Milan Fashion Week // VLOG 52

Hi guys, I filmed a little bit during Fashion Week in Milan! I was invited to watch the beautiful Etro show and I made a little catwalk comeback for the always fun Moschino show! I rarely walk shows anymore, but some of you think I should walk more often.. what do you think? Let me know in the commentssss X

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  1. Susana Felices

    Susana FelicesMaand geleden

    Wonderful couple miracles life

  2. Susana Felices

    Susana FelicesMaand geleden

    You name in park whenever artists

  3. cristi

    cristi2 maanden geleden

    ya pero la parte en la que laurens muestra su outfit >>>>>>>

  4. Kaidi gui

    Kaidi gui3 maanden geleden

    We got to love Laurens! What a sweetheart!

  5. Sandra Franco

    Sandra Franco5 maanden geleden

    I absolutely love all your videos!! its amazing to me, that you are so gorgeous and yet stay humble. Never change sweetie. 🥰💕💕💕

  6. Kreynola

    Kreynola5 maanden geleden

    Soy is ok for women in moderation. Experts say a serving a day is safe. Soy products lead to higher estrogen in women which leads to breast cancer.

  7. Natalia Kondrat

    Natalia Kondrat5 maanden geleden

    is it just me who noticed that guy in the pink top checking her out lol

  8. Sophie

    Sophie5 maanden geleden

    Schönes Video :)

  9. Visn Leo/Ruben

    Visn Leo/Ruben6 maanden geleden

    I love you Romee And I promise if we are together I will be the best relationship you've ever had And I will always be there for you and be faithful to you

  10. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden

  11. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel6 maanden geleden

  12. Mishka Misheel

    Mishka Misheel6 maanden geleden

    Romee you are my motivation

  13. Orduyan Siranush

    Orduyan Siranush7 maanden geleden


  14. Kapsalon Crea-Tine

    Kapsalon Crea-Tine7 maanden geleden

    Ben je vegetarisch? 🍅🥒🥕 Groetjes van uit België 🇧🇪

  15. Millie Stringer

    Millie Stringer7 maanden geleden

    we all know what happened during this trip. 👀

  16. YaVz yellow

    YaVz yellow8 maanden geleden

    who’s watching this in Nov 2020?? so excited for her daughter to be born!!

  17. Vered Tamir - Sacred Rose priestess

    Vered Tamir - Sacred Rose priestess9 maanden geleden

    Soy is super healthy ❤️

  18. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani9 maanden geleden


  19. Elif Abik

    Elif Abik9 maanden geleden

    france boykot

  20. Elif Abik

    Elif Abik9 maanden geleden

    france boykot

  21. Elif Abik

    Elif Abik9 maanden geleden

    france boykot

  22. Alifia Djuhana Ariyanto

    Alifia Djuhana Ariyanto9 maanden geleden

    She actually eats a lot


    BINH PHANHUU VN9 maanden geleden


  24. Ney cosmy Gomes barbosa

    Ney cosmy Gomes barbosa9 maanden geleden

    And so do mal acompanhado

  25. Melissa Woodman

    Melissa Woodman10 maanden geleden

    Please don’t do it, not soy or vegan death diet.. no real nutrition. Research it and look at the ex vegan videos and what they suffered.. I’ve seen hundreds and it’s frightening the terrible long term effects.. also look up the negative side to the whole vegan movement in terms of the ecological damage that they don’t want you to know.. research everything before making decisions on your health!!! Take care guys...

  26. Christen Grooms

    Christen Grooms10 maanden geleden

    Probably because MCDs nuggets arent chicken either

  27. TheSolipsist0

    TheSolipsist011 maanden geleden

    I love the blue trench at the airport. Where is it from?

  28. Araceli Dure

    Araceli Dure11 maanden geleden

    Amo esta pareja hacen un gran equipo!!

  29. TV met Dee

    TV met Dee11 maanden geleden

    Wie abonneert zich op mijn kanaal? Ik abonneer terug!

  30. Priyanka Bordoloi

    Priyanka Bordoloi11 maanden geleden

    Love you guys

  31. Chelsea Nicole

    Chelsea NicoleJaar geleden

    Does anyone know if she gets botox? I'm not asking this in an offensive way. I'm the same age as her and i feel like my eye wrinkles when I smile are so dramatic and Romee is really expressive with her face like me, so I'm wondering if thats a skin integrity thing or if botox might be a good option for me

  32. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  33. Navya sayal

    Navya sayalJaar geleden

    There so cute together

  34. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  35. Narc Abuse Victim Germany

    Narc Abuse Victim GermanyJaar geleden

    Her voice is annoying,better not to let her speak

  36. Bannana Split

    Bannana SplitJaar geleden

    imagine travelling with a partner I don't HAVE A PARTNER

  37. Roma Apatenko

    Roma ApatenkoJaar geleden

    Very elegant 🚗 Maserati 👌🏼

  38. S T

    S TJaar geleden

    I love how much you love food ❤ 💕 you've got your priorities straight 👌 😁

  39. Roma Apatenko

    Roma ApatenkoJaar geleden

    Very elegant 🚗

  40. Roma Apatenko

    Roma ApatenkoJaar geleden

    Very elegant 🚗Maserati 👌🏼

  41. Chloe Amling

    Chloe AmlingJaar geleden

    Please show ur workout :)

  42. Sienna F

    Sienna FJaar geleden

    i want to be like romee someday so bad ;-;

  43. Ana Miladze

    Ana MiladzeJaar geleden

    i love the way stylists let models chose what they want to wear and don't just ,,use'' them as mannequins.

  44. Sana Jain

    Sana JainJaar geleden

    when is ur new video coming , i miss u😞😞😞

  45. roisin

    roisinJaar geleden

    Laurence seems like such an amazing boyfriend, so supportive

  46. Rose

    RoseJaar geleden

    Laurens in the bathroom is always a mood

  47. Lisa Danley

    Lisa DanleyJaar geleden

    Good chicken

  48. Lisa Danley

    Lisa DanleyJaar geleden

    Beautiful jackets and boots

  49. Lisa Danley

    Lisa DanleyJaar geleden

    Shirt very colorful

  50. Lisa Danley

    Lisa DanleyJaar geleden

    Blue outfit

  51. Lisa Danley

    Lisa DanleyJaar geleden

    Very hot colors tops

  52. Lisa Danley

    Lisa DanleyJaar geleden

    I like both tops

  53. Serena

    SerenaJaar geleden

    Maria antonieta hahaa lovet

  54. Tim Simms

    Tim SimmsJaar geleden

    'Healthy' is so overrated

  55. Oliwia Jac

    Oliwia JacJaar geleden

    Love u the most!!!!!❤️❤️

  56. Alyssa Cerda

    Alyssa CerdaJaar geleden

    Does any one else think she looks like Astrid S?

  57. Rumbi M

    Rumbi MJaar geleden

    Laurens is so adorable

  58. Karina Mendez

    Karina MendezJaar geleden

    i Want to look just like you.. everything about you is GOALS

  59. LoLoL KKK

    LoLoL KKKJaar geleden

    Romee remind me Angelina Jolies children 😳💓 Maybe when Angelinas Daughters gonna grow up they gonna look a like Romee ....

  60. i'm Jhonata

    i'm JhonataJaar geleden


  61. Виктория Печерская

    Виктория ПечерскаяJaar geleden

    Every time I watch your videos I am smiling🤗 Thank you very much! You are my motivation💕

  62. Ali Dallas

    Ali DallasJaar geleden

    Laurens is hilarious

  63. Sigit Adi Nugroho

    Sigit Adi NugrohoJaar geleden

    How cute are you Romee & Laurens 😂🤣❤️ my mood youtube channel

  64. Gregorio Freitas Barcelos

    Gregorio Freitas BarcelosJaar geleden

    Like to see filmed a little bit during Fahion Week in Milan!!.🌹❤️🍷

  65. Rachel Keena

    Rachel KeenaJaar geleden

    If Laurens is still having issues with his stomach I have a doctor who is absolutely amazing and hooks your body up to wire and tests everything thats going on in your body and then make homeopathic drops to help. She has help lots of people I know who had seen many doctors that could not find the problem. She helped a friend of mine who had many surgeries in his jaw and they could not find the problem and he was in alot of pain. When she did tests on him she found out that he had been bit by an ant and his body stored the venom in his jaw. LMK. Love your channel Romee.

  66. Linhan Xu

    Linhan XuJaar geleden

    Ahhh, so cute together.

  67. Muster Muster

    Muster MusterJaar geleden

    Am I the only one who thinks that her boyfriend should be modeling too?

  68. Amanda Chan

    Amanda Chan6 maanden geleden

    Husband dear..husband.. I think. 😅

  69. Jara Leurs

    Jara Leurs7 maanden geleden

    @Julia Sztuczkowska I think he actually might be too tall...

  70. Priyanka Bordoloi

    Priyanka Bordoloi11 maanden geleden

    Its better in this way.. I think he should have his own channel

  71. rowan de esch

    rowan de esch11 maanden geleden

    Seriously, everyone should do f*ucking modelling.

  72. rowan de esch

    rowan de esch11 maanden geleden


  73. Natalia Stornello

    Natalia StornelloJaar geleden

    The good old days when we were able to travel😂

  74. Kinsley Reliford

    Kinsley RelifordJaar geleden

    Who else thinks she should walk more show??? I do!!! Love you romme!! 💝💝💝💝

  75. Kinsley Reliford

    Kinsley RelifordJaar geleden

    Who else loves when Romme goes I don’t think so your not that romantic 😂😂

  76. Mohammad Hussein

    Mohammad HusseinJaar geleden


  77. Kelly

    KellyJaar geleden

    Great video! Would really love to see a video on your exercise outfits :)

  78. Susan Cooney

    Susan CooneyJaar geleden

    Walk the shows that's what mods do

  79. Andrea Ozuna

    Andrea OzunaJaar geleden

    “Because I love you” 😂😂

  80. new trending venkat

    new trending venkatJaar geleden


  81. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrJaar geleden

    LAUREN IN THE BATHTUB!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrJaar geleden


  83. Kamilla G

    Kamilla GJaar geleden

    Absolutely love the blue coat!!! Does anybody know were its from??

  84. Blue Raine

    Blue RaineJaar geleden

    The wigs were great omg

  85. Salim Biyawar

    Salim BiyawarJaar geleden


  86. Salim Biyawar

    Salim BiyawarJaar geleden


  87. Rania RB

    Rania RBJaar geleden

    She really inspires me.

  88. into the mystic

    into the mysticJaar geleden

    I'm tired just watching your life.

  89. Shanae Angel

    Shanae AngelJaar geleden

    Romee, Soy contains Phyto Estrogen and meat contains Estrogen (the same as your body creates) It is more harmful to eat meats for the hormones the animal themselves make because it can cause hormonal imbalance. Phyto Estrogens actually regulate your hormones and are completely healthy..veggies are also full of Phyto Estrogens.

  90. julia gordan

    julia gordanJaar geleden

    soy is great for you! it has a pretty hefty amount of estrogen, but its super high in protein and fiber! love your channel so much, big inspo :)

  91. patti xiu

    patti xiuJaar geleden

    u r so goegeous babe, and with eyeglass so cute ah.

  92. patti xiu

    patti xiuJaar geleden

    romee i want to see u appear in the chanel show. i support u forever. wanna see u appear in many shows. 加油!⛽️go for it 😍

  93. patti xiu

    patti xiuJaar geleden

    laurens he is so cute hhh , how a man can have the purest smile on the face ? i love u romee and laurens .so happy for u guys. many love love ❤️

  94. patti xiu

    patti xiuJaar geleden

    i love laurens, he is really a cute pure guy.

  95. Marr Burger

    Marr BurgerJaar geleden

    I'm glad you try to eat less meat, that's a good sign to your followers! I hope you realize that avocado has a big impact on the environment as well, with all the water they need and the cold temperature they are kept in to be perfect when they arrive in the supermarket. No one is perfect, but you are a role model for a lot of people, hope you will increase eating avocados as well!

  96. Marr Burger

    Marr BurgerJaar geleden

    10:43 ahahah

  97. Marr Burger

    Marr BurgerJaar geleden

    9:37 'so guys, we went to the burger king'

  98. Marr Burger

    Marr BurgerJaar geleden

    4:37 'we haven't been here for such a long time' - most of the people don't ever come there ;)

  99. Rakel's Aligned Life

    Rakel's Aligned LifeJaar geleden

    I loved this vlog! You literally glow so much, so beautiful 😍

  100. CVBC Research

    CVBC ResearchJaar geleden

    It is effectively not so easy.

  101. Dreamworth Solutions

    Dreamworth SolutionsJaar geleden Great video 👌

  102. Zlatan Cr7

    Zlatan Cr7Jaar geleden

    Kan je al nederlands?:D

  103. Martina Russo

    Martina RussoJaar geleden

    hello as always beautiful video, moschino is one of my favorite fashion brands. my last purchase was this fabulous bag

  104. Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

    Shadman abdulkalam KalamJaar geleden

    Such a nice video good to watching

  105. Cecilia

    CeciliaJaar geleden

    Laurens: "guys guys guys. I think maybe the other one ah?" omg XD

  106. Roberta Bobbie

    Roberta BobbieJaar geleden

    Italians are warm and lovely people