Meet & Greet in Amsterdam | Last video of the year(!)

Hi guys, we travelled back to Amsterdam for a MEET & GREET in Amsterdam. I loved meeting some of you in person and will try to do that more in 2020! This will be my last video for this year, looking forward to the next! Wish you all the best for 2020! XX


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  1. tekla kurdovanidze

    tekla kurdovanidze24 dagen geleden

    Laurens is unbelievable handsome idk

  2. Androbolan albornoz

    Androbolan albornoz3 maanden geleden

    Que bonita pareja formáis, se percibe equilibrio, buena energía, os complementais de maravilla

  3. RobertIngersoll

    RobertIngersoll4 maanden geleden

    who is the girl in red?

  4. Berna Yıldırım

    Berna Yıldırım5 maanden geleden

    You are face very big 😂

  5. Va Ambond

    Va Ambond6 maanden geleden

    You are together for a years and Lauren still look at you like you're the only one goddess on the world🙏🏻💜

  6. Morganita

    Morganita8 maanden geleden

    What trolls would dare to thumbs down on such an adorable video?

  7. Ariana F

    Ariana F8 maanden geleden

    Where is the black leather jacket from?

  8. Priyanka Rana

    Priyanka Rana10 maanden geleden

    Wow she's famous 😍

  9. Delilah Rose

    Delilah Rose10 maanden geleden ගමනාගමනය දොරවල් ඇරියාද වබ්ස්ලින් හෝර්සා දෙස බැලුවේ ප්‍රහේලිකාවෙන් ඔහු වෙව්ලමින් කීවේහොඳයිරථවාහන පාලනයමම හිතන්නේ අපි ඇතුලට ආවා වගේ

  10. Micah Dinwiddie

    Micah Dinwiddie10 maanden geleden

    I laughed so hard at the beginning when she showed Laurens with bed head and he said “nay nay nay nay nay” 😂

  11. Lorena Oliver

    Lorena Oliver11 maanden geleden පෙට්‍රල්කෙනත්ට තේරුණේ නැහැ

  12. Andrea Cva

    Andrea CvaJaar geleden

    I loved how Laurens blinked 2:39

  13. Alejandra Mancera

    Alejandra ManceraJaar geleden

    I don´t know if it´s just me but sometimes Romee reminds me Angelina Jolie

  14. Leticia Milan

    Leticia MilanJaar geleden

    COME BACK VS FASHION SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nicole Baldassari

    Nicole BaldassariJaar geleden

    I cried after this 😢😢 but now I’m happy for you 🤗

  16. oliver mosad

    oliver mosadJaar geleden

    8:22 totally exhausted but she keep

  17. Sweet Kristin Aquino-Gibela

    Sweet Kristin Aquino-GibelaJaar geleden

    I love how Romee wears so comfy clothes but still looks so gorgeous!❤️😍😍

  18. 613 bst

    613 bstJaar geleden

    The way Laurens was watching her during that festival in🥺

  19. Karim Arancibia

    Karim ArancibiaJaar geleden

    Ahh Laurens is so nice

  20. Karim Arancibia

    Karim ArancibiaJaar geleden

    I like to watch your videos, I like to eat healthy and you are my role model. I love your naturalness and friendliness.

  21. Ms. T

    Ms. TJaar geleden

    Your skin always looks very radiant and glowy, what cosmetics and makeup do you use to make it look like this? I like so much your channel! xx

  22. Leonie Madeleine

    Leonie MadeleineJaar geleden

    this is a rellly though life actually.

  23. MrAlexLowen

    MrAlexLowenJaar geleden

    So now we know Laurence wears Chanel Allure Homme Sport (recognized it from the bottle 😊)

  24. its_ Cait

    its_ CaitJaar geleden

    Hello sory dat me Engels niet zo g ooi af is dus ik zeg het in het Nederlands, hoe aud was je toen je met model zijn begon??

  25. Kathryn Edwards

    Kathryn EdwardsJaar geleden

    Who makes the beige teddy sweatshirt that you wore to the airport for the long flight? I need that for travel too!

  26. Natalia Stornello

    Natalia StornelloJaar geleden

    Romee’s avocado toast always looks so good!

  27. Laureta Ta

    Laureta TaJaar geleden


  28. Claudia Zavala

    Claudia ZavalaJaar geleden

    Lol you guys are so adorable!

  29. Raptorius _01

    Raptorius _01Jaar geleden

    awww he's patientey waiting and smiling in the back 1:45

  30. Elizabeth Seiden

    Elizabeth SeidenJaar geleden

    I think most Dutch people look like Barbie dolls.

  31. Elizabeth Seiden

    Elizabeth SeidenJaar geleden

    The clothes and shoes are made better in Amsterdam. I love Amsterdam! The weed is fabulous!

  32. Linda

    Linda3 maanden geleden

    Ehhhm we have more that that, your comment turned ' 'tacky.' 👋😉🇳🇱

  33. Elizabeth Seiden

    Elizabeth SeidenJaar geleden

    Hi guys! Amazing video! Do you prefer shopping for clothes in Holland or New York? Do you like to travel to South Korea? Have you ever had Korean bbq?😎🍔🍕🥞🥨🍰🥓🥪🍿🍦🍟🌭🔥🔥🔥

  34. Jess Ica

    Jess IcaJaar geleden

    She is so precius!

  35. Sarah Penrodd

    Sarah PenroddJaar geleden

    what jade roller and eye masks are you using

  36. Nicole Argent

    Nicole ArgentJaar geleden

    Yes! Where is the celery juice for a month video?

  37. Ellisya Johari

    Ellisya JohariJaar geleden

    i would love to see more romee video on free day where they just chilling around 😙💕 she's so work hard

  38. Yujia

    YujiaJaar geleden

    laurens is a god HAHAHAH the funniest man on the planet

  39. Ali Kovacs

    Ali KovacsJaar geleden

    Romee babe question are you a model because you are stunningly beautiful

  40. Ali Kovacs

    Ali KovacsJaar geleden

    Oh by the way I'm from newark uk

  41. Ali Kovacs

    Ali KovacsJaar geleden

    Romee babe you look so beautiful red lips suit you and your beautiful hair that black jumpsuit suits you too

  42. caroline098

    caroline098Jaar geleden

    Laurens is so funny 🤣

  43. N. Vision

    N. VisionJaar geleden

    she deserves everything she has achieved because she’s so hardworking. If that was my lifestyle im gonna have 6 major breakdowns a week. Can’t imagine how exhausting it would be

  44. RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)

    RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)Jaar geleden

    I like women from Holland. I live in orange county. Beautiful women here but not sweet like Romee. She is a doll.

  45. alex stey

    alex steyJaar geleden

    Hi Romee!! Please tell us your experience about celery juice, please 🙏 your experience and laurens' 🙌

  46. unacucciola

    unacucciolaJaar geleden

    Glamorous xx

  47. Isabella Rose

    Isabella RoseJaar geleden

    Watching while drinking matcha 🍵 in your honor lol

  48. emyli abad

    emyli abadJaar geleden

    miss you guys

  49. Magno García

    Magno GarcíaJaar geleden


  50. Rakel's Aligned Life

    Rakel's Aligned LifeJaar geleden

    that revolve party looked so lit wow life goals

  51. Patri San José Poveda

    Patri San José PovedaJaar geleden

    Lau is so cute🥰

  52. Sylwia

    SylwiaJaar geleden

    Do you recommend a jade roller? And what about the results? I'm so jealous that your skin is always perfect 😍 Greetings from Poland 😘

  53. kaylalolzz

    kaylalolzzJaar geleden

    They should make a couple NLpush channel. Or laurens make his own channel

  54. Alicia Lee

    Alicia LeeJaar geleden

    Happy 2020 to you Romee! I'm your fan too Hehe!

  55. HardSystem

    HardSystemJaar geleden

    minute: 2:38 hahiahiahiahi :D this guy is fun hahahahahaha the girl is asking questions he does not give a shit

  56. Red Lips

    Red LipsJaar geleden

    How is it possible that there is a man that soooooooo sweeeeeeeetttt and support you all the time with his life ?????!!!!

  57. Shriyadita Roy

    Shriyadita RoyJaar geleden

    I want more Laurens in her videos!!!

  58. Alina Q

    Alina QJaar geleden

    Its soo much better without cameramen❤️❤️❤️

  59. Dea Hoxha ッ

    Dea Hoxha ッJaar geleden

    Awh, loved this one :)) you guys sooo cute!!💗

  60. Floriene Laszlo

    Floriene LaszloJaar geleden

    Respect!!! Zulke dagen zoals deze zullen niet makkelijk zijn voor je. Zit met bewondering te kijken hoe je dit allemaal doet! Echt bijzonder. XX

  61. Shivani Gogar

    Shivani GogarJaar geleden


  62. Steph Via

    Steph ViaJaar geleden

    am i the only one patiently waiting for romee to make another video? LOL i love her content!!!🥰

  63. Amira H.

    Amira H.Jaar geleden

    Absolutely loving the new intro!

  64. Alex Hemmer Music

    Alex Hemmer MusicJaar geleden

    SO SAD I MISSED THIS! I was in Amsterdam for Christmas & New Years

  65. Gita Sofía

    Gita SofíaJaar geleden

    Romee what do you think about the reasons the VS show was cancelled?

  66. Julia Alyza

    Julia AlyzaJaar geleden

    What brand luggage’s do y’all use for traveling?

  67. Marina Berger

    Marina BergerJaar geleden

    Which kind of "sculpting facial" did you do? The results in the before and after pictures are amazing !!! I admire you and your work, you and Laurens are the best !! 😘

  68. Red Rose

    Red RoseJaar geleden


  69. Ballet Pink

    Ballet PinkJaar geleden

    Romee, you're my inspiration! 😙

  70. Μυρτω Χενακη

    Μυρτω ΧενακηJaar geleden

    U guys are the cutest couple🥰

  71. Gabrielle D’Agosta

    Gabrielle D’AgostaJaar geleden

    Omg I NEED to know where she got that sculpting facial. I will literally drive out to LA to get it

  72. Alison Marie

    Alison MarieJaar geleden

    new youtuber here! making videos on college life in chicago, baking, working out, etc! please subscribe :)

  73. Anna Maria Keisha Isabella

    Anna Maria Keisha IsabellaJaar geleden

    those delicious foods

  74. Serena

    SerenaJaar geleden

    Does anybody know the song starting at 13:04?

  75. katy Doe

    katy DoeJaar geleden

    You have the best couch in your apartment.

  76. Kelly Willems

    Kelly WillemsJaar geleden

    Super respect dat je na zo’n lange vlucht doorgaat na het event en er nog steeds top uitziet en zorgt dat je doorgaat ondanks de vermoeidheid

  77. Princess Julikova

    Princess JulikovaJaar geleden

    is Laurance pisces ?

  78. Evelien Joos

    Evelien JoosJaar geleden

    Je haar is echt leuk zo lang Romee!!

  79. Arianna

    AriannaJaar geleden

    Her smile is to die for, just gorgeous😍

  80. Emmanuelle Roslyj

    Emmanuelle RoslyjJaar geleden

    Very cool video as always 🤗

  81. Latif Astarsaky

    Latif AstarsakyJaar geleden

    کرسییمس مبارک

  82. watermelonsuga

    watermelonsugaJaar geleden

    I want a meet and greet! Come to Chicago, love you Romee

  83. blackcherry3ful

    blackcherry3fulJaar geleden

    Love you two and your vlogs 💛

  84. Anu SuryaDevara

    Anu SuryaDevaraJaar geleden

    See ya like next year

  85. Jan Cornet

    Jan CornetJaar geleden

    Hello carbon footprint

  86. Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    Valeria Del Rio-RodriguezJaar geleden

    Love how he looks at her ❤ 3:00 he looks at the camera w.a straight face but smiles when he sees her 😭

  87. Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    Valeria Del Rio-RodriguezJaar geleden

    Laurence: "can i go on this side, its my good side" *gets serious* 😐 2:09

  88. Svenja Polo

    Svenja PoloJaar geleden

    You brighten up my day with your vlogs! ♥️ Anyone have any recommendations on where to stay in Amsterdam? Air Bnb or hotel? Thanks!!! So excited to go there

  89. Elena Marie

    Elena MarieJaar geleden

    She’s soooo tall 😮

  90. Veronica A.

    Veronica A.Jaar geleden

    Omg i love the makeup look they did on you for the revolve awards!! Could you make a video where you recreate it?

  91. Milena Guchmazashvili

    Milena GuchmazashviliJaar geleden


  92. Jodi Ann Lovett

    Jodi Ann LovettJaar geleden

    Celery juice was introduced by Anthony William { Medical Medium } many years ago. With a good juicer , I only have it on the day or 1 day after. I would never have celery juice in a bottle because you don't know how old it is. If you are doing it for health improvement, you need it fresh. It's not a quick fix or trendy. Make a commitment and keep going until after, could be as long as 18 months, you feel the shift

  93. Idzell Blanc

    Idzell BlancJaar geleden

    I loved Laurens 2:06 so me 😂 11:24 Laurens so proud of you with his happy face. A lovely Vlog! 💕🥂

  94. Tee Ramirez

    Tee RamirezJaar geleden

    Munchies, much?!😂😂😂

  95. Tee Ramirez

    Tee RamirezJaar geleden

    Love those shades!

  96. Tee Ramirez

    Tee RamirezJaar geleden

    Awww the baby is so beautiful! 😢🤗

  97. Tee Ramirez

    Tee RamirezJaar geleden

    Hi Romee you are such a good friend! ! Hey girl hey!!👋👋

  98. uma wolberg

    uma wolbergJaar geleden

    Love your videos!

  99. uma wolberg

    uma wolbergJaar geleden

    Loveee youuuuu😻😻😻😻

  100. Софья Петрова

    Софья ПетроваJaar geleden

    Romee, make a video "what's in my bag"! Like comment if you want this video too)

  101. Akiho Otomura

    Akiho OtomuraJaar geleden

    Wow, how beautiful u are!!!