Hi guys, we travelled back to TOKYO for a couple days and after we went back to NYC for work. Also went to ST. BARTHS for a VS Swim Shoot, that VLOG will go up next week! So subscribe if you want to get notified :-) X


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  1. Isabella Pichler

    Isabella Pichler14 dagen geleden

    Miss your videos and vlogs 💚✨

  2. のんのれいん

    のんのれいん2 maanden geleden


  3. Guresu

    Guresu3 maanden geleden

    7:55 ‘welcome’ in japanese is “yokoso ようこそ”

  4. Guresu

    Guresu3 maanden geleden

    7:55 ‘welcome’ in japanese is “yokoso ようこそ”

  5. Anna Maria Nasini

    Anna Maria Nasini3 maanden geleden

    Love how she sings ‘bout avocado 🥑🤣

  6. Banana IBrahana

    Banana IBrahana3 maanden geleden

    I always ask myself if a model pays for their flight ticket?

  7. araceli dominguez

    araceli dominguez4 maanden geleden

    amo a este par.

  8. EJ B

    EJ B4 maanden geleden

    15:37 this the after. what change you want us to see?

  9. Betsy The Hysterical Deaf Woman

    Betsy The Hysterical Deaf Woman5 maanden geleden

    OMG! I eat avacados and I will continue! They weren't meant to just look at~ Good gravy people!

  10. Laura S

    Laura S6 maanden geleden

    omg the whole glasses montage was the best! 🌸

  11. Augusta Gavigan

    Augusta Gavigan6 maanden geleden

    its so interesting to see how people double-take when they see you in public.

  12. Rawan

    Rawan6 maanden geleden

    She looks huge next to the Japanese at the airport and she's not even wearing heels

  13. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden

  14. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden

  15. Isabella Valerio

    Isabella Valerio6 maanden geleden

    We love Donna😭💘

  16. Bubbles ⚡🍭

    Bubbles ⚡🍭6 maanden geleden

    9:30 what's the song??

  17. Erin M

    Erin M7 maanden geleden

    9:11 what is the name of this deodorant?

  18. Vely Blue

    Vely Blue8 maanden geleden

    did she go to japan for two days to eat avocado and stay in the hotel? lol or did she go to work? we didn't see what she did there so it seems like how Europeans would do a weekend in say leave from London to Paris but she went to tokyo lol also anyone know the Deoderant ??

  19. Cate jud

    Cate jud9 maanden geleden

    Yes, oats and all grains, like almonds, walnuts, etc. give inflammation to our bodies!

  20. Medha Deb

    Medha Deb9 maanden geleden

    You were probably pregnant (or were soon gonna be) when you posted this video ❤️❤️

  21. Hamid Parck

    Hamid Parck10 maanden geleden

    Je pense un message pour vous je vois à Instagram de Tarbes un seul photo et pourquoi il y a pas de place je veux roi je pense moi ça tu réponds

  22. Joy Ruth

    Joy Ruth10 maanden geleden

    OMG these glasses are spooky😱😂

  23. Rizkan Humanity

    Rizkan Humanity11 maanden geleden

    You look super beautiful at 4.37 when you put your make up

  24. Sara Persson

    Sara Persson11 maanden geleden

    Love Romee, she is so down to earth. So lovely, so genuine. Her boyfriend seems so nice with a wonderful and unique personality. The only thing I dislike with Romee is the fact that she can't pronounce v, f or s. Other than that, you go girl. You're amazing.

  25. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani11 maanden geleden


  26. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw SobocinskiJaar geleden

    Romee Strijd beauty sexy Supermodel

  27. PatootiASMR

    PatootiASMRJaar geleden

    Tron Starring: Romee Strijd

  28. Daniela Vega Mireles

    Daniela Vega MirelesJaar geleden

    I literally sat down in front of my laptop yesterday to saw your videos an today all the afternoon too and I really like your vlogs... You´re really beauty and I think that you have a beautifull soul. XOXO From Mexico

  29. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  30. Daisy Jane Gunhuran

    Daisy Jane GunhuranJaar geleden

    Wow she can sing!

  31. Moya Ellem

    Moya EllemJaar geleden

    Dear Romee, My BEST tip for not getting sick plane is that when you get into the seat / cabin you wipe it all with a sanitizer wipe, since they don’t clean after every flight you could get something off the window for example. SECOND, spray a oil spray nose (I have a sesame based spray) because inside the membranes can get dry...hopefully your not sick in next flights! Also tape your mouth with a sensitive tape so you don’t mouth breath...which dries membranes throat! I’ve used this so much and never gotten sick on long haul from Australia. Best wishes 🌸🌸

  32. Cyberill

    CyberillJaar geleden

    When she started singing!!

  33. ellie stone

    ellie stoneJaar geleden

    and people say modeling is just posing for pictures

  34. Sarka Prokopova

    Sarka ProkopovaJaar geleden

    Hey Romee. Great content as always. Question - where is your leather biker jacket from? It looks like ysl?

  35. phyliciajoykloes

    phyliciajoykloesJaar geleden

    Ooh, I've been looking for a natural deodorant.

  36. Kaylee Shaw

    Kaylee ShawJaar geleden

    Your so pretty 🤍

  37. Mandi's Houseplant Channel

    Mandi's Houseplant ChannelJaar geleden

    Romee is so FLAWLESS 💞💞💞

  38. juzo

    juzoJaar geleden

    Romee always give me positive vibes❤

  39. juzo

    juzoJaar geleden

    Your eyes and lips are perfection. Oh and your dimples too. Love you Romee

  40. Mashy Morales

    Mashy MoralesJaar geleden

    Blablabla, creó que sería mejor contarte una historia , estos en Arabia aunque suena más la india . Aladino y la lámpara de la mina. No se cual escoger entre estas palabras de la historieta. De alante para atrás, empezamos en?

  41. Natalia Stornello

    Natalia StornelloJaar geleden

    Ahhhh the world pre-quarantine😂

  42. A D

    A DJaar geleden

    Japan dobra drzava

  43. kim

    kimJaar geleden

    Romee’s height in asian countries is so different

  44. The hell i care?

    The hell i care?Jaar geleden

    Romee is soooo freakin tall!! I love her so much

  45. 꾸꾸별

    꾸꾸별Jaar geleden

    aman tokyo!!!

  46. Twin Flame

    Twin FlameJaar geleden

    So cute =)

  47. A Savateuse

    A SavateuseJaar geleden

    I'd love to know who makes those teal travel bowls, I am vegan and i am on long flights so often I usually starve to death I'd love to be able to bring nourishing meals with me on my long flights to Japan.

  48. Salima Boukraa

    Salima BoukraaJaar geleden

    Je me suis abbonnee parceque Tu es une fille tres simple malgre ta reputation top model..🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 Jadore tes vlog toujours raffines et top 😘😘

  49. Sevcan bilge yalçın Yalçın

    Sevcan bilge yalçın YalçınJaar geleden

    Hello , i am wondering your horoscope let me guess that i think its something in the water group (cancer , scorpio or something) because you are so happy and comfortable when you are in inside with people who you love more than when you are in outside

  50. Doge Meme

    Doge MemeJaar geleden

    Yay she started holding the camera again😄

  51. bunny bunny

    bunny bunnyJaar geleden


  52. xoxovoodooo

    xoxovoodoooJaar geleden

    Romee, have you tried the enzyme bath and thermal bath& sauna in Japan? The country offers holistic + high science beauty rituals.

  53. Coco Du

    Coco DuJaar geleden

    how tall is she?so cool

  54. khan qta

    khan qtaJaar geleden


  55. A D

    A DJaar geleden

    Okay well I’m not quite the 5’9 standard, but can I be beautiful for a living too? 😭

  56. a ask

    a askJaar geleden

    6:56 TOK「I」O→TOKYO😊 fromJAPAN🇯🇵

  57. M Kreis-S

    M Kreis-SJaar geleden

    You really need to make “a full week of workouts video!!

  58. asanyii

    asanyiiJaar geleden

    where have u been ?? cant wait for more updates..

  59. Modeling Journey

    Modeling JourneyJaar geleden

  60. Modeling Journey

    Modeling JourneyJaar geleden


  61. Kristin

    KristinJaar geleden

    the blush looks so beautiful!

  62. Przemyslal Witkiewicz

    Przemyslal WitkiewiczJaar geleden

    Hej fadne masz lgnsy

  63. Beatriz Aime Choque Santa Cruz

    Beatriz Aime Choque Santa CruzJaar geleden

    Subtítulo xfvor 😥

  64. Imbored

    ImboredJaar geleden

    Did Romee ever have an ED back in 2017???

  65. Mariko Zeniya

    Mariko ZeniyaJaar geleden

    I think the driver just didn’t understand what you were saying cuz most japanese can’t speak english

  66. Sydney Jean

    Sydney JeanJaar geleden

    Love the old feel again of the video!!

  67. The Last Lemming

    The Last LemmingJaar geleden

    I want those glasses, but for a rave tho 😂

  68. Jess Ica

    Jess IcaJaar geleden


  69. USA-Girl 911

    USA-Girl 911Jaar geleden

    Great video as always! Love you guys! ❤️❤️. Also, I don’t want to sound like a weirdo or like I’m over reacting.....But, since all this info is coming out about the #Coronavirus, I immediately thought of how much you guys fly and go to other Countries etc... and became concerned. I really hope you are both taking precautions. Hopefully those close to you have already talked about it with you. Be careful, I hope Laurens (sp?), is researching and getting knowledgeable about it all. And if you start feeling under the weather don’t dismiss it! Better to be safe than sorry. I’m Sorry if I’m over stepping by bringing this up, but it’s really serious. I hope all is well! I don’t go on IG or FB so this is the only way I see anything about you guys. Thanks for sharing some of your life with us! I look forward to the next upload!🙏🏼❤️

  70. Shawnda Dupree

    Shawnda DupreeJaar geleden

    Judaism is an occult of little boys against women. And secondly women who agree to back their hatred.

  71. Shawnda Dupree

    Shawnda DupreeJaar geleden

    Fraud. Fruline. This is why I hate Germans.

  72. Mark Armstrong

    Mark ArmstrongJaar geleden

    Did you and Laurens ever try the celery juice? It is really beneficial, not very tasty but good for you.

  73. Aria-gay Brown

    Aria-gay BrownJaar geleden

    i dont know why but she was the model who caught my eye the most O_O now im completely stalking her life i followed her on every social media and like every picture O_O i had to pause and whisperrrrr (i need help) the other models i followed n stuff but romee is sooooooooooo different in a way where i can see it.

  74. Jess Ica

    Jess IcaJaar geleden

    She's a supermodel but also dawn to heart so she feels approachable

  75. youtube guy

    youtube guyJaar geleden

    Romee can you please do a video on how you keep your teeth so white!

  76. Lydia Holman

    Lydia HolmanJaar geleden

    youtube guy you can get whitening kits from your dentist

  77. Jennifer Vee

    Jennifer VeeJaar geleden

    I LOVE YOU ❤️

  78. mnjmnjmnjmnjmnj

    mnjmnjmnjmnjmnjJaar geleden

    9:18 I wish someone would mention what's the name of the deodorant?

  79. Payton Acheson

    Payton AchesonJaar geleden

    kopari or koparji you'll see it if you google the brand

  80. Gabrielle McLeggan

    Gabrielle McLegganJaar geleden

    What brand is the crop black leather jacket you are wearing in this video??????? I LOVE IT!!!!!

  81. Makeup TihVuhShik

    Makeup TihVuhShikJaar geleden

    Kopari Beauty?

  82. Makeup TihVuhShik

    Makeup TihVuhShikJaar geleden

    What's the deodorant? xxx

  83. Brianna Nelson

    Brianna NelsonJaar geleden

    10:47 omg your hair looked so dark!

  84. Clara

    ClaraJaar geleden

    After watching a few videos on your channel, I have noticed that you fly so frequently! This probably comes with the business you’re in, but flying to Amsterdam for only two days, even if it is for a relatives birthday, in my opinion, is something everybody should avoid!!! I think most people are aware of the fact that flying is extremely harming to the environment, but don’t do anything about it. Thus, I believe it is especially important for you to set a good example, as so many young girls look up to you and dream of living the jet set life you are privileged to live. If I had the popularity you have I would use my voice to teach my many followers the importance of being mindful when it comes to our planet, as it is the place we will have to spend the rest of our lives on. Additionally, even though this comment has become very long and I suppose that nobody is going to read it entirely, I just wanted to mention your avocado-eating-habit... You probably already know that, but because of all the water and sunlight avocados require to grow (which leads to artificial watering in dry areas of the world and trees being cut down) AND of course their transportation, they are extremely harming to the environment. Here again, I think you could use your voice to rather promote locally grown and seasonal crops to your followers. Those might not be as fancy, but they are much more eco-friendly... I don’t want to be a know-it-all, but I am of the opinion that people like you, who are role models to so many young girls, can make a tremendous difference by promoting a more sustainable lifestyle :-)

  85. Casually Unboxing

    Casually UnboxingJaar geleden

    Are LED lights horrible for your eyesight? (not being sarcastic just genuinely concerned)

  86. Ashley Love

    Ashley LoveJaar geleden

    Romee, can you show us how you make your matcha latte with oatmilk?

  87. Rotting Damsel

    Rotting DamselJaar geleden

    THAT SWEET WOMAN COMING IN CLUTCH WITH THE COFFEE. What pretty eyes she had. The kindness etched into the features of her face as well, and the, 'I don't know what to do or say look to get your attention'. XD

  88. hfb921

    hfb921Jaar geleden

    I’m dying with the LED glasses

  89. Laura Corgia

    Laura CorgiaJaar geleden

    Romee testing beauty gadgets version 200 x)

  90. Zuzuka Egge

    Zuzuka EggeJaar geleden

    Imagine complaining about your "Jetlag" because you travel too much.

  91. Zuzuka Egge

    Zuzuka EggeJaar geleden

    People complaining about their jetlag is a luxury complain.

  92. X Yuan

    X YuanJaar geleden

    Anyone saw an avocado up on her Christmas tree? Couldn't be cuter!

  93. will the prototype51

    will the prototype51Jaar geleden

    You are an amazing person and absolutely beautiful ♡

  94. Max Caulfield

    Max CaulfieldJaar geleden

    I think he’s not find annoying i believe he couldn’t understand of English that’s it

  95. Max Caulfield

    Max CaulfieldJaar geleden

    Mckenzie Sullivan true and maybe the driver wasn’t just hearing If I was the driver, I don’t even noticed it was talking to me even though she said “sir” because I’m using native Japanese

  96. Mckenzie Sullivan

    Mckenzie SullivanJaar geleden

    Max Caulfield or it’s the fact that she said “how do you say welcome in Tokyo” instead of “in Japanese”

  97. Shivani Gogar

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  98. Shivani Gogar

    Shivani GogarJaar geleden


  99. Jenny ann Pana

    Jenny ann PanaJaar geleden

    More video Pleaseee 😍

  100. msunknown

    msunknownJaar geleden

    9:01 I stopped everything I was doing. You sing so good!!

  101. C

    CJaar geleden

    Romee you should try to cut your hair in a bob!! It would look good on you

  102. Michelle Nicole

    Michelle NicoleJaar geleden

    I love your videos! You have a very busy life!!

  103. Vesna Filipovic

    Vesna FilipovicJaar geleden

    I think you should consider singing career. What a voice!

  104. Lana Surf

    Lana SurfJaar geleden

    Why can she sing so good??

  105. Techi Thamar

    Techi ThamarJaar geleden

    Song name