What I eat at home + prepping for the baby's arrival (VLOG 60)

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  1. ShirleyPlays_roblox

    ShirleyPlays_robloxMaand geleden

    are u dutch cuz u have a dutch accent btw im dutch and ur name is dutch aspecially strijd

  2. dynamics

    dynamics2 maanden geleden

    Where is the milk frother / whisk from?

  3. Elizabeth Turner

    Elizabeth Turner2 maanden geleden

    Lauren is so sweet

  4. ivonne espinosa cova

    ivonne espinosa cova3 maanden geleden

    Your baby is beatiful congratulations

  5. Jesica Acosta

    Jesica Acosta4 maanden geleden

    felicidades hermoso el bb.

  6. さ

    5 maanden geleden


  7. Sarytha

    Sarytha5 maanden geleden

    HAHAHAHA "ik schrik me dood man!" Im dutch so i understand this, if you translate it to English it says you scared the hell out of me dude! I dont know why but im laughing so loud (If you want to watch the part where its happening -> 11:15) Romee je bent geweldigg!! En Laurens natuurlijk ook :)

  8. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden


  9. Lex Mangi

    Lex Mangi6 maanden geleden

    did she say she was looking up how to park the car?

  10. Jagoda Chmielinska

    Jagoda Chmielinska7 maanden geleden

    10:13 I love the way she says „cocoa”😂

  11. Jessica Nichols

    Jessica Nichols7 maanden geleden

    Welcome to motherhood! It’s the most rewarding and exhausting job you will ever have!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Jhenyfel Velasco

    Jhenyfel Velasco7 maanden geleden

    I love you guys.perfect couple..💞😘

  13. Idzell Blanc

    Idzell Blanc7 maanden geleden


  14. Lan Nguyen

    Lan Nguyen7 maanden geleden

    Ik ben zo blij dat je net voor mij zwanger bent (zelf ben ik nu 21 weken zwanger), dit is zo helpvol! Deel alsjeblieft later je baby musthaves 😍😍😍

  15. Sanya T

    Sanya T7 maanden geleden

    If you like eggs you should try JUST EGG! It’s vegan so there are no eggs in it but it is still high in protein. It cooks like eggs and is the texture of eggs. I’ve made quiches, scrambled eggs, omelettes, French toast, and egg casseroles with it! Every time I use it my entire family thinks it’s real eggs!

  16. Terri Backhaus

    Terri Backhaus7 maanden geleden

    Where they High School sweethearts? When is the baby due?

  17. Terri Backhaus

    Terri Backhaus7 maanden geleden

    You look so healthy and happy

  18. Elizabeth Turner

    Elizabeth Turner2 maanden geleden

    wish we too

  19. M R

    M R8 maanden geleden

    High five 😂 love you two with the chocolate.

  20. maria behamas

    maria behamas8 maanden geleden

    ♠【foto video】♠♠ ---------------------------- tinyurl.com/quick0pornhub Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??,

  21. yuh yuh

    yuh yuh8 maanden geleden

    imagine being her child. I wish

  22. Elizabeth Turner

    Elizabeth Turner2 maanden geleden


  23. Adriana Torres

    Adriana Torres8 maanden geleden

    wow you are going to have a baby girl!!!! Congratulations

  24. Jasmin Hatid

    Jasmin Hatid8 maanden geleden

    Love you Romee❤❤❤ from Philippines

  25. Jasmin Hatid

    Jasmin Hatid8 maanden geleden

    Love you Romee❤❤❤ from Philippines

  26. Fiek

    Fiek8 maanden geleden

    Prachtig zwanger❤️ mag ik vragen waar je visgraat-vloer van is.. x

  27. Samantha Lang

    Samantha Lang8 maanden geleden

    Your baby is going to be like the most perfect looking baby ever

  28. Tears of a waterfall

    Tears of a waterfall8 maanden geleden

    For eggs, you can make amazing vegan egg yolk. Whisk together cup of vegan milk, cup of water, nutritional yeast, cornflour and black salt also known as kala namak and tumeric. It’s perfectionnn

  29. Kat

    Kat8 maanden geleden

    Laurens is so funny

  30. smbn

    smbn8 maanden geleden

    I hope she reads the comments about the food sensitivity

  31. anna miller

    anna miller8 maanden geleden

    WoW! Check nlpush.info/goal/qhG0Bg6oPSNdEDp82SOXMQ

  32. Anna

    Anna8 maanden geleden

    What’s Lauren’s job?

  33. Ayşenur Koç

    Ayşenur Koç8 maanden geleden


  34. Ayşenur Koç

    Ayşenur Koç8 maanden geleden

    Love ❤️

  35. Ayşenur Koç

    Ayşenur Koç8 maanden geleden

    They are so beautiful omg 💚

  36. Ayşenur Koç

    Ayşenur Koç8 maanden geleden

    I love uuu 🖤

  37. Anne Peters

    Anne Peters8 maanden geleden

    Ik moet zo hard lachen om Laurens

  38. Samrawit Tesfazghi

    Samrawit Tesfazghi8 maanden geleden

    I like your hair Romee.

  39. Jade Mertens

    Jade Mertens8 maanden geleden

    oohhh een Nederlandse vlog lijkt me super leuk!

  40. Kismet Tillson Hunter

    Kismet Tillson Hunter8 maanden geleden

    What have we learned from them? They walked designer fashion shows, travelled the world, and are beautiful. But at the end of the day they’re the most hyped about their baby and cereal. Appreciate the little things in life and you don’t need to model to feel for filled!

  41. Julia

    Julia8 maanden geleden

    this 100%

  42. BeHappyBeGrateful

    BeHappyBeGrateful8 maanden geleden

    she looks like angelina jolie.

  43. Maria Camila

    Maria Camila8 maanden geleden

    if you do a video in Dutch, edit the subtitles yourself before uploading! youtube CC isn’t the best

  44. Leah Vlasic

    Leah Vlasic8 maanden geleden

    amazing vlog, super fun makes me laugh everytime, thanks for uploading Romee!

  45. Minahil

    Minahil8 maanden geleden

    Romee what is the vitamin D supplement that you started using? You guys’ videos make my day! ☺️

  46. Balkanian Group 2000 LTD

    Balkanian Group 2000 LTD8 maanden geleden

    Romee The Best 🔝💫

  47. Arabella myers

    Arabella myers8 maanden geleden

    In the us we normally call it tennis but I’m terrible at it 😂😂

  48. Ruth

    Ruth8 maanden geleden

    Haha leuk stel zijn jullie, bewaar je rust 🤣

  49. Madlane Vartanian

    Madlane Vartanian8 maanden geleden

    Hi romee we’re u. Why u r not vloging. We miss u sooo much. R u ok.

  50. Emma Jakobsen

    Emma Jakobsen9 maanden geleden

    Lauren and Romee is a proof that soulmates exists.

  51. Emma Jakobsen

    Emma Jakobsen9 maanden geleden

    Can u do house tour??

  52. Ivana

    Ivana9 maanden geleden

    you are such a cute preagnant lady.

  53. Elizabeth Seiden

    Elizabeth Seiden9 maanden geleden

    Are you guys going to buy cute baby clothes, a a stroller and a baby bed? 😍😍😍🍼🍪🍩🍫🍿🍿🧁🍦🍫🍫🍩🍪🍩

  54. Elizabeth Seiden

    Elizabeth Seiden9 maanden geleden

    Lauren’s is so good with his niece! I can tell that he’s going be a great dad! Romee is going to be a great mom too!!😍😍😍😍😍🍔🍕🌮🍟🍕🍟🍩🍦🍣🐯🍪🎂🍰🐥😻🥙🦋🌹🍨🍕🐶

  55. Almi Anang

    Almi Anang9 maanden geleden

    she is the 1st model i subscribe on youtube 😂 idk why, all about her extremely give me positive energy. she so kind, humble & moderate. love her. waiting for more videos 😁 💕

  56. Eglantine ꕤ

    Eglantine ꕤ9 maanden geleden

    I’m going to buy those cheerios because she eat them and periodt- also because i don’t eat unhealthy ceerios (i don’t eat them at all LMAO) sooo...

  57. Estelle Biyiha

    Estelle Biyiha9 maanden geleden

    You guys are funny

  58. 567on lj

    567on lj9 maanden geleden

    I'm so late for this, but I like your glasses, what brand is it? :) Or maybe you can't tell because it's no sponsor? Anyway, it suits you so well

  59. Gregorio Freitas Barcelos

    Gregorio Freitas Barcelos9 maanden geleden

    I Like see you prepping for the baby`s arrival. Happy for you future babe!!!.😍❤️😂

  60. Gregorio Freitas Barcelos

    Gregorio Freitas Barcelos9 maanden geleden

    Good food!!!. Good morning, have a lovely day!!:😍❤️🛩️

  61. gopi hchand

    gopi hchand9 maanden geleden


  62. gopi hchand

    gopi hchand9 maanden geleden

    Nise supar nacklese .rings

  63. Viona van de Zande

    Viona van de Zande9 maanden geleden

    welke ringlamp gebruiken jullie? je bent zo mooi zwanger :)

  64. win cara4

    win cara49 maanden geleden

    How did I get an add for connoisseur half way through this vlog 😂

  65. d

    d9 maanden geleden


  66. Alyana Rhodes

    Alyana Rhodes9 maanden geleden

    pregnancy looks so good on her

  67. michipizz eholor

    michipizz eholor9 maanden geleden

    Je wordt soo en goede moeder

  68. Dana Delawder

    Dana Delawder9 maanden geleden

    English sub titles!!

  69. Anna Frederike Hellema

    Anna Frederike Hellema9 maanden geleden

    jaa video in het Nederlands is leuk!!

  70. dewi murdiawati

    dewi murdiawati9 maanden geleden

    Tempe originally from Indonesia..in Netherland so easy to find indonesia foods include tempe..😊hope everything smooth with your pregnancy ..hai from Indonesia🇮🇩

  71. mz jonee

    mz jonee9 maanden geleden

    I love your videos no matter the language but English subtitles would be appreciated 🤍

  72. T

    T9 maanden geleden

    A Dutch video sounds amazing, can't wait!

  73. YAVS

    YAVS9 maanden geleden

    You guys are the cutest people ever!!! so happy for you two!

  74. Abby Dyer

    Abby Dyer9 maanden geleden

    How far along are they??

  75. Cookie Rousan

    Cookie Rousan9 maanden geleden

    I loveee Laurens personality!!! U guys are the cutest and y’all are gonna b the best parents

  76. like ok

    like ok9 maanden geleden

    If you're gonna do a video in Dutch, PLEASE put subtitles because I don't understand Dutch

  77. like ok

    like ok9 maanden geleden


  78. ebony skinner

    ebony skinner9 maanden geleden

    i wanna see her baby bump so bad aww you guys will be the best parents !

  79. Deelola 52

    Deelola 529 maanden geleden

    You’re having a boy?! Right? Just guessing

  80. Deelola 52

    Deelola 529 maanden geleden

    Darn I was wrong! Congrats!

  81. Marieke Kosse

    Marieke Kosse9 maanden geleden

    jaa in het Nederlands lijkt me zo fijn!

  82. C C

    C C9 maanden geleden

    Jaaaaa Nederlandse video EINDELIJK 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  83. Arunachal Baby

    Arunachal Baby9 maanden geleden

    love how lau always cooks for her😍😍

  84. Lamrah Aini

    Lamrah Aini9 maanden geleden

    Romee i love you

  85. Julio Ben

    Julio Ben9 maanden geleden

    Y do u look like cecile w

  86. Anastasia Chibisova

    Anastasia Chibisova9 maanden geleden

    How to start wanting babies? I’m 26, almost 27, and I hate the idea of being pregnant or being a mom( but my boyfriend really wants kids(((

  87. Olivia Bare

    Olivia Bare9 maanden geleden

    Such an exitciting journey! Hope to see more soon. Much love from Norway :)

  88. Kayla Mancha

    Kayla Mancha9 maanden geleden

    Is she still a VS model ? I haven’t watched her like in a year

  89. Koko Chakraborty

    Koko Chakraborty9 maanden geleden

    she is! (Well CURRENTLY shes pregnant, and in the Netherlands because of COVID so not right now)

  90. bob gracey

    bob gracey9 maanden geleden

    You should post more please

  91. Chris and Ana

    Chris and Ana9 maanden geleden

    I love you in glasses! :)

  92. Dorien Leensen

    Dorien Leensen9 maanden geleden

    Hoi Romee, de beabe cooker is zo handig! Wij hadden er ook eentje. Toen kwam hij net uit. In het begin ook fruit gestoomd omdat het dan minder heftig is voor de baby’s buikje. Aardappel en groenten erin gestoomd. Later ook vis en kipfilet. En na dat mijn zoon een jaar was geweest deden wij er een klein beetje bouillonblokje bij, dat gaf echt een heerlijke smaak. Ik deed ook potjes in de vriezer, zo had hij altijd verse groenten uit de beabe cooker!! Echt zo fijn. Mijn kind lustte geen eens eten uit een potje, alleen maar vers! Ik denk dat je daar veel plezier van zult hebben!! Liefs Dorien

  93. rowan de esch

    rowan de esch9 maanden geleden

    money keeps me warm, not a boyfriend/husband and a baby!

  94. Alicja Biegun

    Alicja Biegun9 maanden geleden

    love u guys

  95. 3mi1y_roblx

    3mi1y_roblx9 maanden geleden

    Btw in America we call it tennis

  96. Elb

    Elb9 maanden geleden

    It’s so funny cause I’m from the netherlands I never heard about Romee and I clicked on this video I just knew she is dutch I just love the accent

  97. bel zhang

    bel zhang9 maanden geleden

    I have became mum 7years ago, understanding what u are going through. Looking forward your new video :)

  98. Siddhi sahani

    Siddhi sahani9 maanden geleden

    You both are such a cute ❤️

  99. B S

    B S9 maanden geleden

    You both are just lovely! Best of luck and I wish you lots of happiness 🥑🥥🥰

  100. Laura

    Laura9 maanden geleden

    No dutch

  101. Giovanna Cavo

    Giovanna Cavo9 maanden geleden

    I think it's a great idea to vlog in dutch..well...let's see how it comes...and don't worry about adding the subtitles because when we watch the video we can tick the option...no problem

  102. Giovanna Cavo

    Giovanna Cavo9 maanden geleden

    Hi...could you link the company that sells those chocolates?..I'd like to buy some...Thx😀

  103. blueberry xoxo

    blueberry xoxo9 maanden geleden

    I remember when we were all joking about. them having a baby who was going to win the genetic lottery, well um yea suprise

  104. Nicole Govoni

    Nicole Govoni9 maanden geleden

    I would love so much for you to do a video teaching us all a little Dutch and some of your favorite dutch things, places, food, traditions, etc. I love hearing you and Laurens speaking dutch, so happy for you both!

  105. ThanhStar5

    ThanhStar59 maanden geleden

    You two are so cute and funny! I love how you fight over the chocolate three wishes lol. N Laurens confirmed it’s not an ad. You guys are so real! 💜💙