SPEAKING DUTCH ONLY 🇳🇱 (with subtitles) - VLOG 61

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  1. Zainb Abdallah

    Zainb Abdallah28 dagen geleden

    halllo, Guys I'm new to learning German I want to follow some dutch people on twitter because it's the most used for me, if there anyone you suggest I will be glad Thanks in advance ❤️

  2. Jeff Game

    Jeff GameMaand geleden

    5:40 This part was so cute when Romee was explaining and Laurens complimented her on her way of speaking, and Romee got all shy 😭✨

  3. xar7

    xar7Maand geleden

    pankuuukaaaa pankuuukaaa is all i understood , how do you say ""waffles"" in dutch

  4. Mia-Mari Basson

    Mia-Mari BassonMaand geleden

    I am afrikaans.I didnt really need the subs because dutch and afrikaans are very simalir.

  5. Monica Stenberg

    Monica Stenberg2 maanden geleden

    Dutch sounds like English played backwards...

  6. Benthe de Bruin

    Benthe de Bruin2 maanden geleden

    zo leuk!! maak vaker nederlandse vlogs xx

  7. Lily Wojciechowski

    Lily Wojciechowski2 maanden geleden

    I'm learning Dutch and this was so helpful and also overwhelming 💞💞😭

  8. Milica Krstic

    Milica Krstic3 maanden geleden

    the best pancake combo is eurokrem and plazma, come to Serbia to try it

  9. Prashant Chaudhary

    Prashant Chaudhary3 maanden geleden

    i've read somwhere that its easy to pick dutch for english speakers. Also me in 30 seconds wtf 🤔

  10. Ekene Nesiagho

    Ekene Nesiagho3 maanden geleden

    Ik heb zo just op u video gedeeld op facebook

  11. Coo-coo Kid

    Coo-coo Kid3 maanden geleden

    Ich bin buchstäblich wie warten Ich bekomme es nein Eigentlich weiß ich nicht wirklich ja Ich tue nein nein Ich tue es nicht 😂

  12. Franziska Krispin

    Franziska Krispin3 maanden geleden

    I am german so I unverstand a little bit but also try to read the subtitles. Turns out a bit confusing. But love to hear that language ♡

  13. amelia aryanti usulina wanggober

    amelia aryanti usulina wanggober3 maanden geleden

    OH MY GOSH, thank you very much Romee. your vlog is helping me to more learn how to speek nèerlandais well 💙 Ik hau van je!!

  14. 한국에서Marion Kim 김

    한국에서Marion Kim 김3 maanden geleden

    4:04 what city in Netherlands is this? If it is Amsterdam, I always thought European big cities will only be filled with buildings and modern castles. If I have a chance to visit Europe, Netherlands will be on top list ❤🇳🇱

  15. Charlie_the_simp

    Charlie_the_simp3 maanden geleden

    A beautiful language but it’s very confusing to me

  16. Marina Wang

    Marina Wang3 maanden geleden

    Do more vlogs in Dutch! I don't understand a word but it's so nice hearing another language I don't often encounter.

  17. Mercy the hopeful woman

    Mercy the hopeful woman3 maanden geleden

    Nice content

  18. Kuya BERT Tv Official PWD

    Kuya BERT Tv Official PWD4 maanden geleden

    Please suport kuya Bert Tv official the PWD vlogger from Manila philippines keep safe always God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 stay home 🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡

  19. Orce Tata

    Orce Tata4 maanden geleden

    I love you................nitu

  20. Claudia Stolen

    Claudia Stolen4 maanden geleden

    Laurens 😍

  21. Dunia Zidna

    Dunia Zidna4 maanden geleden

    Come from indonesia want to be friends with you and learn Dutch properly. It is very informative friend

  22. Monika Todorova

    Monika Todorova5 maanden geleden

    Hi Romme I really like your abb workout can you make one video for postpartum workout

  23. am c

    am c5 maanden geleden

    please make more dutch only video i loved this ❤️

  24. shinofit_

    shinofit_5 maanden geleden

    I speak German so this feels funny bc the language are similar but different! love you 😽

  25. Efi Carelse

    Efi Carelse5 maanden geleden

    Praat je zo snel, zeg

  26. Sergei

    Sergei5 maanden geleden


  27. Diane V Calhoun

    Diane V Calhoun5 maanden geleden

    I am enjoying watching your videos to improve my Dutch. My parents always spoke Dutch when I was small but eventually switched to all English. Now I am trying to get new vocabulary...

  28. Djuna Jupiter

    Djuna Jupiter5 maanden geleden

    How average can your life be.? 🙄 booooring

  29. GdP

    GdP5 maanden geleden

    Ja. Ik schud mijn melk.

  30. Michelle Griffin

    Michelle Griffin5 maanden geleden

    as a german speaker i understand her but at the same time i dont u feel??

  31. Federica Genna

    Federica Genna5 maanden geleden

    You should make more videos in Dutch, You seem more natural and more talkative! My favorite pancake combo is Nutella, strawberries and cream *_*

  32. Nepenthe

    Nepenthe5 maanden geleden

    mint is most likely going to be very tall

  33. Jozia Bezuidenhout

    Jozia Bezuidenhout5 maanden geleden

    Het is vokken mooi😂

  34. Margriet Neels

    Margriet Neels5 maanden geleden

    mmm, hagelslag, appelstroop, etc. lekker op pannekoeken! It's so fun listening to you in Dutch, joking around together! I understand it all since my parents came from Holland, but I was born in Canada!

  35. 1950sgirl

    1950sgirl5 maanden geleden

    14:39 Laurens is so cute!!! 😢💞💟💟💗💖

  36. Nicole Ruyenzi

    Nicole Ruyenzi5 maanden geleden

    Ik spreek Nederlands van België maar ik begrijp niets.

  37. nouvel jannasch

    nouvel jannasch6 maanden geleden

    Ik had een gevoel dat je Nederlands kon praten😂

  38. Schatze Palen

    Schatze Palen6 maanden geleden

    Haha! Over 10 years together and Laurens is like “you don’t shake your milk?!”

  39. 말포이나르시사

    말포이나르시사9 dagen geleden

    that is so cute actually omg :c

  40. dohwahdoh

    dohwahdoh6 maanden geleden

    wel absurd hoeveel jullie in de auto zitten? ga toch gewoon fietsen.

  41. Palesa Nwokoro

    Palesa Nwokoro6 maanden geleden

    not me busy thinking you were speaking afrikaans in some parts

  42. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden


  43. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden


  44. Asteria

    Asteria6 maanden geleden

    I dont even speak dutch but I think you guys should do all your vlogs in Dutch! (as long as there are subtitles ;) such a cute language! sounds adorable lol

  45. Kate Mah

    Kate Mah6 maanden geleden

    Awh I love this vlog! And now I want to have pancakes 🥞 for dinner haha

  46. Zäta de kat

    Zäta de kat6 maanden geleden

    You are so beautiful. I'm Asian and I wish I were a blonde girl like you

  47. Zoe Schommer

    Zoe Schommer6 maanden geleden

    Well I am from Germany so sometimes I really understand it cause it’s kind of similar to german!😍 I also love Netherlands like I go there EVERY year twice with my whole family and the people and everything is so nice! Love it❤️

  48. goggleduck

    goggleduck6 maanden geleden

    Aaaw so leuk!!!

  49. danx ortiz

    danx ortiz6 maanden geleden

    I love this Dutch vlog. Keep making more videos like this.

  50. Marilyn.M

    Marilyn.M6 maanden geleden

    I'm speaking duch to because I'm from suriname I love this video : ik hou van deze video So beautiful : zo mooi And more channel plss 💖💖

  51. SwedishTotinos

    SwedishTotinos6 maanden geleden

    Just found out a couple days ago that I’m actually Dutch not Swedish And this is way more cooler

  52. Dylan Blokhuis

    Dylan Blokhuis6 maanden geleden

    leuke video dit

  53. rokidbay kidbayro

    rokidbay kidbayro6 maanden geleden

    As long there are subtitles is ok......

  54. Emma Jakobsen

    Emma Jakobsen7 maanden geleden

    Make more dutch videos please! I am trying to learn dutch and this is such a help!

  55. Sharina sardjoe

    Sharina sardjoe7 maanden geleden

    Maar je bent nederlands

  56. Idzell Blanc

    Idzell Blanc7 maanden geleden

    I really loved this Vlog, so lovely and fun. Also your language is so beautiful I agree with Laurens. Thanks for the new video! Gonna keep watching more 💕🙏🏻😘😊🤱👨🏻‍🍼

  57. YouCrave Alicia

    YouCrave Alicia7 maanden geleden

    I wish spoke Dutch ❤

  58. Sofie Martin

    Sofie Martin7 maanden geleden

    I’m Dutch too!

  59. Jaden Straal

    Jaden Straal7 maanden geleden

    OMG je accent had echt hele andere stem verwacht😂❤️❤️

  60. Aida Cecilia

    Aida Cecilia7 maanden geleden

    I’d love to see more videos of you speaking in your native tongue 😍 makes me want to learn it


    IBRAHIM IRSHAD7 maanden geleden

    Watching from india.. 🥰

  62. Naomi Seelen

    Naomi Seelen7 maanden geleden

    Super leuk om je Nederlands te horen praten! Zo anders dan in het Engels 😊

  63. Romenique Heijthuijzen

    Romenique Heijthuijzen7 maanden geleden


  64. Alma Jensen

    Alma Jensen7 maanden geleden

    Lol i understand nothing, but im still kind of watching it

  65. Jermannote Von Loo Lee La Ta poliana Loolita

    Jermannote Von Loo Lee La Ta poliana Loolita7 maanden geleden

    So natural,funny and fulls of love! What a beautiful place you live in Holland! Lucky! I feel like l know you as a friend from only your vlogs! And now in the end the VS show.... like it's the biggest moment of your life😜

  66. Paulo Ricardo Händrak

    Paulo Ricardo Händrak7 maanden geleden

    essa mina é do interior de SP 😆😆😆

  67. Lisa Rahman

    Lisa Rahman7 maanden geleden

    Laurens looks like a 15 year old boy band member without his mustache! What a baby face! 🥰

  68. Elena Y

    Elena Y7 maanden geleden

    Looking forward for another Dutch only vlog 💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕

  69. Christophe Vanhosbeek

    Christophe Vanhosbeek7 maanden geleden

    Ik vind de nederlandse vlogs eigenlijk veel leuker!!!😅❤️

  70. Angel Xxs

    Angel Xxs7 maanden geleden

    Spek en poedersuiker 😍❤️

  71. Noor Vandevelde

    Noor Vandevelde7 maanden geleden

    tof dat ik eens een idool van me versta:))

  72. Doreen Kennes

    Doreen Kennes7 maanden geleden

    Zou je vaker nederlands willen praten alsjeblieft;)))

  73. The Viajeros

    The Viajeros7 maanden geleden

    I’m learning Dutch now and it is nice to watch more Dutch vlogs from Romee.

  74. stine hald

    stine hald7 maanden geleden

    i began studying dutch a few years ago and watching this is making me want to start again 🥺

  75. Normal people fitness vlog

    Normal people fitness vlog7 maanden geleden

    It sounds like when you reverse English

  76. Marcella Goncalves

    Marcella Goncalves7 maanden geleden

    i am FASCINATED by how you guys say “pancakes” omggg i love how it sounds in Dutch!!! such a cool language 💞💞

  77. Michael Gunther

    Michael Gunther7 maanden geleden

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  78. Onya Dlugos

    Onya Dlugos7 maanden geleden

    Ik vindt t echt veel leuker als je nederlands praat in je video

  79. Tiny Oosterhof

    Tiny Oosterhof7 maanden geleden

    Ik ben nederlands dit vindt ik veeeeeel leuker

  80. Isabella Vasconcelos Vilela

    Isabella Vasconcelos Vilela7 maanden geleden

    I loved this vlog! also, Dutch is an interesting language

  81. Cybele Archodaki

    Cybele Archodaki7 maanden geleden

    When you understand her not because you are Dutch but because you live in Belgium😆😂

  82. Kevin Doerksen

    Kevin Doerksen7 maanden geleden

    I’m a Canadian born Dutch Mennonite descendant. I speak plautdiesch fluently and I thought I’d be able to understand this better but I only got a few words here and there.

  83. Michael Gunther

    Michael Gunther7 maanden geleden

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  84. Sagal duraan

    Sagal duraan7 maanden geleden

    Big love ❤

  85. Maison de Rose

    Maison de Rose7 maanden geleden

    Youre not beautiful

  86. Top lyrics

    Top lyrics7 maanden geleden

    LIEVE ROMEE,ik mag jou heel erg maar kan je naar deze comments luisteren want veel mensen willen dat je het vaker in het nederlands doet (ik ook hihi) maar wow voor het eerst ben ik blij day ik nederlands spreek aangezien al deze comments van ja ik wil ook nederlands leren ps .veel suc6 met je zwangerschap

  87. Lies Snapper

    Lies Snapper7 maanden geleden

    Je vlogs in het Nederlands zijn VEEL LEUKER!!!

  88. Martha's Journey♡

    Martha's Journey♡7 maanden geleden

    Hey, me and my family are originally born and raised amish, we left about 4 years ago, we knew that good works won't get us to heaven, so we left the amish, And we all got saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, and we also can speak pennsylvania dutch!!!😊😊

  89. jj.93

    jj.937 maanden geleden

    Is their new neighborhood their hometown? Looks like a farm but not maybe because it’s very green haha

  90. Bellucci :

    Bellucci :7 maanden geleden

    Dutch women are so beautiful

  91. Anne Bel

    Anne Bel7 maanden geleden

    'en dat was mn verhaal DOEI' hahahah heerlijk

  92. Fleur Tevel

    Fleur Tevel7 maanden geleden

    ECHT heel leuk dit!!!

  93. Nikita Howladar

    Nikita Howladar7 maanden geleden

    Seriously! !Laurens doesn't know that's a caterpillar 😅😅😅

  94. Emma Faye Dorsey

    Emma Faye Dorsey7 maanden geleden

    Can we all start calling pancakes panacooks? lol I never got tired of hearing them say that

  95. Ciera Kayy

    Ciera Kayy7 maanden geleden

    op, when Laurens said "very pretty" when he was talking about her eyebrows I thought he said "f*cking boiling" and I got scared he insulted her for a second...

  96. Chrystal Bess Redding

    Chrystal Bess Redding7 maanden geleden

    I love your lifestyle and your language Romee! I do not speak it but I do plan to learn it after I'm done studying Portuguese. I understand the pain of making pancakes, at first it burns then second, third and so on each one burns less and they get thin, lol! Even if I measure everything right. Congratulations Romee and Laurence (correct me if I spelled it wrong) on the birth of your sweet baby girl 💖 💖 🎁 🎁 🎄🎄

  97. Mrs. whoever

    Mrs. whoever7 maanden geleden

    I've never heard Dutch before. It honestly sounds like a beautiful language. Thank you for sharing!

  98. Michael Gunther

    Michael Gunther7 maanden geleden

    Hello I’m sure this is for you but given the recent pandemic we all learnt something from it and that is our jobs can easily be taken from us anytime and when that happens our investments and savings are all we have to depend on especially during retirement. Basically the most searched words on google today is how to work from home. People are now thinking of how to increase their monthly income.

  99. languages channel

    languages channel7 maanden geleden

    thank you

  100. Sam ter Metz

    Sam ter Metz7 maanden geleden

    zo leuk dat je lekker Nederlands praat hier veel natuurlijker

  101. Ashlin Frans

    Ashlin Frans7 maanden geleden

    I'm Afrikaans but i just love it wen they speak dutch and it's easy for me to understand even without the subtitles

  102. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia7 maanden geleden

    Aún que no entienda nada de lo que hablas, amo este canal. Eres la modelo más humilde y humana que eh visto..!! Me gustan todos tus videos, siempre te veo.☺

  103. Sandra Embregts

    Sandra Embregts7 maanden geleden

    Leuk! Een Nederlands talige vlog! Van harte gefeliciteerd met de geboorte van je Dochter. Geniet van de mooie tijd samen. Hopelijk zijn je bekkenklachten al een stuk verminderd. Bekkeninstabiliteit is echt vreselijk :( 9 Maanden na mijn bevalling heb ik er nog steeds dagelijks last van helaas.

  104. Sandra Embregts

    Sandra Embregts7 maanden geleden

    4.47 Zuringuil rups