Updated Hair and Make Up Routine + What I Eat (VLOG 58)

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Hi guys, thank you all for all the kind words regarding our last video! Really appreciate it. The past few weeks we've been taking it a little slower. But I will try to upload as much as possible. In this video I share my updated hair and make up routine + some meals I have when I stay home. Please as always, let me know what kind of video's you would like to see next! X

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  1. Marilee McNeely

    Marilee McNeely4 dagen geleden

    Do you use the mask and leave-in conditioner from Future? If so do you think these products have been responsible for your hair length and beauty, or do you think the shampoo and conditioner did it alone?

  2. maria Tr

    maria Tr8 dagen geleden

    What is the cup she put her smoothie in called?

  3. Gigikhai13

    Gigikhai1319 dagen geleden

    İs this your natural hair colour

  4. Ramona Ra

    Ramona Ra3 maanden geleden

    My skin is al melasma after pregnancy 😒after 5 years i see some results 😓 please don't forget to use SPF uva ****

  5. Southern Belle

    Southern Belle4 maanden geleden

    I have a question as I see you vs models work out . how do you avoid stretch marks?

  6. Southern Belle

    Southern Belle4 maanden geleden

    I like your videos. Thanks. Cool girl. I have to wonder how it is to be so blessed with beauty. 🌺

  7. Sophie Murray Brown

    Sophie Murray Brown4 maanden geleden

    When you find out that Romee uses the same cream as you ❤️🥺🙈

  8. Tim Walber

    Tim Walber4 maanden geleden

    Thank you for your videos, I love them and your the best

  9. Vivienne Valentine

    Vivienne Valentine4 maanden geleden

    Ur videos always make me feel better when I have bad anxiety

  10. Meredith Boswell

    Meredith Boswell5 maanden geleden

    Beautiful couple

  11. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown5 maanden geleden

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  12. blackbelladegigi blackbelladegigi

    blackbelladegigi blackbelladegigi5 maanden geleden

    girl is probably hormone changes :D

  13. Dana Gasumova

    Dana Gasumova5 maanden geleden

    LOL -- I love the humorous way in which Lau backs out of the room after checking up on Romee. They're so sweet

  14. maria maria

    maria maria5 maanden geleden

    What kind of collagen do you use?

  15. Betsy The Hysterical Deaf Woman

    Betsy The Hysterical Deaf Woman6 maanden geleden

    Peeps, the Vit C IS indeed bad. it's supposed to be light yellow and have a slight "hot dog" smell to it. Never buy online!

  16. Anna Hurst

    Anna Hurst6 maanden geleden

    how do you have pcos and yet soo much hair! :"(

  17. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden


  18. Joanna

    Joanna6 maanden geleden

    Your bf is so sweet! Couple goals 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  19. Samantha Crooks

    Samantha Crooks6 maanden geleden

    you guys are going to be such loving parents 🤍 the way you two are so loving towards one another will show your child what true love and respect looks like 🤍

  20. Wintolux

    Wintolux7 maanden geleden

    Great Content!

  21. Sonia Hamdoun

    Sonia Hamdoun7 maanden geleden

    How can i get romee ´s beautiful haircolor ?! It’s so prettyyyyyy i waaant hier haiiiiiir hihi😊

  22. Ann Pierce

    Ann Pierce7 maanden geleden

    I can't get enough of you and Laurens. It is so cute how much you tease and love each other. You can see it in his face when he came in to hug you, it reminded me of a little boy saying something like "awwwwe, okay...I'll play later." with a pout. I also LOVE your love story and that his sisters are your best friends. I want to find my Laurens.

  23. Scarlett McBride

    Scarlett McBride7 maanden geleden

    romee is a real life rapunzel. periodt.

  24. Chelsea MacGillivray

    Chelsea MacGillivray8 maanden geleden

    make up bag goals ✨

  25. Jordie McLaren

    Jordie McLaren8 maanden geleden

    Hannah bower on instagram. She worked out through her whole pregnancy, up to 9 months ! so good !!! she is also a specialist in pre/post natal nutrition and fitness xx

  26. Hannah Guy

    Hannah Guy9 maanden geleden

    Her baby will have such amazing genes in telling you I cannot wait to see it ahhh!!❤️❤️❤️😭

  27. Natalia Dynek

    Natalia Dynek9 maanden geleden

    Im addicted to this chanell... Its awsome to see how down to Earth Romee and her Hubby is. And how positive. I love this!!! Big shot out to Laurence... It really would not be the same without Him, he is a real gift to Romee. I love You guys. Alot ❤️ Im kind of hoping when im ever on Amsterdam i might pop into You ❤️

  28. Sina

    Sina9 maanden geleden

    It's said that a girl is taking your beauty and a boy is giving you beauty. But anyways you still look rly amazing:)))

  29. Natalya Anpilogov

    Natalya Anpilogov9 maanden geleden

    Yey...!!!! I use the same shampoo 😉 it’s very yummy 😊

  30. Kailey Rose Kemp

    Kailey Rose Kemp9 maanden geleden

    their baby omg gonna be TALL AND GORGEOUS omg so lucky to have good genes 😭😭

  31. Dhammi Sini

    Dhammi Sini9 maanden geleden

    Love you Rome , you and Lauren is the cutest couple ever . Wish you all the best , your baby will be the luckiest baby in the world with the beauty and kindness from the parent !❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘😘

  32. mama brendan

    mama brendan9 maanden geleden

    She is so beautiful inside and out. Good role model, genuine couple goals...And one thing, whenever I see her, she resembles the mixture between Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid 😊

  33. Hamid Parck

    Hamid Parck10 maanden geleden

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  34. isabella pena

    isabella pena10 maanden geleden

    Let’s talk about her her baby and Gigi’s hadids baby are gonna be friends

  35. Hirushi Perera

    Hirushi Perera10 maanden geleden

    You look pretty cute like you kind of look like Barry the strawberry from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. lol

  36. Adriyanti

    Adriyanti10 maanden geleden

    The morning smoothies looks great👍

  37. Katrine Steiness

    Katrine Steiness11 maanden geleden

    The seeds might actually be better blended into the smoothie. That way the shells are broken and all of the good stuff is released and can nourish the body. It can be super hard for the body to digest whole seeds❤

  38. Ramona Nedeva

    Ramona Nedeva11 maanden geleden

    omg I have a citrus allergy but mine is horrible and it gets triggered by smells it sucks I fell you

  39. Black Pearl

    Black Pearl11 maanden geleden

    How Beautyful you are my dear 😭😭☝🏾🤝🦋

  40. Андрей Левочкин

    Андрей Левочкин11 maanden geleden

    У нас таких телок целый город. Ростов на Дону

  41. Mariana Ojeda Gohlitz

    Mariana Ojeda Gohlitz11 maanden geleden

    @hyram the skicare routine

  42. Alyssa

    Alyssa11 maanden geleden

    Her and Lorens are dang cute

  43. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin11 maanden geleden

    You got remoted?????? Tell me, I'll call the cops.

  44. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin11 maanden geleden

    I'm with you guys. Trust me.

  45. Luise Renner

    Luise Renner11 maanden geleden

    You know, soy messes with hormones - I don't know how to cal it or explain but this might matter if your body doesn't like it right now

  46. Mark Roberts

    Mark Roberts11 maanden geleden


  47. Bryin E. Willis

    Bryin E. Willis11 maanden geleden

    > lap...

  48. maria maria

    maria maria11 maanden geleden

    Can you put please the link for the collagen?

  49. G • L • O • R• I • A

    G • L • O • R• I • A11 maanden geleden

    Why your so beautiful 😍

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  51. Allison Gutama

    Allison Gutama11 maanden geleden

    Lauren’s is the cutest guy ever, he looks so happy for the baby 🥺

  52. Zxzxzx Zazaza

    Zxzxzx Zazaza11 maanden geleden

    3:30 soooooo cuteeee😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  53. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani11 maanden geleden


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  55. Reez A

    Reez AJaar geleden

    Beste Romee, welke collageenpoeder gebruikt u?

  56. christian smith jr

    christian smith jrJaar geleden

    im dead now forever.

  57. Michelle Yu

    Michelle YuJaar geleden

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  58. 022_Sarah Humaira

    022_Sarah HumairaJaar geleden

    Romee kinda looks like the skinnier version of nikkie tutorials

  59. elen k

    elen kJaar geleden

    I'm the only one who's wondering where the child is gonna sleep because there's no empty room in her house ?

  60. Sabina seher

    Sabina seherJaar geleden

    You absolutely scarlet johanses 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋😘❤💖🌺

  61. TIffanyrose Angeles

    TIffanyrose AngelesJaar geleden

    Love the mutual love you all share 😇😇😇😇😇🙏🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️😄😄😄😄😄♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Love the beachy waves! Of course,drooling over your food,re your workouts,cannot help,sorry. Never been pregnant ( well,fully,I miscarriaged @ 18) ps loved the makeup routine luv!!!

  62. mystic Magic

    mystic MagicJaar geleden

    Their baby is going to happy and have the best parents. Their baby is going to kind, sweet, and a good person

  63. yeh

    yehJaar geleden

    Pls make a new video romee

  64. doyunny

    doyunnyJaar geleden

    She’s so chill I love it

  65. Roxanna R

    Roxanna RJaar geleden

    iYoga* modify as your belly grows. Hydrate so so much and if all else fails walking is amazing . Mom of three here , hope you’re feeling well!

  66. Desi Canadian Vlogger

    Desi Canadian VloggerJaar geleden

    Nice video good one 👌 👍 👌 😊 👍 😎 😎 😎 Love from Canada 🇨🇦

  67. Olivia B

    Olivia BJaar geleden

    Who says perfection doesn't exist...perfect face, body, hair, skin, seems to have a nice personality too.

  68. Мария Егорова

    Мария ЕгороваJaar geleden

    I look at these two and they make me believe that love exists

  69. kvaldc

    kvaldcJaar geleden

    Check Hanna Oeberg she just gave birth and she has a lot of videos and exercises during pregnancy

  70. Jordan Doss

    Jordan DossJaar geleden

    I would love to see hauls or pr hauls 💜

  71. 2mon Alajmi

    2mon AlajmiJaar geleden

    I got eczema because I used to drink milk and eat cheese so dairies can’t close eczema

  72. Clara Abreu

    Clara AbreuJaar geleden

    Romee :) to keep your hair growing and healthy try a silicone scalp brush! You can use it in the shower as you shampoo for a minute or two (while water is off!) And it makes a huge difference with stimulating hair growth 👍👏👏

  73. 日常生活短视频集锦

    日常生活短视频集锦Jaar geleden

    Victoria is closed shop, what do you do then?

  74. Mark LaGrone

    Mark LaGroneJaar geleden

    Oh my gosh...Congratulations on your pregnancy.

  75. Roma Apatenko

    Roma ApatenkoJaar geleden

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  76. ThePuppylove000

    ThePuppylove000Jaar geleden

    Melissa wood health workouts!

  77. Naz

    NazJaar geleden

    Awww I love u romee u inspire me xxxx

  78. Roma Apatenko

    Roma ApatenkoJaar geleden

    Very elegant gold💎⌚️

  79. Roma Apatenko

    Roma ApatenkoJaar geleden

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  80. S T

    S TJaar geleden

    You are so adorable, such a sweet, kind person. Thank you for making videos for us. I love watching them and love your workout routines. Thank you, Romee :) x God bless

  81. Rose H

    Rose HJaar geleden

    About the eczema: histamine rich or inducing foods can be a huge trigger. Citrus fruits, strawberries and tomatoes fall into that category along with a lot of other foods like non-fruit vinegar. Maybe check if avoiding these foods help w eczema? I am not an expert by any means, just wanted to throw it out there s it might possibly be helpful.

  82. Teach1 !

    Teach1 !Jaar geleden

    Thanks for sharing 🤗😃

  83. Anna Macia

    Anna MaciaJaar geleden

    Congratulations, hope everything is going well

  84. Vanlalhruaitluanga

    VanlalhruaitluangaJaar geleden

    Hahah just straight up brushes off your earings like that lmaoo

  85. n o

    n oJaar geleden

    Hello guys,can you help me? I am looking for romee vlog,where he shows his luggage and what have inside. I don't consider vlog 13. There was another video,with small moments about what she has in the luggage. Let me know,if you know which video was this?

  86. latest trend

    latest trendJaar geleden

    Romee and Candice can pass as real sisters

  87. Ladzz Vlog

    Ladzz VlogJaar geleden

    Hello Romee your so pretty and i really love your hair

  88. Yasmina Adams

    Yasmina AdamsJaar geleden

    Her husband's or boyfriend the cutest

  89. Paloma Lozano

    Paloma LozanoJaar geleden

    I love when Romee says 'I'm pregnant' a lot of times. ✨

  90. M

    MJaar geleden

    Hi romee! I have a question. Do models take hormone to avoid period during important dates? (NYFW, PFW,etc) how do you guys manage heavy period during those times? thank you all the love

  91. Katie Kathryn

    Katie KathrynJaar geleden

    romee: im breaking out :( me: I wish my skin looked like that

  92. Erika OK

    Erika OKJaar geleden

    Laurens is sooooo going to tell dad jokes

  93. Kamrynn Williams

    Kamrynn WilliamsJaar geleden

    Romee!!!! You should make a “What vitamins I take” video! I love how healthy you are and I am curious to know all the supplements you take! Especially during pregnancy!

  94. PM MG

    PM MGJaar geleden

    This is so ridiculous

  95. TIffanyrose Angeles

    TIffanyrose AngelesJaar geleden

    Right ON SELF CARE IS TOTALLY IMPORTANT THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS TO ALL!!! Oh that food you ate .... Looks so yummy.....Oh Romee Kiss for luck.....from Lauren's.for your U/S Please BE CAREFUL W WORKING OUT WHILE PREGNANT AS IM SURE YOU WILL) Your looking very tired here.....to me. Just please watch yourself Baby on board Not bored

  96. TIffanyrose Angeles

    TIffanyrose AngelesJaar geleden

    I am so inspired by you, Romee. You are such a gentle soul. You are thinking about your baby so much. While applying makeup,ensuring all is ok chemically.) you should've been a nutritionist instead of a model! That man !! He's so in love w YOU! Even more each day!! Your one lucky lady. But,I know you realise,that. Your extremely intelligent,that's another reason I love you. Not just superficial ( your fab beauty) I love your accent💕💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸🌸 I love shiny lip gloss too!!! Charlotte Tilbury is hard to get here,in my city ( Sephora) I think you look lovely sorta beachy vibe like you look here in this vid. I WANT THAT LIP GLOSS ITS STUNNING!!!

  97. sack poop

    sack poopJaar geleden

    maybe try pregnancy yoga maybe that would be better

  98. Manuela Mitterer

    Manuela MittererJaar geleden

    For pregnancy workout I could recommend z_shelley on insta.. she also just published a book on this topic!

  99. Isabelle Sutherland

    Isabelle SutherlandJaar geleden

    A real power move is being able to touch your face right after touching your hair, and not having to wash your hands in between. Oh the benefits of having sensitive skin.

  100. Alina RE

    Alina REJaar geleden

    Лайк если ты русский