problem for her, but we didn’t know about her pregnancy then so she wouldn’t have said anything

  18. Sauro flores

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  19. sevval

    sevvalJaar geleden

    Are you pregnant during this?

  20. Elena Vez

    Elena VezJaar geleden

    Now it makes sense, she was pregnant

  21. Macy Lenertz

    Macy LenertzJaar geleden

    Keep the vlogs coming, please!! ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Natalia Stornello

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    I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy!!

  23. posh_ kath

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    I like u romee! Shout out from the Philippines. Keep inspiring us!😍😙

  24. Nayra Diaz

    Nayra DiazJaar geleden

    I live in Panamá, you can go out monday, Wednesday and Friday for about 2 hours depending on the last digit social security.

  25. DStressByDamsl

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  26. sintya efriana

    sintya efrianaJaar geleden

    her bare face 100x prettier than me on my full-makeup face

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  28. Rakel's Aligned Life

    Rakel's Aligned LifeJaar geleden

    okay those toasts sound AMAZING especially as a matcha lover myself! i so want to try make that now yumm

  29. Misaki Inoue

    Misaki InoueJaar geleden

    3:40 back ground noise...?

  30. shady shabana

    shady shabanaJaar geleden

    Romee hi dear hopefully you getting better very soon and the result be negative ,but please don't contact with anyone of your friends or relatives or bf coz you never knows who can transfer the the virus to you and please wear mask and gloves at the moment in living in Dubai and working in ministry of health situation here is too bad honestly and FYI not necessary to have a fever at all and not also to have any symptoms it's a long story but please take care of your self and be at home all the time , god bless you

  31. Caroline Deisler

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    Loved this video💗🌸

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    Cooking with romeee pls

  33. The Branches

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    nlpush.info/net/video/qKvTm519nGvdi90 Keep praying

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    I hope you guys are okay

  35. shay Hamilton

    shay HamiltonJaar geleden

    You can wear prada boots with anything doll! The name speaks for itself. My heart ♥️ goes out to all those going thru this pandemic, the ones with the virus and also those without,we all are trying to get through this crisis. Thank you for still making content and giving us a look into your charmed life,stay healthy you two lovely souls. 🙏🏻🦋🤍

  36. Hania Bencheqroun

    Hania BencheqrounJaar geleden

    you're amazing take care

  37. Anderson C

    Anderson CJaar geleden

    Make sure you're wearing a mask when travelling...to places where that's allowed. .People naively think they can't catch it if no one has a cough or feverish. But I heard a person can still carry the virus not showing any symptoms. I didn't know that. So I've managed to order 2 masks...using a fleece tube scarf in the meantime till i get it. Hard for a model to work in this time when you can't be wearing the mask in public. Surprised you can still fly in Europe. Can't fly in Canada or the US. Or at least to the US or Canada... Get well soon...or I assume you're better now...April 2nd 2020...

  38. Simone Wilson

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    Continue staying safe everyone ☺💕

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    Stay Safe =)

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    May Allah save humanity from that pandemic.

  41. Emma Jakobsen

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    I am going to watch all of your vlogs from 1 to 55 over again in this corona time😂 I love them! Your vlogs make me happy and motivated. You inspire people all over the world.

  42. Juliet Mutheu

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    Sending love from East Africa Kenya 🇰🇪

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    Laurence is the cutest!!! 😆 He went right for the pink one lol 🍩💕💕

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    Romee watches spanish series I CAN'T LOVE HER MORE!

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    Hope you're feeling better darling

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    Please post som home workouts!!! Love your workout videos😍😍

  48. hope 4 pak corruption free country

    hope 4 pak corruption free countryJaar geleden

    Is Americans confirmed ill due to corona virus, not too far 6 months protection after that some countries make positive steps about vaccination and hidden society will also released vaccine about this. I don't know what is the purpose behind this??? so this world prepare about chemical weapons??? Jewish society start this type of war, now who's next??? @ that time, Just stay home stay safe.

  49. Fani van t Zelfde

    Fani van t ZelfdeJaar geleden

    Even if you tested positive I dont think you would film it cause otherwise lots of people would be mad that you went to a crowded event in Italy while there was already a lot of people infected. Thats how the spreading happened, by people that kept travelling till the very end untill Italy and France closed their borders.

  50. Russell Philippe L. de Peralta

    Russell Philippe L. de PeraltaJaar geleden

    so cute cuddly prime cheeks

  51. NaNa OrangeJuice

    NaNa OrangeJuiceJaar geleden

    It was nice to see new vlog. I always love ur vlogs. But from this vlog, I didnt understand why you go to see your family when u yet didnt know ur test result?! This s how people infecting each other. For right now, people just need stay at homes which means dont go to see other people even if they re young, even if they are ur relatives or sisters brothers etc.

  52. pink0902f1

    pink0902f1Jaar geleden

    so pretty! get well soon xox

  53. G Lugo

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    I am happy to heard your safe. 🥰

  54. Jermannote Von Loo Lee La Ta poliana Loolita

    Jermannote Von Loo Lee La Ta poliana LoolitaJaar geleden

    "and I'm going to the doctor to see what's up with mine....." Your what??? Haha Romeeeeee😂

  55. Idc

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    Jermannote Von Loo Lee La Ta poliana Loolita but now I think she meant her test results

  56. Idc

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    Jermannote Von Loo Lee La Ta poliana Loolita I thought she meant her eye

  57. Boom Bang

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    Anyone reading this. Stay strong and Stay home

  58. Yte U

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    Romee, I would like tips from other nice channels that have vlog

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    Beaty tips and best food for skin please,plese,please :***

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    Poor people OUTFIT challenge... nlpush.info/net/video/lKi7sXWsbbGdi6s

  62. Amanda

    AmandaJaar geleden

    As a nurse I am very worried about this, we still haven't gotten any confirmed cases at my hospital but it's only a matter of time I think. And then it's gonna be very though. Everyone please stay safe

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  64. Don Miguel

    Don MiguelJaar geleden

    The virus is travelling from the throat to the lungs, it ist possible that you are tested negative at the throat and still have the virus in the lung. You said that you overcame the fever what is a very good sign because your immun system is succeeding to kill what ever caused the fever. Only immunised people should go near older people these days, immun - tests are on their way, so have a bit patient before visiting your grand -pas and -mas. Take care.

  65. N P

    N PJaar geleden

    romi, wish u the best! we will be ok. lets all decide together that we will make the best decisions

  66. Blessed Life

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    Please update us. We love you and worry about you. 💕

  67. ars660

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    Why would you have your friend over if you don't know if you have it or not? That was a bit foolish.

  68. Marchaan Is Here

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    I wish you well. You have a kind soul. Very sweet person. Lovely.

  69. EM MA

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    Make your own food at home so you make sure it's clean DON'T ORDER.

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    Love to see your jewellery collection especially earrings! xx

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    No. When famous gay men sacrifice you in anyway you make money. I want my money.

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    Can i please have her Face . What do i have to do ill do anything

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    Omg the army green I feel would be perfectttt for October

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    Yes i am from Spain and IS TERRIFIED 😭❤️

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    I hope you better

  76. World Administrator

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    ... Rome has fallen ... it's a history-fulfilling death toll ... nlpush.info/net/video/gbrL14NpjoWvkZY

  77. Florencia Alcalde

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    I think It would be really interesting if you made like how you eat on a cheat day or something like that LOVE UUU❤️❤️❤️

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    stay safe! spend this time to catch up on work or just sit and relax a bit more! best wishes to everyone.

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    Please do quarantine workout video!

  80. Rebecca Buchanan

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    Love u so much!! Iv been modeling at 6 years now and when ever I loss motivation before fashion week I binge watch your videos for work out and eating ideas!! Thank you so much ❤️

  81. Val 4

    Val 4Jaar geleden

    Romee I just love❤️following your vlogs and I am very happy for you not having the covid-19 just stay safe with Laurenz and keep in touch with your family and friends.I understand that it must not be easy for you coming from the Fashion Industry having to cancel shows and not travelling back to New-York and by the way I Love your @Prada military boots they will be beautiful for the summer at #Coachella🎡I live in Paris France🇫🇷and I was a bit surprised you didn’t talk about our country that is living a terrifying situation in Europe we are confined for at least two month,schools are closed and the children try to do their homework at house but it is not easy,we are not allowed to go out only to get the necessary groceries items and people are dying☠️each day more and more even if we are a rich country(but we don’t have enough protective masks😷and hydro alcoholic gel for the hospitals🏥and even the tests are rare)and when I think about the other poor countries that have nothing like a quality health care system and no water it’s a tragedy😢😿 Kisses and stay safe at home🙏😘

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    All over the world are people in home! If you do this videos, you will making us company 😁 so i will enjoy your vlogs

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    I’m living in Holland too. There are a lot of people with the virus but it’s okay here x

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    Stay at home always and be safe everyone!

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    That's true. Because of the coronavirus, I could not go out.😐

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    I really hope your going to be okay❤️😭

  89. Fatu

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    its not really confusing....listen to your governor/local agencies...CDC and WHO. Twitter and Facebook is more dangerous than being outside because they spread false information and thus paranoia.

  90. Magdalena Ferran

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    You are adorable! I would love to see more videos about what you are cooking during this time to stay healthy and if you are being active. You should seriously start a healthy eating insta your little tricks and recipes are so helpful and yumm😋

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    OMG I loooove the boots!!

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    Glad you are alright 💖 Stay health🌷 And thanks for the vlog 🙏

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    so happy that you're negative in the test! stay safe Romee !!

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    make a vlog about your skin care tips what you do to keep your face so lifted

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    You are so beautiful with clean face 😍😍😍

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    I'm obsessed with you and your vlogs! Stay safe and lots of love from India

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    Hey Romee, since you are home, maybe you could show us your skin care routine, tanning routine if any, favorite places to shop online? Your workout routine? Anything new your into lately like hobbies, foods, ect

  100. Jess Birchall

    Jess BirchallJaar geleden

    Yeah people are getting different levels of the symptoms. Some are getting a cough but some are getting an extreme flu. But either way they shouldn’t be going to the hospital because that’s where all of the vulnerable people are who would die from catching it

  101. Emilee Jackson

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    Thank you for your positivity during this challenging time Romee! Stay safe! EVERYONE STAY INDOORS!! 🥰❤️💪🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    My moms cousin in Italy says not to underestimate the virus. They say it’s bad there. Hope everyone stays safe ❤️

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    since you did a morning routine 6 months ago could you maybe do a night routine. only if you want to because i know you are busy a lot. thanks❤️🙂

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    Those shoes will be perfect for October!😍👏🏼

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    Prada shoes uff😍🤣niceee

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    Hey guys don't start taking elderberry/echinacea without drs. supervision. This can stimulate the immune system and add to the cytokine storm in COVID. If you have the flu--elderberry has shown to prevent and also reduce the time of the flu. But for those who overactive immune systems with Th1 domiance--disease like hashimotos--then this can add to the storm. For those with balanced immune systems you should be ok, but with covid going around dont over amp the immune system--the goal is to balance!

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    Me watching this in lockdown in Paris: I want a backyard. I want a dog. I want avocado toast. I want a boyfriend.

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    Damon Dominique me watching this in lockdown in İstanbul, I want to stuck in Paris, I want a backyard , I want a dog, I want avocado toast

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