My Week at Home (vlog 56)

Hi guys, this might be a different kind of vlog as I am staying at home in The Netherlands and won't be traveling for some time. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and stay at home if you can! X


Here's where I get my music from:




  1. Ioana Johanna

    Ioana Johanna2 maanden geleden

    Romee, apply face moisturizer to the lips. It works


    AIKATERINI RAPTI2 maanden geleden

    For dry lips la roche posay cicaplast for lips!

  3. araceli dominguez

    araceli dominguez4 maanden geleden

    no ocupas maquillaje eres muy hermosa.

  4. Mariana Haj Yahia

    Mariana Haj Yahia4 maanden geleden

    so I'm a psychology student and i come here every day to watch her videos and calm down


    FVISK HL5 maanden geleden

    منوربن 😘


    FVISK HL5 maanden geleden

    romee strijdromee strijd

  7. C D

    C D5 maanden geleden

    Carmex for lips. Yellow/orange tube. 🤗

  8. Betsy The Hysterical Deaf Woman

    Betsy The Hysterical Deaf Woman5 maanden geleden

    Wahoozi!! Fellow rollerblade chicka! Nice moves!! A. I love thick eyebrows!! And B. I think you do a great at home vlog! The mic right on the kitchen counter was a bit loud ( I'm deaf, but my husband jumped when you set something down) but then, it was fine! I do the same thing except way worse cos I'm deaf and I don't know how loud I am~LOL!

  9. Sam S

    Sam S5 maanden geleden

    Your such a beautiful person Romee and ur family is so sweet I love watching your videos, The sleep is so hard when there in there in newborn stage I felt exactly the Same with no sleep Your doing amazing mama!! You will eventually get ur sleep back Even tho it doesn’t seem like it right now

  10. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden

  11. Zoe Schommer

    Zoe Schommer6 maanden geleden

    I always use Panthenol Creme for dry lips!

  12. Faze Matrix

    Faze Matrix6 maanden geleden

    It looks like she’s high

  13. Skylieza Razonable

    Skylieza Razonable6 maanden geleden

    She really looks like Gigi Hadid sometimes. Like if you agree!

  14. Maÿlife

    Maÿlife7 maanden geleden

    hey what’s your camera please ? 😘

  15. Ni Ni

    Ni Ni7 maanden geleden

    Yes this pandemic also made me realize how little we actually need in life, and I also love seeing the nature becoming better!! Thanks for sharing, I love your videos snd love you Romee!!

  16. Ann Pierce

    Ann Pierce7 maanden geleden

    @RomeeStrijd, Thank you for sharing these videos which include your eating habits. For years the rest of us have wanted to know how we can eat healthier and you diet is not a fad diet or ridiculous. I have started eating really healthy again because of finding your youtube videos. Also, I haven't paid much attention to Victoria Secret models in the past, but I love that you are so genuine and real. I am beginning to see that most models radiate beauty and joy from the inside out, so thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  17. Polina Luet

    Polina Luet7 maanden geleden

    Lawrence variant of eyebrows!

  18. Addie Maxwell

    Addie Maxwell8 maanden geleden

    I NEED a house tour of your new home!!!

  19. Julianna

    Julianna8 maanden geleden

    Thanks for you'r videos! You make me happier and bring me back to work 🤍

  20. Lizzie _

    Lizzie _8 maanden geleden

    vaseline is one of the worst, makes your lips dry! Carmex is great

  21. elfenhüpfer 11

    elfenhüpfer 119 maanden geleden

    For lips, you should try NUXE honey lip balm!!! Sooooo good!

  22. Nastya Alekseeva

    Nastya Alekseeva9 maanden geleden

    Your are very gorgeous! Thanks for your videos

  23. lillilou marie

    lillilou marie9 maanden geleden

    I love you 😍

  24. Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee9 maanden geleden

    my grandmother was born in Amsterdam Iv never been would love to see your favorite spots in Holland

  25. Myrto Kara

    Myrto Kara9 maanden geleden

    House toor??

  26. parastoo mohebkhodaei

    parastoo mohebkhodaei9 maanden geleden

    You truly are an angel 😍

  27. sevrina Ina

    sevrina Ina9 maanden geleden

    I know youve tried out the Armani Luminous Silk foundation, in comparidon to CT which one did you like better?

  28. sevrina Ina

    sevrina Ina9 maanden geleden

    Ok probably too late but: bepanthen/dexpanthenol for lips

  29. Ai

    Ai9 maanden geleden

    the product for eyebrows is from Japan. I always wanted to comment everytime you say that you think its from china😂 I'm super happy that i can buy something you use here in japan!!

  30. Hamid Parck

    Hamid Parck10 maanden geleden

    Je pense à message pour moi quant à mon parcours la femme qui passe pour passer avec lui cherche le temps homme je cherche pas la femme je cherche un femme qui fait le film noir sexuel il prend le temps je me laisse la femme qui a cassé un cœur parce que moi je te donne un mot de passe pour vous passe-moi je te parle avec toi toujours tu penses le chemin de fer passer prono parce que moi je te considère le soir actualités dans l'Ain parce que tu es un Star je vois tout ce qui passe à l'extérieur tu m'as touché tu comprendras toi je vais tomber parce que tu es sérieuse avec moi je te donne toute la confiance ça va je viens dormir

  31. Jessica Ray

    Jessica Ray10 maanden geleden

    Clarins LipOil. I have chronic dry lips and it's the only thing that has ever truly worked. I'm a make up artist and beauty manager or was until Covid. So please trust me. Clarins LipOil

  32. Rosa Park

    Rosa Park10 maanden geleden

    Watch the bit where she talks about her alpaca slippers with captions on 😂

  33. Marion W

    Marion W10 maanden geleden

    how is this sh*t already 5 months ago???

  34. Sofiia Murova

    Sofiia Murova11 maanden geleden

    Take a look at Martina gerbhardt lip balm, it’s amazing for veeeery dry lips

  35. Sara Jones

    Sara Jones11 maanden geleden

    l'occitane 100% Shea butter is a miracle worker for dry lips and skin

  36. Romee Eemor

    Romee Eemor11 maanden geleden


  37. Felicia Putri Gondokusumo

    Felicia Putri Gondokusumo11 maanden geleden

    For dry lips I usually use vaseline and drink a lot of water ( water is the key) but I don't know if this tips can work to you or not

  38. Regis Gonthier

    Regis Gonthier11 maanden geleden

    You are thé best on thé World..

  39. Regis Gonthier

    Regis Gonthier11 maanden geleden

    M'y Friend rommmee rommmee where IS your baby ???i liké you soo so so m'y Friend...good Luck and good mornig Laurens ..

  40. Tears of a waterfall

    Tears of a waterfall11 maanden geleden

    Do you dye your hair?? 😁😁

  41. Naomi Raczkovi

    Naomi Raczkovi11 maanden geleden

    Which brand of purple shampoo was that one you used? I have been needing to get some but don’t know which ones to try first :]

  42. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani11 maanden geleden



    HUGO GARCIAJaar geleden

    That food I whis

  44. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  45. Vanessa Vasquez

    Vanessa VasquezJaar geleden

    carmex chapstick works super well!

  46. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  47. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  48. S T

    S TJaar geleden

    Pancake clip - Where are your mugs from with the golden handles? So beautiful. Thank you. x

  49. Sunita Tomescu

    Sunita TomescuJaar geleden

    Please continue to be natural!! That is what I love about your videos!! 👍😊

  50. Venetra Roberson

    Venetra RobersonJaar geleden

    Jouer lip treatment,,Sephora,,drink more water..

  51. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  52. Jennifer Hamilton

    Jennifer HamiltonJaar geleden

    For your dry lips when you brush your teeth also brush your lips . Also can put sugar scrub

  53. Ashley Woods

    Ashley WoodsJaar geleden

    Romee, Lanolips 101 Superbalm is the best. Aquaphor is good too, but I find the lanolips more hydrating. Hope it works! My lips were cracked and peeling all the time before it.

  54. J

    JJaar geleden

    i saw you in the Negin channel and i ended up here

  55. J

    JJaar geleden

    Romee i'm brazilian girl and my english it's not so good but i'm here to say that i'm in love with ur channel and ur person! u're such a lovely and fun girl and i couldn't imagine that, just saw you in the walkways ♥️

  56. Linda Hilberink

    Linda HilberinkJaar geleden

    White stone! Of nog beter. Een gestuukt huis.

  57. InterAstefanMechanic

    InterAstefanMechanicJaar geleden

  58. Lauraaa

    LauraaaJaar geleden

    You can use the honey lip balm from Nuxe it’s the best one I’ve tried 😉👍🏻

  59. Sauro flores

    Sauro floresJaar geleden


  60. Stevie Sharron

    Stevie SharronJaar geleden

    Hi Romee, voor droge lippen juist geen Vaseline gebruiken. Dit droogt de lippen alleen maar meer uit eigenlijk.. wat ik doe is ik gebruik een tongschraper voor mijn lippen. Kun je kopen bij elke drogisterij. Ik dip de achterkant (ribbeltjes gedeelte) een beetje in vaseline en ga ermee over mijn lippen. Dan met de andere kant (het schraap gedeelte, vind het een soort zeempje) haal ik de vaseline resten weg. Dan doe ik een goede lippenbalsem op. Het zorgt voor een goede bloedcirculatie in de lippen. Het zorgt er ook voor dat je geen velletjes meer op je lippen hebt. Voor mij helpt het heel erg, ik heb nooit meer droge lippen! Hoop dat het voor jou ook helpt! Liefs

  61. Maria Mercedes Ariño

    Maria Mercedes AriñoJaar geleden

    I LOVE your blog .you are so inspiring to me with your healthy lifestyle .kisses from argentina 🇦🇷

  62. Laura

    LauraJaar geleden

    Ik slik L-Lysine voor iets anders en ik heb mega sterke nagels ineens. Helemaal wit, sterk, scheurt niet. Misschien helpt dat?

  63. Rosanna Fernback

    Rosanna FernbackJaar geleden

    lineage sleeping mask is amazing for dry lips! Love you and your vlogs, such a beautiful girl! xx

  64. Amanda Josker

    Amanda JoskerJaar geleden

    Aquaphor is amazing for dry lips and hands!!

  65. Xavier 19

    Xavier 19Jaar geleden

    My top tip for dry lips is that after you brush your teeth at night, do a sugar scrub to exfoliate and then put on a thick layer of lip balm over night whilst you sleep and they are always soft the next day for me. Hope this works for you too!! 💜💜

  66. Cyberill

    CyberillJaar geleden

    I recommend this game it's sooooo fun and entertainment at these times it's called "sims free play" 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

  67. Isabella Soto

    Isabella SotoJaar geleden

    i love the Laneige sleeping mask in berry!

  68. Rashad Thompson

    Rashad ThompsonJaar geleden

    U can het medicine carmax it helps really good im new to ur channel but bout to subcribe

  69. Lujain Sherief

    Lujain SheriefJaar geleden

    For your lips: Scrub: Sugar Coconut oil Olive oil (No specific measures) Exfoliate by a brush: Use a wet tooth brush and go on your lips on circular motion Also i love you so much!! I have a channel and i would lobe to have a shoutout❤❤

  70. Pikachu and Us

    Pikachu and UsJaar geleden

    At least Romee use Vaseline that I too use...the only thing that I can afford....but happy seeing that....

  71. bluecalifornication

    bluecalifornicationJaar geleden

    actually vaseline is not good for skin and lips, it covers and smooths only, is just sealant, but it does not moisturise, the simple and the best conditioner for your lips is honey, just put some honey on your lips - it is really working!

  72. Leticia Milan

    Leticia MilanJaar geleden

    Samaritan's Purse is a Christian organization. They are the ones who had the temporary hospital in Central park. ♥

  73. Kay

    KayJaar geleden

    K-palette is from Japan :)

  74. G Perez

    G PerezJaar geleden

    i love the way she smile.

  75. yu nili

    yu niliJaar geleden

    Bite beauty lipmask. Only one work for me

  76. The Wallet Kids

    The Wallet KidsJaar geleden

    Super vlog! Leuk om je te zien skaten bij het Heemkanaal :-)

  77. chan W

    chan WJaar geleden

    Bushy eyebrows all the way for me

  78. Alluso

    AllusoJaar geleden

    Please share your pancake recipe...great vlog😊

  79. Abigail Chavez

    Abigail ChavezJaar geleden

    Do a organizing your home or home tour

  80. Emma khalifa

    Emma khalifaJaar geleden

    the brush you used for contour is from real techniques i have them and love them

  81. Camille Mérer

    Camille MérerJaar geleden

    For your lips you can use coconut oil ans mixt with honey

  82. Hermine Granger

    Hermine GrangerJaar geleden

    Who is here after her new videooooo🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

  83. judy

    judyJaar geleden

    Haha yeah looking for a baby belly, but she did hide it very well

  84. iReveal-Precious

    iReveal-PreciousJaar geleden

    what camera do you use?

  85. Online

    OnlineJaar geleden

    Welke trui heb je in het begin aan? Die beige?

  86. Đīønýsus Eą

    Đīønýsus EąJaar geleden


  87. Đīønýsus Eą

    Đīønýsus EąJaar geleden

    Yani sen victorianın modeli olmucaksan kim olucak

  88. Đīønýsus Eą

    Đīønýsus EąJaar geleden

    Makyajsız bile bu kadar güzelse biz ne yapalım

  89. Nichole

    NicholeJaar geleden

    Dry lips: badger cocoa lip balm!! I had a problem for so long with chapsticks not being hydrating just staying om top of my lips until i found this. Try it you will love it! I never write comments but this company is small and i think they deserve a shout out since their chapstick is so amazing. Love

  90. Dieu Nguyen

    Dieu NguyenJaar geleden

    Love your videos. Thankyou. Very uplifting and inspiring in iso times.

  91. JAA Channel

    JAA ChannelJaar geleden

  92. phyliciajoykloes

    phyliciajoykloesJaar geleden

    Lovely vlog.

  93. Marina iline

    Marina ilineJaar geleden

    Lucas paw paw ointment is awesome for chapped lips

  94. Stephanie

    StephanieJaar geleden

    Homeoplasmine voor lippen (kan je in België in apotheek verkrijgen, maar zal online/apotheek ook wel te verkrijgen zijn in Nederland)

  95. JAA Channel

    JAA ChannelJaar geleden

  96. eliya pikel

    eliya pikelJaar geleden

    Coconut oil for dry lips.

  97. Dawn Shipley

    Dawn ShipleyJaar geleden

    Romee - Next time you come through, see Dr. Ming Wang for your surgery. He has made blind people see again and does lots of complicated cases. He's the world leading doc for eyes. He's done minr

  98. tre due

    tre dueJaar geleden

    i loove your hair

  99. Asoe

    AsoeJaar geleden

    Semoga sehat selalu dan sukses Ya...

  100. loy7117

    loy7117Jaar geleden

    Get Red Fox Vaseline its really good

  101. John Baker

    John BakerJaar geleden