What we EAT in a DAY as Victoria's Secret Models

Hey guys, Today’s video is me and Jasmine Tookes switching food for a day. We wanted to do this for so long cause we eat soooo different, so we thought it would be funny to do so. We are starting the day at Jas her house with a brekky in the backyard, followed by a workout and lunch at Gracias Madre in LA, and ordering in at the end of the day. Do you eat more like me or Jas? ❤ Hope you guys enjoy this video! X

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  1. Irenka Amador

    Irenka Amador3 uur geleden


  2. Żød Æ

    Żød Æ17 uur geleden

    Eating for them is Torturing

  3. Sonda Tat

    Sonda TatDag geleden

    They eat Nothing, they're aliens

  4. Lori

    Lori2 dagen geleden

    Title: what we eat in a day Me: Ice Cubes?… yum

  5. Heer draws

    Heer draws2 dagen geleden

    Please share the hair care 😭😭😭😭

  6. Reena

    Reena4 dagen geleden

    I want to know how you maintained your body during and after pregnancy

  7. White lilies

    White lilies6 dagen geleden

    The comment section is projecting haaaaard

  8. Bill Nai

    Bill Nai7 dagen geleden

    People watching this like: -in bed -reading comments -not in full screen

  9. Flower Power

    Flower Power8 dagen geleden

    I loved this video. I think it's so funny she was talking about Popeye's Chicken because I've always wanted to eat there forever because of Little Nicky..

  10. Sable Bomb

    Sable Bomb8 dagen geleden

    The darker woman is the least looking model of both them, but acting like she needs to take an hour for a damn porige?! Like 4 real gurl

  11. Meme Momo

    Meme Momo10 dagen geleden

    You can eat as much salad as you want it well not make you fat , just lower your carbs like once in a day and you'll be thin normally I'm a model too , ppl think we starve our self but really we are eating healthy, just lower your carbs and no Artificial sugar or oil

  12. Baran Topcu

    Baran Topcu10 dagen geleden


  13. Baran Topcu

    Baran Topcu10 dagen geleden

    Baby romee you are terinle eating cook

  14. Stephanie Vega

    Stephanie Vega10 dagen geleden

    Is sad how all this models lie to girls about what they eat, just masking their extreme diets.

  15. Hazel Usoro

    Hazel Usoro11 dagen geleden

    @4:55 :/

  16. eksbogs treeseextee

    eksbogs treeseextee11 dagen geleden

    The oatmeal traveled more than me

  17. Lilllly Weasley

    Lilllly Weasley11 dagen geleden

    These comments make me laugh lol a lot of the things they’re saying back & forth are them genuinely asking how the other one eats the meal specifically . Not being rude like “ewww how do you eat this” lol

  18. little ellie

    little ellie12 dagen geleden

    Did she say hemp seeds?

  19. Live By Design

    Live By Design14 dagen geleden

    i eat just like Jasmine and i work out way harder but im fat...how is that fair? 😂

  20. Alexia Zaidan

    Alexia Zaidan14 dagen geleden

    I bet it was awkward because they have the camera right in front of them and they would have to act like they can’t see it so obviously it would be awkward dont assume.

  21. Jackie Solis

    Jackie Solis15 dagen geleden

    The fact that they are so normal and themselves like yasss

  22. Nerida

    Nerida15 dagen geleden

    This is so sad tbh.

  23. Vivienne Valentine

    Vivienne Valentine7 dagen geleden


  24. Syeda Sittun Muna

    Syeda Sittun Muna15 dagen geleden

    She is too cute to the doggy ❤️

  25. Easy Ideas

    Easy Ideas16 dagen geleden

    I just know you guys aren't eating what you want... I'm sorry that this industry has ruined your relationship with yourself. I hope everyone that clicks on this video knows that they are beautiful. For real. Tell yourself that you are. Every 👏 freaking👏 day👏

  26. Colette Titus

    Colette Titus17 dagen geleden

    skinny girls are always so particular and weird about eating. im jealous of that energy ill just eat whatever ha.

  27. it's mahsssa

    it's mahsssa17 dagen geleden

    She said she is sensitive about caffeine but she drinks lots of energy drinks?how?

  28. Jerilyn Novak

    Jerilyn Novak17 dagen geleden

    "I LOVE guacamole." "I HATE cilantro." But guacamole has cilantro in it....

  29. Moon Tribe

    Moon Tribe18 dagen geleden

    She did the whole Kylie Jenner icon Rise and Shine 🤣

  30. Sasha Logan

    Sasha Logan18 dagen geleden

    this is so mind. numbing. to watch...

  31. K P

    K P18 dagen geleden

    They don't eat like that

  32. Rocky Dowling

    Rocky Dowling20 dagen geleden

    I hope no young woman is watching this and actually believing in a million years models these skinny eat as much as they are claiming. They are way too thin for all this food. Where is the video where they puke all this up? this is why so many women have eating disorders. Nearly all models have eating disorders and are underweight. They lie about how much they eat and show themselves exercising as a way of excusing all the food they eat. They are liars.

  33. eleanor e

    eleanor e18 dagen geleden

    Models aren't the cause of eating disorders, that's not how they work

  34. Star Wonder

    Star Wonder21 dag geleden


  35. Star Wonder

    Star Wonder21 dag geleden


  36. Star Wonder

    Star Wonder21 dag geleden


  37. Star Wonder

    Star Wonder21 dag geleden


  38. URBAN EYE New York

    URBAN EYE New York21 dag geleden

    2 starving rich creatures 😇

  39. familia gasques leonato

    familia gasques leonato21 dag geleden

    omggg, I really want the oatmeal recipe :(

  40. Stabile Dube

    Stabile Dube25 dagen geleden

    This comment section is toxic af 💀

  41. Natalia Dynek

    Natalia Dynek26 dagen geleden

    Romee looks very upset and fed up 😂

  42. pallu shrestha

    pallu shrestha26 dagen geleden

    Jas is like big sister to rome✨✨

  43. Ashley_Skyy

    Ashley_Skyy26 dagen geleden

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  44. Indy D

    Indy D29 dagen geleden

    These women are beautiful, but I didn't realize how tiny they were until they hit the gym. Why is society wanting women to be this skinny? I don't understand it.

  45. Botanica Witch

    Botanica WitchMaand geleden

    "I don't like spicy food" but drinks ginger shots every day... "I don't drink coffee because too much caffeine" but drinks Red Bull.... ? Despite this, it was kind of them to share this with us.

  46. tiffany robinson

    tiffany robinsonMaand geleden

    yall need to calm down. they arent judging each other theyre legit best friends. yall try to make them compete with each other to start drama or some shit. its so god damn immature😭😭

  47. Jenn Coe

    Jenn CoeMaand geleden

    Yous two are the best! So beautiful together. 😂

  48. ulyluna

    ulylunaMaand geleden

    what everyone takes from this video is that both high paid victoria’s secret angels who are equally respected just showed you that you don’t have to lull yourself to be fit or starve or eat oatmeal for breakfast . jasmin is clearly more normal while the other one acts like she hasn’t seen fast food before

  49. Jessica Renè Marchana

    Jessica Renè MarchanaMaand geleden

    This is fun 🙂 thanks for this video 👍

  50. ina kempt

    ina kemptMaand geleden


  51. FFOODEEZZ AdFUNturez

    FFOODEEZZ AdFUNturezMaand geleden

    Thank you

  52. T J

    T JMaand geleden

    Juice crafters have good açaí bowls too in my opinion.

  53. Nathalie Le Goff

    Nathalie Le GoffMaand geleden

    They’re so dull! My god

  54. -

    -Maand geleden

    wdym dull?

  55. Tracey parish

    Tracey parishMaand geleden

    Anyone noticed that other then the breakfast we really only saw them taste the food a few times? Not what portion of it they eat a day. All seemed to be rich people's takeaway. God knows how much they spend on eating avocado salad variations each week. Exactly how much they actually eat of....is anyone's guess. I did get an overall feeling of apprehension about the eating along with smiles and I don't think it was all related to trying what the other likes. Another worrying things was the supplements. They clearly have a relaxed attitude to trying different dietary pills and the way they talk about it suggests they have taken more then a few different ones for different reasons. Digestive related pills clearly a favourite at that moment.

  56. Sarah Smith

    Sarah SmithMaand geleden

    The look on her face eating the oats like she's eating something horrible

  57. Dee Roman

    Dee RomanMaand geleden

    Digestive enzymes...... you mean senna? It’s senna, it makes you shit out everything you eat. And you are not supposed to be using it all the time, because it can destroy your natural flow.

  58. dee leon

    dee leonMaand geleden

    There is no way you could eat all that food and look the way they do. Do not swallow the lies. I think they only have water.

  59. Merel Meijer

    Merel MeijerMaand geleden

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    Revitalyze MDMaand geleden

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  61. Kezey Goodridge

    Kezey GoodridgeMaand geleden

    Why is Romee making jazmine feel bad about her food? Like what if it’s heavy food?

  62. Liz R

    Liz RMaand geleden


  63. Liz R

    Liz RMaand geleden


  64. Linnea Johansson

    Linnea JohanssonMaand geleden

    You should be very conscious about what you eat and how much if you want a perfect healthy body. Fasting is key to stay young a really long time. I understand how they think 100 %. Its not eating disorder its a well known method and has even gotten nobel prize. "Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells recycle and renew their content, a process called autophagy. Fasting activates autophagy, which helps slow down the aging process and has a positive impact on cell renewal." Also you want to detox alot to get all toxins out so you don't put on weight. If you are a model you certainly want to think about this cos their body is their job

  65. letty rodrz

    letty rodrzMaand geleden

    After they eat all that, they will workout for three hours in a row¡

  66. David

    DavidMaand geleden

    We don't care what you eat. Eventually all you once pretty streamlined figure girls will get old and fat. The body isnt made to be skinny and beautiful forever. Forever.

  67. Ms Lyons

    Ms LyonsMaand geleden

    I’m 5’5 140lbs and after watching this I feel fat.😓

  68. HopeNicole04

    HopeNicole04Maand geleden

    This is very intriguing to me

  69. Ariel May

    Ariel MayMaand geleden

    Them: Shares healthy foods all day Me and my Best friend: Shares 11 pieces of cake at a buffet

  70. Music 4MySoul

    Music 4MySoulMaand geleden

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  71. Ivy Chemutai

    Ivy ChemutaiMaand geleden

    I don't feel like they were vibing at allll

  72. Mmm Ddd

    Mmm DddMaand geleden

    I have no words XD XD XD XD

  73. Merel Meijer

    Merel MeijerMaand geleden

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  74. Anastasia Kotyk

    Anastasia KotykMaand geleden

    girls you are soooo pretty!

  75. Ramngaihzuali Zualtei

    Ramngaihzuali ZualteiMaand geleden

    Jasmine is me🤣🤣

  76. jumpy

    jumpyMaand geleden

    who else thought it was JOJA by seeing the thumbnail XD

  77. Miziara Assy

    Miziara AssyMaand geleden

    I can't believe im here after watching Zach choi...

  78. Manu Lina

    Manu LinaMaand geleden

    Jasmine's voice is sooo beautiful 😍

  79. RantsandRambles

    RantsandRamblesMaand geleden

    I like my oatmeal with less water! Yassss

  80. ramirezMadame ManchuRonnie

    ramirezMadame ManchuRonnieMaand geleden

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  81. Mya.

    Mya.Maand geleden


  82. Jello Ilove

    Jello IloveMaand geleden

    I eat different every day

  83. Daša Završnik

    Daša ZavršnikMaand geleden

    What are those supplement they’re having tho?

  84. Shirley

    ShirleyMaand geleden

    I have that body without even eating a healthy diet I eat so much junk food every day and still have that body😂

  85. whoa nelly

    whoa nellyMaand geleden

    No! It's best to drink it then to take the supplement! If u can! It's not as effective plus the side effects! I've heard that is! At least with green tea!

  86. Saoirse Hegarty

    Saoirse HegartyMaand geleden

    It's so annoying when you order food and its way to hot

  87. Hannah 🌷

    Hannah 🌷2 maanden geleden

    Ppl are so quick to talk about pretty privilege but looking through the comment section all i see is ppl judging them then having the audacity to accuse them of secretly judging eachother. It also has 2.8 thousand dislikes when all they're doing is eating outside their comfort zone.

  88. Jamie Scott

    Jamie Scott2 maanden geleden

    Yeah, insecure people always have to have some narrative to make themselves feel better. Although to be fair, at least half of those dislikes are probably from Romee cutting her bacon. That was just wrong.

  89. Jessa Mae Collo

    Jessa Mae Collo2 maanden geleden

    she said she doesnt like the taste of normal water. huehue normal water is lifeee gorl!

  90. Nica Conti

    Nica Conti2 maanden geleden

    I'm with her on the cilantro, just...YUCK!!

  91. flora I

    flora I2 maanden geleden

    They’re acting weird around their food, it’s like they rarely come in contact with food or something

  92. Forever Famous Family

    Forever Famous Family2 maanden geleden

    thanks for these videos they teach the world a lot and we love women!

  93. G B

    G B2 maanden geleden

    How to sell illegal drugs to people pretending not to know how the world wooooooooorks.top level for sure.

  94. Ingrid Escudero

    Ingrid Escudero2 maanden geleden

    Drinking water with lemon puts your stomach to digest everytime you drink it. Water by itself without infusions doesn’t make your stomach work. Apple cider vinegar is extremely acidic for your body.. your stomach releases natural acids to properly breakdown food, but If you put any liquid (soda, juice, water, etc.) in your stomach while you eat, it will dilute the natural acids and will make it harder for your stomach to digest the food. Don’t take my word for it.. do your research!

  95. Tee Ramirez

    Tee Ramirez2 maanden geleden


  96. Maya

    Maya2 maanden geleden

    It was so sweet of Romee to get the camera man food

  97. Krystal Anna Williams-Polley

    Krystal Anna Williams-Polley2 maanden geleden

    love yall's food

  98. CHSNY

    CHSNY2 maanden geleden

    Imagine living this kind of life😫

  99. Brianne Lockee

    Brianne Lockee2 maanden geleden

    Can you do a video of your favorite vitamins & supplements! :)

  100. Eloise Gordon

    Eloise Gordon2 maanden geleden

    me: enjoying the video also me: goes to comment section and is astonished with all the hate

  101. Eloise Gordon

    Eloise Gordon2 maanden geleden

    Jasmine is soooo pretttty

  102. cel gonz

    cel gonz2 maanden geleden

    They are fun! I love anything with food and workout

  103. 橋詰順子

    橋詰順子2 maanden geleden

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  104. smack my ass like a drum

    smack my ass like a drum2 maanden geleden

    you guys need to chill they're just hanging out and having fun it isn't deep at all