Quarantine Q&A

Hi guys, we filmed an updated Q&A! I asked you to send me questions and here are our answers. We are still in quarantine but trying to make the best out of it by working out, taking some time for ourselves and staying connected with our family. If you have any recommendations for future videos, let me know in the comments! X

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  1. PILO

    PILO12 dagen geleden

    Everyone is talking about Laurens. He is so fun! XD

  2. Monique Neagle

    Monique Neagle14 dagen geleden

    Yes, we want to see one more baby at least. 💕 💕 💕

  3. Anderson C

    Anderson C29 dagen geleden

    I don't think any woman should travel alone. More so "attractive" women/girls. While most of the time it's "safe" and nothings going to happen. There's always a chance some creep or pervert is following. More so if you're a known professional model. Where your face is on many magazines. On some fashion TV show. Not to try to scare you. Not my intention. Just something any single or lone woman or girl should be aware of. I see too many taking life for granted. Putting herself in danger...possibly. Some beautiful women who I think are beautiful enough they could have been models...my first thoughts were--SHE'S GORGEOUS...HOPE HER BF OR HUSBAND IS NEAR BY...SHE'S WALKING ALONE??? not even with a dog. I know GF's who never travel locally alone. They aren't models. No one knows their names who isn't family...or old friend. Just not safe. And bad situations...when attacked is rarely a 1 on 1...Victoria's Secret SHOULD offer their models bodyguards...take them to their hotels and to the airport. Surprised they don't...or the modelling agency. Unless Laurens can turn into Jason Bourne.

  4. Natasya Desideria T

    Natasya Desideria T2 maanden geleden

    4:56 Is that Indomie? :D

  5. sakura

    sakura2 maanden geleden

    just pure love

  6. Naomi J

    Naomi J3 maanden geleden

    Lol Laurence compliments you so well ahh you two 😍🥰

  7. Naomi J

    Naomi J3 maanden geleden

    You answered that weight question so well. I was hoping you’d talk about how it isn’t important and you did🥺💜 you’re amazing thank you!

  8. Muneera AlOtaibi

    Muneera AlOtaibi4 maanden geleden

    Hi 🙋‍♀️

  9. Krasner Jessica

    Krasner Jessica4 maanden geleden

    lower abdo pain may be from the pcos

  10. Nerma Bajramović

    Nerma Bajramović4 maanden geleden

    Kapsalon :D :D :D :D :D Omg, this made my day :)

  11. David

    David5 maanden geleden

    Oh my god , who is the guy next to this nice looking girl. He's almost better looking than she is which is saying a lot.

  12. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline5 maanden geleden

    wow so goals

  13. defstuff

    defstuff6 maanden geleden

    why they put indomie lol! thats my favorite cheat food too anyway🥰🥰

  14. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden


  15. Kamillah Salaam

    Kamillah Salaam7 maanden geleden

    This was so cute lol

  16. Carmen-Georgia Martínez Campos

    Carmen-Georgia Martínez Campos7 maanden geleden

    OMG! She was feeling bloated back then (4:02), and now the reason has a name and she is beautiful (duh! Look at those parents). Amazing ✨🤍

  17. heo rosé

    heo rosé7 maanden geleden

    the ways he looks at her 🥺🥺

  18. Hansaa Piyumali

    Hansaa Piyumali8 maanden geleden

    Laurens is cute 😍

  19. K Barot

    K Barot8 maanden geleden

    make a video on haircare tooo

  20. Evelyn Gekle

    Evelyn Gekle8 maanden geleden

    How Laurence looked When she Said That shes bloated sometimes 😄😄😆😆😆😄😄😄👌👌👌

  21. Rajinder Maan

    Rajinder Maan8 maanden geleden

    Lauren is so funny

  22. Anna EC

    Anna EC8 maanden geleden

    10:38 Wait, did he just smell you? hahah

  23. Greg Prouse

    Greg Prouse9 maanden geleden

    Carentan....Is that like Band of Brothers Carentan? ;)

  24. Diki Shylo_

    Diki Shylo_9 maanden geleden

    laurence is the most luciest guy in the world

  25. acir pacino

    acir pacino9 maanden geleden

    tf that was indomie kari for noodles soup photos

  26. Lixsy Mejia

    Lixsy Mejia9 maanden geleden

    I love them sm !!

  27. sophie karpowicz

    sophie karpowicz9 maanden geleden

    i can only dream that this will be me in 10 years😍

  28. Rosemary -y

    Rosemary -y9 maanden geleden

    I come from the future and guess what? Our girl INDEED is expecting a baby!!!💜💜💜💜💜

  29. Princess Catherine Perez Soliven

    Princess Catherine Perez Soliven10 maanden geleden

    I want to have something like this they are so inloveeee I love them so much.

  30. Val J

    Val J10 maanden geleden

    Love you guys🌕🌕

  31. An Sace

    An Sace11 maanden geleden

    Laurens looks like Enrique Eg.😄

  32. Love Is everything

    Love Is everything11 maanden geleden

    Please do a ‘ How we first met ‘ i really wanna know ur love story🥰 i love u i just joined the fandom and i really love you and how you are natural and modest and cute

  33. Мария Егорова

    Мария Егорова11 maanden geleden

    I love how his face lit up when she said "the love of my life" - you two make me believe in love and that it'll happen someday to me too

  34. Natasha Khong

    Natasha Khong11 maanden geleden

    and now we know her sore stomach was maybe because she was pregnant!

  35. Adriyanti

    Adriyanti11 maanden geleden

    Laurens's cheat food is indomie 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it too🤭

  36. nobi pertin

    nobi pertin11 maanden geleden

    Love from India

  37. Anca

    Anca11 maanden geleden

    I live in the Netherlands for some time and kapsalon is also one of my favorite cheats! But you can also make "healthy" kapsalon, with oven potatoes, chicken, salad and yogurt sauce, it's actually quite nice! Maybe you can make one for Laurens!

  38. Hey I’m Fang’s

    Hey I’m Fang’s11 maanden geleden

    This is relationship goals

  39. Andita Indra

    Andita Indra11 maanden geleden

    Is that indomie???

  40. Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Smile_uwokeup _2day11 maanden geleden

    Did Laurence ever cheat , his answer cracks me up. She says no I would never let him back in .

  41. Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Smile_uwokeup _2day11 maanden geleden

    Congrats to this beautiful couple , amazing?s n answers here . Love da five year answer. Their kids will b adorable n blessed. N hug all day long . Oh by grandma too.. the answer how ya met wow. Ya were best friends with his sister , I could rewind that part for days , so cool. She says he is the loveof my life .

  42. Daria Nooitgedagt

    Daria Nooitgedagt11 maanden geleden

    Hi! 👋I'm just wondering if popular people like being recognised in public? For instance if I see u somewhere would it be nice for u if I say smth like "Hi Romee, love ur chanel" or should I just leave it being happy that I saw u? 😁

  43. Judy Ann Hunt

    Judy Ann HuntJaar geleden


  44. moofushu

    moofushuJaar geleden

    I know what Laurens meant by the word "leadership." He means he may have wanted to kiss her but felt uncomfortable asking or doing it. That's why he said she showed "leadership." Romee said "come here lover boy!" and planted one on his poor innocent unsuspecting self. He describes it as "aggressive" because, at the time, he was a helpless delicate southern Scarlett O'Hara being manhandled and Romee was Rhett Butler. At least for their first kiss.


    HUGO GARCIAJaar geleden

    I lovr you

  46. Deb Chaffin

    Deb ChaffinJaar geleden

    Lauren is so freaking gorgeous lol I am excited to see you guys babies!!!

  47. Corrinne Adkinson

    Corrinne AdkinsonJaar geleden

    You guys are so natural and “normal”. Love from the U.K.x

  48. Janice Evelyn

    Janice EvelynJaar geleden


  49. Maheswari Kencana

    Maheswari KencanaJaar geleden


  50. Tatum Bales

    Tatum BalesJaar geleden

    I bet the pain whas from the baby

  51. Yee Haw

    Yee HawJaar geleden

    Lawrence has my hearrrtttttt

  52. Imran Rai

    Imran RaiJaar geleden

    Can't wait for family vlogs ohmyyy I LOVE YOU TWO!!!

  53. Nadia Safa Fajriani

    Nadia Safa FajrianiJaar geleden

    i do have that in my country laurenn!! it's indomie noodle, happy to see you love eating food from indonesia

  54. Mariele Joseph Dignadice

    Mariele Joseph DignadiceJaar geleden

    Laurens 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Curious Baby

    Curious BabyJaar geleden

    You were showing your leadership Romee :fffff

  56. Putri Budiartini

    Putri BudiartiniJaar geleden

    Any indonesian here? They eat indomie😂

  57. Airas Rao

    Airas RaoJaar geleden

    *good that we agree on that*

  58. Jennifer Young

    Jennifer YoungJaar geleden

    Laurens! The word you’re looking for to describe Romee when she kissed you is ASSERTIVE! (And confident.) you guys are such a cute couple! 💗

  59. Andrei Izabela

    Andrei IzabelaJaar geleden

    i’m so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️

  60. Emiliasidyll

    EmiliasidyllJaar geleden

    Sorry romee but avocado is probably your cause for stomach bloating and pain, it has a high fodmap 😞

  61. Precious Afolabi

    Precious AfolabiJaar geleden

    They are so adorable,keep gushing about them to my friends,their children will be wooow

  62. Zola Mkhize

    Zola MkhizeJaar geleden

    The way he smells her at 10:40 😍😍

  63. Big ole pancake nipples

    Big ole pancake nipplesJaar geleden

    I cant believe u settled in Amsterdam 😭 i wanted you to settle... In Los Angeles or something 😛😛

  64. jeanettemiley

    jeanettemileyJaar geleden

    They have been together since she was a teen... So lucky that some people do get it right the first time!! Can't wait for their baby! Congrats!!

  65. Luis Martinez

    Luis MartinezJaar geleden

    Hi Romee ❤️ Quarantine give you the most beautiful gift in the universe Enjoy ever second of this nine moon I wish you the best God bless your baby and you forever

  66. Dami Oladapo

    Dami OladapoJaar geleden

    Laurens is sooo funny I can’t explain it

  67. Riza J

    Riza JJaar geleden

    You too seemed like kind people, didn’t bully anyone growing up. ❤️

  68. Andreea Hasna

    Andreea HasnaJaar geleden

    I ve watched bits and pieces of your vlogs and you are very authentic and incredible, but I can see some weird, sad and being frustrated behaviours from Laurens. I don t know, he s just not in his element at all, at least in the videos, not natural at all in his behaviour.

  69. Rizky Wika Shintya Devi

    Rizky Wika Shintya DeviJaar geleden

    Is it Indomie that you mean instant noodle Laurens?

  70. Annou Annou

    Annou AnnouJaar geleden

    Lauren's is sooooo funny, I get litterly a laugh flash in every video 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😁😅

  71. Anazel Cabrejas

    Anazel CabrejasJaar geleden

    the best couple ever ❤️ Where can I find someone like Laurens? 😭

  72. Janina Jochim

    Janina JochimJaar geleden

    They are such cutiepies!

  73. Emma K

    Emma KJaar geleden

    they are so fck funny together I can’t

  74. versages versages

    versages versagesJaar geleden

    why do you say in ''Holland'' and not ''The Netherlands''?

  75. m. s.

    m. s.Jaar geleden

    Beauty hair

  76. Linda Kaufmann

    Linda KaufmannJaar geleden

    Laurens is adorable.... you guys are so cute!!!

  77. Myrthe Verbuijs

    Myrthe VerbuijsJaar geleden

    Dutchies where are u at??? Love u guys!!!!!!!

  78. Susmita basu

    Susmita basuJaar geleden

    This couple is so adorable. God bless.

  79. Ani Ivancic

    Ani IvancicJaar geleden

    where is your hoodie from? :)

  80. Silpa Kambu

    Silpa KambuJaar geleden

    Cheat day part : Omg the nooddle is from Indonesia we called it indomie.

  81. Ellis Vermeulen

    Ellis VermeulenJaar geleden

    You guys are so funny :'D

  82. zeina rawashdeh

    zeina rawashdehJaar geleden

    how it feel for a girl when you are soooooo pretty like this?!!!

  83. Lifewith Zaraah

    Lifewith ZaraahJaar geleden

    You were showing your leadership 😂

  84. Lifewith Zaraah

    Lifewith ZaraahJaar geleden

    New sub your bf is super 😄 funny 😆

  85. Gianna Dicicco

    Gianna DiciccoJaar geleden

    big dogs are the best dogs ❤️

  86. Julz 95

    Julz 95Jaar geleden

    Does anyone know is he her first boyfriend. If she say they are dating since 10 years. She never had an other boyfriend right. Course she was so young?

  87. mencía Luz

    mencía LuzJaar geleden

    Hahahhahahahhahhahahhahahhahhahahhahahhahah greeekersssssss

  88. R. K.

    R. K.Jaar geleden


  89. Novita Novita

    Novita NovitaJaar geleden

    Is that indomie? Kkkk

  90. julie morris

    julie morrisJaar geleden

    So did you get married?

  91. Moivam Laks

    Moivam LaksJaar geleden

    I wonder who will win the top genetic lottery. Will it be gigi and zayn's baby or theirs??

  92. Maharani V.A

    Maharani V.AJaar geleden

    Heeiii I saw Indomie Ayam Bawang!!! I do that too but not on my cheat days, more like every day hahaha

  93. Lina Díaz

    Lina DíazJaar geleden

    they’re so cute!!!!

  94. Yellow Belle

    Yellow BelleJaar geleden

    Love how you are telling us not to focus so much on how much we weight but to focus on how healthy and good we feel our body is 💖

  95. Prya Stikvoort

    Prya StikvoortJaar geleden

    Hahahahahaa Laurens makes me think of a detective attacking her with his questions but it’s so funny HAHAHAHA (He’s like: “dO yOu faCeTunE wHeN yOU hAve sOmeThInG bEtWeeN yOuR tEeTh”)

  96. Lotte Geers

    Lotte GeersJaar geleden

    Kan je een keer Nederlands praten in een video 😊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  97. aisyh -

    aisyh -Jaar geleden

    HAHAHA “you were taking your leader” i love you guys.

  98. kaylynne Mc Nabb

    kaylynne Mc NabbJaar geleden

    Laurens is the best !! lmao

  99. Kimberly Joy Vergara

    Kimberly Joy VergaraJaar geleden

    im here after they announced that they're having a babyyyyy💖🤧💗who's with me

  100. Kimberly F.

    Kimberly F.Jaar geleden

    OMG LAUREN...."WOULD U SMOOTH URSELF OUT WHEN U HAVE ACNE? 🧐" LMAO DEAD! you guys r too darn cute!