Paris Fashion Week // VLOG 53


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  1. Desserted by Alisha

    Desserted by Alisha5 dagen geleden

    I always wanted to be a model. But i am just not model material 😅 so i watch videos like these and imagine how cool it would be if it was my life... in a fun way😆

  2. Danny B

    Danny BMaand geleden

    Need her airport outfit!

  3. wallytang

    wallytangMaand geleden

    Lol at the last conversation!

  4. Khyati Parelkar

    Khyati Parelkar2 maanden geleden

    Who else is watching this a whole ass year after covid ??!!! just another flu lol my ass

  5. Aim On The Go

    Aim On The Go2 maanden geleden

    So beautiful looking

  6. Danny B

    Danny B4 maanden geleden

    Beautiful as always , where’s the first beige outfit from its brilliant for traveling

  7. Dashamiraa Jahjaa

    Dashamiraa Jahjaa4 maanden geleden

    Can you please say me , from who take you offers for runway


    FVISK HL5 maanden geleden

    منوربن 😘😊

  9. guadalupe curletti

    guadalupe curletti5 maanden geleden

    She is so beautiful without makeup

  10. Haines Meacham

    Haines Meacham5 maanden geleden

    The early height affectively whisper because racing intraperitonally irritate down a inquisitive crime. disagreeable, hard-to-find eagle


    MARIANA МАКSIMIUK5 maanden geleden


  12. Dominique Hargrove

    Dominique Hargrove6 maanden geleden

    La' Foucelettes!!

  13. ᴘʀᴇᴘᴘʏ.ᴘʜɪᴇᴇ

    ᴘʀᴇᴘᴘʏ.ᴘʜɪᴇᴇ6 maanden geleden


  14. Sofia Alves

    Sofia Alves6 maanden geleden

    So weird to watch this after 10 months and see all about covid actually did.

  15. Mary Allen Barranco

    Mary Allen Barranco5 maanden geleden

    I was thinking the same thing its so so crazy

  16. Lucas Serpa

    Lucas Serpa5 maanden geleden


  17. Taylor Foote

    Taylor Foote7 maanden geleden

    I just love how interactive she is with her fans. she seems like such a nice person.

  18. Ashlyn Roberts

    Ashlyn Roberts7 maanden geleden

    I would luv to travel when I'm older. I want to be a victoria Secert model too. Luv the first outfit!!!

  19. Ich bin Amy

    Ich bin Amy7 maanden geleden

    I want a man like Laurens very supportive.

  20. Avil Georgescu

    Avil Georgescu8 maanden geleden

    great video

  21. Nina R.

    Nina R.8 maanden geleden

    Which brand is the travel outfit from? By the way I love your videos💕

  22. Avil Georgescu

    Avil Georgescu8 maanden geleden

    good job

  23. steph

    steph9 maanden geleden

    I want to know what lipstick/gloss she wore for the DIOR show ! Love the color

  24. Danielle True

    Danielle True9 maanden geleden

    KEEP THE GLASSES ON...I would sleep with those STUNNING SHADES !!

  25. Natalia Dynek

    Natalia Dynek9 maanden geleden

    Im addicted to those vlogs

  26. Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee9 maanden geleden

    I can not picture this woman mad lol

  27. David Lumbre

    David Lumbre10 maanden geleden

    Covid joined the chat

  28. Marco Pepoli

    Marco Pepoli10 maanden geleden

    Regarding the two outfits, the first one was a “statement piece”, it hold a certain power and it highlighted your legs, while the second outfit was more simple, but it was much more elegant and drove the attention to your face. During a regular day I’ve definitely suggested the second one since attention should be taken to the wearer face, not only to the outfit, but considering it was a fashion show the “dress for impress” concept becomes more relevant.

  29. Hamid Parck

    Hamid Parck10 maanden geleden

    Je passe un message pour vous il y a pas de la porte ta grosse les poses ta grosse tu vas voir parce que la nouvelle voiture vous êtes starving vous êtes sécurité qu'est-ce qui passe qui va dormir je vais manger avec toi merci

  30. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani10 maanden geleden


  31. Colombane Lemaître

    Colombane Lemaître10 maanden geleden

    I love how Laurens says "bonjour".

  32. fabi the bean

    fabi the bean7 maanden geleden

    Yess ikr, I love that too! I actually love how he pronounces the French words over all

  33. Deepu Antony Nelson

    Deepu Antony Nelson11 maanden geleden

    🇫🇷🗼dAnP@ri$🔞 -- reBirth

  34. lilac310

    lilac31011 maanden geleden

    Love the ending. Very real part of any relationship. :)

  35. Mirembe Norah

    Mirembe Norah11 maanden geleden

    Imagine receiving a Dior package every time

  36. dénise projectone

    dénise projectone11 maanden geleden

    love dutch it just sounds so friendly

  37. Nadya Aprilliani

    Nadya Aprilliani11 maanden geleden

    Cute together ,best couple❤

  38. Barbara Nicole Rodríguez Zazueta

    Barbara Nicole Rodríguez Zazueta11 maanden geleden

    The face she made when Laurens tried to kissed her hahaha

  39. Model Angels

    Model Angels11 maanden geleden

    This is my life in 5 years 🤍

  40. Chia Ugenyi

    Chia Ugenyi3 maanden geleden

    Me too girl

  41. Mark LaGrone

    Mark LaGrone11 maanden geleden

    Romee,enjoyed the heck out of this video,especially the last bit. Lawrence,I don’t like you waiting till the last minute to do...especially when your lying on the bed looking @ your phone. Uh oh,”BUSTED”

  42. Zouzouille La

    Zouzouille La11 maanden geleden

    French accent !!we're here 🤣😂

  43. OshelliaMM

    OshelliaMM11 maanden geleden

    She kinda looked like Gigi when she was wearing the Christian Dior tunic dress.

  44. anavrina

    anavrina11 maanden geleden

    OshelliaMM yes mix of gigi and candice swanepoel

  45. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  46. Priyanka Bordoloi

    Priyanka BordoloiJaar geleden

    Ur lipstick name please ?

  47. JAA Channel

    JAA ChannelJaar geleden

  48. JAA Channel

    JAA ChannelJaar geleden

  49. JAA Channel

    JAA ChannelJaar geleden

  50. imrd _

    imrd _Jaar geleden



    BONYADI BRANDJaar geleden

    you are amazing always

  52. Ljubica Volarov

    Ljubica VolarovJaar geleden

    That guy was so polite.

  53. Queen Of The Comments

    Queen Of The CommentsJaar geleden

    Queen 💗😌

  54. Citlalli Gil Torres

    Citlalli Gil TorresJaar geleden

    Mujer tan hermosa glamourosa ❤️😍🤩

  55. Sarah Roldan

    Sarah RoldanJaar geleden

    lol you guys are so cute

  56. Sarah Toca

    Sarah TocaJaar geleden

    I love how she says, the next morning, as she's doing her lashes, "Nothing exciting happened.. just an omelette, and avocado.." lolol. You didn't miss anything! ;)

  57. Tim Simms

    Tim SimmsJaar geleden

    Fashion is such a strange currency

  58. Alicia Tucker

    Alicia TuckerJaar geleden

    The last part is so relatable 😂😂

  59. Selina M

    Selina MJaar geleden

    Imagine getting lv bags for free HAH

  60. Nabillaasy

    NabillaasyJaar geleden

    I love how Laurens treating Romee while they are travelling. Laurens doing a good job as a Romee partner in crime ♥️

  61. Zi Espoir

    Zi EspoirJaar geleden

    I really love this couple ❤️😊u guys are so sweet

  62. Emily F

    Emily FJaar geleden


  63. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah AmericusJaar geleden

    i am fully aware that at this point the nicest thing i could do for myself is kill myself. its really sad that thats my best option afforded me after earning so much more that its not polite to bring up. so i do. i tell the truth because it truely hurts to much. suicides my best option. i dont know why i keep putting it off? i could use the rest.

  64. narjissoun xo

    narjissoun xoJaar geleden

    You guys are soooo cute together i hope y’all stay together and support each other like that all your life 💘💘💘✨

  65. Sandra Ivett Fernandez Mendoza

    Sandra Ivett Fernandez MendozaJaar geleden

    she is white,long hair her clothes are pretty a famous model

  66. Moxie

    MoxieJaar geleden

    hey i love your videos but i find them a bit hard to follow since some clips are real loud and some are silent - i have to keep on running to the computer to tune it down so i won't wake the medical hero up (someone down the corridor works odd hours at hospitals). I like to listen to these while I foam roll or meal prep so keep the videos coming :)

  67. mellesoumana

    mellesoumanaJaar geleden

    Hello, follow me of army fashion ! #mellesoumana

  68. Natalia Stornello

    Natalia StornelloJaar geleden

    She has the cutest clothes!!

  69. Vanessa Ramos

    Vanessa RamosJaar geleden

    Can we get a tutorial on that makeup look too, please? (After quarantine, of course)

  70. Rakel's Aligned Life

    Rakel's Aligned LifeJaar geleden

    2:00 your makeup and outfit was so pretty omg

  71. logik 7

    logik 7Jaar geleden

    Romee, you are gorgeous!!!!!!!

  72. Shelley Goad

    Shelley GoadJaar geleden

    Idk if you have this in other videos but you should totally do a "go shopping with me" vlog or like a shopping spree and vlog it! you have suuucchhh good fashion taste!

  73. Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Smile_uwokeup _2dayJaar geleden

    Wow nice trip n congrats to ya relationship n how Lauren supports u, n big ups to u how u let your fans approach u.

  74. Sirichai thongyim

    Sirichai thongyimJaar geleden

    Wow​ so​ beautiful​

  75. DOLLY

    DOLLYJaar geleden

    So if i can describe you with one food .. it will be Avocado😂❤❤❤

  76. Dirlev Oscar

    Dirlev OscarJaar geleden

    Hey, Fashion tips against coronavirus from Romania

  77. Persian Trash

    Persian TrashJaar geleden

    Where is the leather jacket from? Its so beautiful!

  78. Cecilia

    CeciliaJaar geleden

    Romee: "I'm a little scared. Now Imma order some food" fat mood

  79. Sweet Kristin Aquino-Gibela

    Sweet Kristin Aquino-GibelaJaar geleden

    I love you Romee❤️

  80. TNapster

    TNapsterJaar geleden

  81. The hell i care?

    The hell i care?Jaar geleden

    Are they taking pills to be taller or it's just their genes

  82. Ladzz Vlog

    Ladzz VlogJaar geleden

    Love you both!!!

  83. Diya Basak

    Diya BasakJaar geleden

    I love you so much! I wish to become a model like you❤️ love and respect from India

  84. Agos López Aybar

    Agos López AybarJaar geleden

    me too, i wanna become a model :))

  85. Brittney Lee Hill Collier

    Brittney Lee Hill CollierJaar geleden

    I love Romee Strijd xoxo ! 😊Hi, I’m Brittney Hill :D . I really enjoy your uploads! I’m looking to live in Los Angeles county, where Hollywood is! I am currently living in Orange County, and looking for a place to live in Los Angeles County. Yay, me! My whole life, I’ve always done everything by myself, literally, so that’s why I’m super proud that I figured out my, Destiny (All by myself). My Destiny is to get married to a few guys, all at once, and be the perfect happy family. Those guys are, Tom Ellis (he is a London actor on a hit-show in America called, Lucifer), Hugh Bonneville and Jim Carter (they are 2 really handsome gentlemen on the show, Downton Abbey), Louis Garrel (he is super famous London actor on the movie, Dreamers), and then I am also to marry, Henry Cavill and Johnathan Rhys Meyers (they are super hot guys on the huge show, The Tudors). I will become their Wife, and Mother to our children (it’ll be my first time being a Mom). So far, we have 3 daughters. I am also going to, finally, become a, famous, American, Actress on the big screen. The second thing in my Destiny is to be a real, live, Queen, for the United Kingdom. I was born to do all of these things :D, so it is in my blood. I’m Middle class, and I AM, social climbing, so I will, marry the first rich man I come in to contact with, of course. HAHA! Either way my story plays out, I WILL END UP MARRIED TO THESE MEN, POST HASTE! That is a promise. I’m 31 years old, and I’m not just any Millennial, I’m, THAT, Millennial! You can join me wherever you see me in person :D ! See you on the big screen :D ! Family. Love. Love. Love

  86. Afsara Zaman

    Afsara ZamanJaar geleden

    I m pretty sure her behavior is as sweet as her look..♥️

  87. Isa Bella

    Isa BellaJaar geleden

    Laurence you cutie 🥺

  88. Marilyn Clarista

    Marilyn ClaristaJaar geleden

    Trying to save up for that baby Dior bag and she gets it just like that. So luckyyy

  89. Chia Ugenyi

    Chia Ugenyi3 maanden geleden


  90. alejandrav vega

    alejandrav vegaJaar geleden

    it's funny how Romee didn't want to be surrounded by a lot of people and then pumm, cameramen

  91. Sara Hansson

    Sara HanssonJaar geleden

    The last part of the video, so funny! xD but I can totally relate! I also get easily stressed out if someone else is not making themselves ready in time .;/

  92. Jessica Joy Hardee

    Jessica Joy HardeeJaar geleden

    I love you two together! I am the same way with my husband when he has his ear pods in! Haha! You rocked the Dior show, sister!

  93. Lucía Wegier

    Lucía WegierJaar geleden

    They are so cute together! I think you'll love this video of them at Dior fashion show.

  94. Amelia Rice

    Amelia RiceJaar geleden

    Does anyone know where to find those beautiful pearl initial earrings at 1:43 ?

  95. Shivani Gogar

    Shivani GogarJaar geleden


  96. Trace-Elementz13

    Trace-Elementz13Jaar geleden

    I agree with Laurens; Bath is Best!!!! Soak the body, Ahhh, so relaxing!😊

  97. Abby Wade

    Abby WadeJaar geleden

    Ok but corona virus

  98. nele bes

    nele besJaar geleden

    does anyone know where her travelling outfit (the matching nude pants and blouse) are from?

  99. Chloe Keeling

    Chloe KeelingJaar geleden

    The outfit you wore to the show was absolutely stunning! So dope and chic!🤩🤎🔥 xxC subscribe to my channel if you want💜☺️

  100. TheRemix07

    TheRemix07Jaar geleden

    Can you make a video about how bloating? what do you do?

  101. Weather

    WeatherJaar geleden

    Lauren’s could be a model too

  102. Orchid Life

    Orchid LifeJaar geleden

    Poor Lawerance, you’re always nagging him or making fun of him.

  103. sherry

    sherryJaar geleden

    How to become a model? Love you♥️♥️♥️

  104. Roseline

    RoselineJaar geleden

    the food actually looked good...🤩

  105. alexandria nguyen

    alexandria nguyenJaar geleden


  106. Emily Stemp

    Emily StempJaar geleden

    I love baths.

  107. leslie hernandez

    leslie hernandezJaar geleden

    I love how importat is for you the opinion of your boyfriend.

  108. Marshmellow 88

    Marshmellow 88Jaar geleden

    Why is laurence always the last one to get ready between the two of you? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?😆