Hi guys, another VLOG about my trip to ST. BARTHS, where we shot a new Victoria's Secret Swim Campaign. I will try to upload more vlogs this year, if you have any suggestions for other video's you like to see, please let me know in the comments! X


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  1. georgie calverley

    georgie calverley17 dagen geleden

    I am no model but I hate flying. The crowds, besides looking like I am the one carrying dodgy substances so I do a lot of shallow breathing to calm down.

  2. spktrader

    spktrader25 dagen geleden

    Much too pretty to be a Victoria Secret model in 2021.

  3. Paul Warren

    Paul WarrenMaand geleden

    it's wonderfrul.. that a girl-girls can have such experiences....

  4. seiji iwaguro

    seiji iwaguro2 maanden geleden

    Love it 😀👍👍👍 👁️👄👁️

  5. Darlene Isebia

    Darlene Isebia3 maanden geleden

    I think I'm a hairdresser both stay you good blond and they other one to

  6. Cotó Films

    Cotó Films3 maanden geleden

    Who is the model at 8:46?

  7. Melissa

    Melissa3 maanden geleden

    When I went through the metal detectors going to Ireland I tiptoed through them. The guy was like what are you doing lol. I was nervous even though I had no reason to be.

  8. Alessia L

    Alessia L4 maanden geleden

    She looks like josephine skriver

  9. Isabel Peterson

    Isabel Peterson4 maanden geleden

    Jesus is our lord and savior

  10. Alex

    Alex5 maanden geleden

    ugly muzzle

  11. Miguel Angel Maestro

    Miguel Angel Maestro5 maanden geleden

    Hi Romee Magic video .. Yesterday I watch the last Feb/2021 Today this one of my favorites Now 14 h Love u ...Thanks for share See u in the next xx

  12. Carmen Maria

    Carmen Maria5 maanden geleden

    How tall is she?? She looks supertall

  13. Sayed Khan Hosseini

    Sayed Khan Hosseini6 maanden geleden

    بهت دستور میدم نروید به کار باشه برگردید الان بهت میگم سریجایت

  14. Sayed Khan Hosseini

    Sayed Khan Hosseini6 maanden geleden

    نه بکار نروید باشه برگردید باشه نروید به کار اوکی


    DOCTOR ALI HASSAN DOGAR7 maanden geleden


  16. Erika Leonard

    Erika Leonard7 maanden geleden

    Love the hotel room its really beautiful 🥰

  17. Erika Leonard

    Erika Leonard7 maanden geleden

    So when you travel for work do they pay for the hotel and your plane ticket or do you gotta pay for it? I've always wondered how that works because obviously when you model around the globe you stay in a lot of hotels and are on a lot of air planes

  18. laurence deklerck

    laurence deklerck7 maanden geleden

    hoe blijf je zo bruin?

  19. PinkyQ

    PinkyQ7 maanden geleden

    It’s sooo cute how Romee mentioned Laurens all the time💕

  20. Eva

    Eva8 maanden geleden

    My clear perfect skin. I have clear unblemished perfect beautiful skin

  21. Shivam Gupta

    Shivam Gupta9 maanden geleden

    Hottay 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Madeleine

    Madeleine9 maanden geleden

    i’m only 13 but my dream is to travel the world and be a fashion model. do you have tips for me as a beginner? my mom got asked when i was young if she’d like to put me in modeling but she declined because she wanted me to be able to decide for myself when i got older. and i have only been asked myself once a couple years ago. ❤️ you are very inspirational!

  23. Dhammi Sini

    Dhammi Sini9 maanden geleden

    Rome , You're so amazing ! Love to watch your video , it made my day . You're so pure like an angel on earth . Thank you for making this channel . Love !!!!' ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  24. Ney cosmy Gomes barbosa

    Ney cosmy Gomes barbosa9 maanden geleden

    Agui centa agui pa caralhoo

  25. Chani Malul

    Chani Malul11 maanden geleden

    The golden milk mix is AMAZING!

  26. Ronny Geffen

    Ronny Geffen11 maanden geleden

    LOVE that golden milk! So yummy warm or cold and there is so much more you can make with it. I added to muffins, pancakes etc. She just wrote a recipe book using it for all kind of stuff. Healthy and high quality ingredients.

  27. Maya Gamer

    Maya Gamer11 maanden geleden

    LOVE the Golden Milk!!!

  28. A&I Nutreats

    A&I Nutreats11 maanden geleden

    Romme, thank you so much for showing our Golden Milk blend! I hope you enjoyed it😊

  29. Phi Mien

    Phi Mien11 maanden geleden

    A supper model in the new world. I wonder from her!

  30. Pong Jam

    Pong Jam11 maanden geleden

    I'm having a marathon on Romee's vlog. ♥️💕😍

  31. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani11 maanden geleden


  32. white heart

    white heart11 maanden geleden

    Romee's smile is everything! Love you Romee, and super excited for your little girl 😍☺


    Katarina BOZOVICH ORTIZ DE ZEVALLOS11 maanden geleden

    Romee I’m Katarina and i have 11 years old and when I grow up I want to be like you ❤️ you are my idol

  34. Sharon Robinson

    Sharon Robinson11 maanden geleden

    I love long hair the longer the better

  35. Gabriela Brissette

    Gabriela Brissette11 maanden geleden

    You look like sane violet !!!

  36. TIffanyrose Angeles

    TIffanyrose Angeles11 maanden geleden

    Wow! I use Epsom Salts too,to relax in my tubbie I try & eat plenty of veggies fruit eggs & fish ....( nothing battered!) I watch my weight,but don't actually diet,meaning weighing myself) I can relate to GI bloating myself it's a big deal being so raw & real to say that,being such a beautiful GODESS" Romee is! I always love her summer fashion style in particular! Sorta classic boho chic. Please do not cut the RAPUNZEL locks!!! I'm happy your so in love♥️♥️♥️♥️👍👍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Romee you glow on the outside & the inside! Love you so much!!🔥🔥🔥🔥👑🇨🇦 Is where I live. Your girl who's a mutt from 🇨🇦🇬🇧( background) Live for your vlogs !

  37. Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Smile_uwokeup _2day11 maanden geleden

    I hear ya bout being nervous at check out. Airport. Well I wore my overseas army pants bottom with my t shirt I buy from there . Well , the guy told me as I went thru scanner , that I have an object in my lower groin area . I was like well I do but but it’s not a danger to anyone . I use it for daily use . It’s not that bad . He look at me . I was oh, wait . No I don’t have bomb . Well it’s showing . He wanted me to go to a room . Am like dude an a veteran tour . I don’t have nothing there but my u know . I finally go to go thru . But it was crazy. No I didn’t mind people looking at me . They r just doing there work . As I did , when cars n trucks come thru my gate check point , as we use scanners to X-ray them n check people for bombs . So I didn’t mind . So I get the nervous ya may feel.

  38. imrd _

    imrd _11 maanden geleden


  39. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani11 maanden geleden


  40. Client

    ClientJaar geleden

    0:35 hey girl go to plastic surgeon for the lower lip because it is disgusting

  41. r

    r9 maanden geleden

    lmao shut up there’s NOTHING wrong with her lip

  42. World Notbelong

    World NotbelongJaar geleden

    photo is not long That will be forgotten by time. But what we do will get retribution on the day of the court / court for good or bad deeds.

  43. Client

    ClientJaar geleden


  44. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  45. Sierra Hastings

    Sierra HastingsJaar geleden

    I miss normal life videos like this :(

  46. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  47. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  48. JAA Channel

    JAA ChannelJaar geleden

  49. JAA Channel

    JAA ChannelJaar geleden

  50. JAA Channel

    JAA ChannelJaar geleden

  51. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  52. Susan Iuliucci

    Susan IuliucciJaar geleden

    Don’t cut your hair. I love it!!!!

  53. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  54. Cindy Jasson Botha

    Cindy Jasson BothaJaar geleden

    Hi Romee, was the water on the plane bad ? I looked for the link to read up but did not see it on your page ? Lots Love from South Africa 🌈❤️❤️❤️

  55. Sauro flores

    Sauro floresJaar geleden


  56. Lily P

    Lily PJaar geleden

    Little Romee on the vlog soon ❣

  57. Sara Bin Shuqeer

    Sara Bin ShuqeerJaar geleden

    2:25 how much ur height!!!!!!!

  58. Floor Van Der Boom

    Floor Van Der BoomJaar geleden

    She's 5'11

  59. IAM HE

    IAM HEJaar geleden

    Luke 7:28 I tell you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet the one who is least JAPATH Judges 11 in the kingdom of God is greater than he."

  60. Night Bird

    Night BirdJaar geleden

    Congrats Romme . Your going to make a great Mummy . Cheers 🥂 from France 💙

  61. Mercedes Ontañon

    Mercedes OntañonJaar geleden

    Hahaha I always get crazy with the dogs 😂 and yes, watched vis a vis but it gets too dark right!? 😱

  62. Rech Karim

    Rech KarimJaar geleden

    Without Lauren you totally ain’t your self . You are more calm when he travels with you 🌹it’s really sweet . Congrats on your baby 👶 🍼

  63. МореВолнуется Раз

    МореВолнуется РазJaar geleden

    Who is rewatching Romee's videos after their announcement 😊😊?


    IVAN DORNJaar geleden


  65. Catherine Petree

    Catherine PetreeJaar geleden

    Her personality is so soothing I could listen to her talk for hours 😍

  66. Elena Palmer

    Elena PalmerJaar geleden

    I love Romee so much! she is an amazing model! and she inspires me everyday! i love you Romee

  67. Mandi's Houseplant Channel

    Mandi's Houseplant ChannelJaar geleden

    Romee is so perfect 💕💕💕

  68. Lara M

    Lara MJaar geleden

    Go Kelly!!! 🌟🌟🌟

  69. Natalia Stornello

    Natalia StornelloJaar geleden

    Shane Dawson did a whole conspiracy theory video on how bad Dasani is

  70. Ksenia Fokina

    Ksenia FokinaJaar geleden

    I like MUCH MORE curve girl on this set. Yes


    HIROKI TRAVELSJaar geleden

    So beautiful!!!

  72. Eleonore Bon

    Eleonore BonJaar geleden

    I love travelling alone! You experience things so much more when you’re alone.

  73. William Sabani

    William SabaniJaar geleden


  74. sakuna manussa

    sakuna manussaJaar geleden

    at 5:26 what about your hair? It is just perfect just the way it is now. Keep this forever!!

  75. Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

    Shadman abdulkalam KalamJaar geleden

    Wow she is really so beautiful gorgeous beautiful lovely lady lots of love ❤️ for you sweetheart keep it up dear 👍❤️😍😘😘💗🥰

  76. HollyRNBSN

    HollyRNBSNJaar geleden

    I would not cut your hair, and the color looks great-- it looks awesome the way it is! I love your ring in the beginning of the video! So pretty!

  77. Jillian Wu

    Jillian WuJaar geleden

    4:37 I KNEW SHE WAS GONNA SAY THAT! literally imagined her saying and she did!

  78. Tilde AhlsenForsberg

    Tilde AhlsenForsbergJaar geleden

    Romee, where's your sunglasses from? You're so beautiful!

  79. Stacey Sawyer

    Stacey SawyerJaar geleden

    I just love your hair so pretty.

  80. Carla Guerrero

    Carla GuerreroJaar geleden

    Love you 💓

  81. Abru Sucho

    Abru SuchoJaar geleden

    In which hotel did she stay?

  82. Laureta Ta

    Laureta TaJaar geleden


  83. Lommy

    LommyJaar geleden

    I didn't this about Dasani, thank you!

  84. Marci M

    Marci MJaar geleden

    Hope you didn’t cut it more then just an ends trim and shaping around the face. I’m speaking in the past tense as I’m seeing this after the fact. 🤗💗🤗💐👌🏻

  85. Hadiyah P

    Hadiyah PJaar geleden

    Hello there! I hope you are doing well. I just want to ask you where did you get those sunglasses from in this vlog. I really love them. they are brown with tortoise pattern. please let me know, thank you!

  86. so cheat

    so cheatJaar geleden

    You are beautiful

  87. игорь нурлиев

    игорь нурлиевJaar geleden


  88. Oksana P.

    Oksana P.Jaar geleden


  89. jillyan jackson

    jillyan jacksonJaar geleden

    Where are her sunglasses from??? So cute!

  90. Paula Markova

    Paula MarkovaJaar geleden

    Roo? Well i like yr hair more blond but extra natural is what u have now. I have the same 🤟🏼

  91. Emma Jakobsen

    Emma JakobsenJaar geleden

    I think your hair is gorgeous right now! But you should probably trim it a little.

  92. Lushess Alexa

    Lushess AlexaJaar geleden

    Scary plane ✈️ romee your soooo beautiful 🍒🐢🇦🇺

  93. PaulGrunschild

    PaulGrunschildJaar geleden

    8:50 - someone know name of this girl? :)

  94. PaulGrunschild

    PaulGrunschild9 maanden geleden

    @Rachel Ann Danke! ;)

  95. Rachel Ann

    Rachel Ann9 maanden geleden

    Kelly Gale

  96. zarkomaja

    zarkomajaJaar geleden

    The codependence with Laurens is pretty astonishing. Like she just looks deflated as soon as he is not accompanying her...

  97. C

    CJaar geleden

    I feel like i would love you in shorter, blonder hair!!

  98. RedHairedRiot

    RedHairedRiotJaar geleden

    Love that the modes are looking healthy and not overly skinny like usual-super pleased with that

  99. AshleyFrancesca

    AshleyFrancescaJaar geleden

    I also hate flying on small planes. I used to have to take them to fashion shows a lot and they always make me nervous and the flights feel horribly loud and bumpy.

  100. Support SupportJaar geleden

    Kolla gärna in vår hemsida:

  101. Vanessa DeLune

    Vanessa DeLuneJaar geleden

    Never been a huge VS fan but those bikinis are super cute and look comfy

  102. Jan Cornet

    Jan CornetJaar geleden

    Greenhouse gases hello

  103. ishmahal müller

    ishmahal müllerJaar geleden

    10:05 cro für alle deutschen

  104. franky marak

    franky marakJaar geleden

    Don't chop your hair. 😭

  105. Joanna

    JoannaJaar geleden

    I was thinking that romee looks kinda sad and down in this video then I realised that laurens isn't there with her and I'm like uwu 😆