I don't know what to do.. | Romee Strijd (vlog 67)

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  1. daffy duck

    daffy duck2 dagen geleden

    i feel like their kid would model if she rlly wanted to

  2. JLN

    JLN4 dagen geleden

    You will always be an angel

  3. Baran Topcu

    Baran Topcu10 dagen geleden

    İ Love you baby

  4. dane peñafiel

    dane peñafiel19 dagen geleden

    Porque te inyecctaste los labios,que error mas grande,se te vehian tan lindos antes

  5. Edward Yeung

    Edward Yeung22 dagen geleden


  6. Nicole Helga Hellige

    Nicole Helga Hellige24 dagen geleden

    🙏❤Thank you so much for your videos dear Romee. I am pregnant and I had so many sorrows, but watching you and your baby take away completely my fear. Thank you.🙏❤🌸❤🌸🌻🌷🌞

  7. Va Ambond

    Va Ambond25 dagen geleden

    What is your vlog camera Romee?🙌🏻❤

  8. Aimee D

    Aimee DMaand geleden

    Gurllll... is that red light bad for your eyes? You might want to wear goggles or close your eyes or something!!

  9. ho ho

    ho hoMaand geleden

    You motivate me to be a mom go gurl

  10. Haddy Janneh

    Haddy JannehMaand geleden

    You guys should do the challenge where y’all spoke in your mother language for a week again

  11. Elle Belle

    Elle BelleMaand geleden

    What boring colors to paint with. Grey is seriously the worst.

  12. Clementina Kozma

    Clementina KozmaMaand geleden

    I just found out that you're from Netherlands, I live here too,but I'm from Romania. You have such a beautiful family. ❤

  13. Svieta Lana

    Svieta LanaMaand geleden

    So sweet😍 Highly suggest going on cdc website and looking up each and every vaccines package insert and reading everything throughly. Especially the possible side effects and ingredients.

  14. Cetin Özden

    Cetin ÖzdenMaand geleden


  15. Nur Azween

    Nur AzweenMaand geleden

    "I feel bad for mint to go through so much school" imagine your mom saying this lol so rare😂

  16. Aotearoa Vegan Whanau...

    Aotearoa Vegan Whanau...2 maanden geleden

    I like that you are heading for a greener future but you might want to substitute those cheeseburgers out as they don't help👍

  17. makaylablackburn13

    makaylablackburn132 maanden geleden

    Wait back up, can we have a short video about that red light mask? I thought you were iron man for a minute!

  18. Tija Mirkova vlogs

    Tija Mirkova vlogs2 maanden geleden

    I 1 Of your bigest fans

  19. Night Song

    Night Song2 maanden geleden

    Baby height after 16:178

  20. Cavitenia Epstein

    Cavitenia Epstein2 maanden geleden

    Wrinkles?? You're only 25 lol

  21. Авштолис Юлия

    Авштолис Юлия2 maanden geleden


  22. sakura

    sakura2 maanden geleden

    i just love your vlogs soo much



    Quien dijo que a latinoamerica no le gusta seguir a Una modelo tan hermosa y natural como romme? I LOVE ROMME 👑💖🇲🇽

  24. Tee Ramirez

    Tee Ramirez2 maanden geleden

    Romee is the real deal! Like if you agree.

  25. Tee Ramirez

    Tee Ramirez2 maanden geleden

    I was shook watching this Victoria secret supermodel eating a cheese burger 🤯😱 😂 motherhood changes everything! ❤️

  26. jessica rogers

    jessica rogers2 maanden geleden

    Five guys is better than in and out and shake shack

  27. prisilarinya

    prisilarinya2 maanden geleden

    Mint make my baby fever high :)

  28. Eva klum

    Eva klum2 maanden geleden


  29. Cheryl Smith

    Cheryl Smith2 maanden geleden

    She has a picture of herself on the wall. LOL! Narcissist.

  30. Paula López Tomás

    Paula López Tomás2 maanden geleden

    It’s crazy to think that they’ve been together since they were 15

  31. Anoushka Pendharkar

    Anoushka Pendharkar2 maanden geleden

    i love laurens so much . he is like so helping and loving . an ideal partner and father.

  32. Jessica King-Staino

    Jessica King-Staino2 maanden geleden

    🌈🦄🦩 Thanks for posting happy-go-lucky vlogs🐩🦅🥳

  33. Erika

    Erika2 maanden geleden

    You are a beautiful family. The little princess is so cute. Erika from Slovakia. 🤗😘👪💕💖💕💖

  34. Lydia G

    Lydia G2 maanden geleden

    What is the red light sleep mask? That’s so interesting

  35. Elizabeth Turner

    Elizabeth Turner2 maanden geleden

    that is a skincare routime vs models do

  36. Katie Maggioli

    Katie Maggioli2 maanden geleden

    I love that u enjoying ur self with food and treat ur self as well u eat healthy all the time so is ok 😋

  37. rose

    rose2 maanden geleden

    I tried to enter the giveaway and The email verification isn’t going through or maybe it’s just taking some time to send lml

  38. Clara Sch.

    Clara Sch.2 maanden geleden

    I wonder, would you mind making a video about talking how your body has changend after birth? Because I read that the body changes and it is not always nice. But honestly I have the feeling nobody in society talks about it and I guess many women who think about getting pregnant would want to know some things.

  39. Vija Vija

    Vija Vija2 maanden geleden

    I loved being in school,friends and million of extra curriculum activities:)

  40. Brianna Torres

    Brianna Torres2 maanden geleden


  41. Bailey Ruggeri

    Bailey Ruggeri2 maanden geleden

    I’m sorry but I could not take you serious when you came on screen looking like Iron Man 🤣

  42. Beverly Mckenzie

    Beverly Mckenzie2 maanden geleden

    Love the video😍😍

  43. Jessica FB

    Jessica FB2 maanden geleden

    Donated! Happy Mother’s Day 🤗🎉

  44. june haziran july temmuz

    june haziran july temmuz2 maanden geleden

    We want english subtitles!

  45. Whitney Estrella

    Whitney Estrella2 maanden geleden

    Romee to do an asmr 😆!!

  46. luqman ahmed

    luqman ahmed2 maanden geleden

    My brother love you

  47. Cathy Newton

    Cathy Newton2 maanden geleden

    You made the right decision going to Ibiza by yourself. With your job, this will happen often, she'll be fine. My dad was a truck driver. Would mostly see him on weekends. I was so used to it, it wasn't a big deal having him gone. I turned out fine 😉 Kids adapt faster than you think

  48. Ana Miranda

    Ana Miranda2 maanden geleden

    Please do more youtube videos their fun to watch thank you

  49. Deneice Scales

    Deneice Scales2 maanden geleden

    Your first Mothers day ❤️ 🤗 blessings

  50. Eva

    Eva2 maanden geleden


  51. sylvie vellemans

    sylvie vellemans2 maanden geleden

    Where did she but the red light mask? Sb knows?

  52. Ana Duarte

    Ana Duarte2 maanden geleden

    Romee you should do a make up tutorial showing us your favorite products and a make up for everyday.

  53. Gabe Espinosa, Esq.

    Gabe Espinosa, Esq.3 maanden geleden

    Can you link the red light mask? Love your energy!

  54. Heidi Scott

    Heidi Scott3 maanden geleden

    Looks like a super smart little girl

  55. Shannon Ewing

    Shannon Ewing3 maanden geleden

    Five Guys best fries ever!!! good choice on treat meals

  56. Ellery Butler

    Ellery Butler3 maanden geleden

    Your baby is gonna be so fricken gorgeous 🔥

  57. Z P

    Z P3 maanden geleden

    I was bullied more by teachers in school than by kids.. so yah

  58. Esmé Pathare

    Esmé Pathare3 maanden geleden

    I thought the pump was a sick grove you had playing in the background

  59. ✿Britney✿

    ✿Britney✿3 maanden geleden

    Her voice is so cute ☺️

  60. Charlene Yu

    Charlene Yu3 maanden geleden

    does the raffle for the tesla/$20,000 allow for US entries?

  61. Kinga Agata

    Kinga Agata3 maanden geleden

    Enjoy your family, don't think about some sick teachers, about crime and avocados.. Take care and eat healthy and care ab your closest one. I believe that one day I will be as happy as you. Its only.. time. I still love NL and all beautiful people outside and inside. Time in 67 was for me in some way terrible because it wasn't about me and my future what i can see clearly now. Some people are in life alone for real, i always was and I am and probably i will be but its so unusual that nobody never believed into it. Any car or any money can't replace happiness which you feel when you are truly loved but I think that you know about it. I will think about you warm and about all real angels. Romee women should always stick together- always remember that.

  62. Araceli Dure

    Araceli Dure3 maanden geleden

    Love uuuu... U R the best!

  63. Grunge Girl

    Grunge Girl3 maanden geleden

    I love your content! You are beautiful, down to earth and very intelligent. I wish you and your family love, health and lots of happiness! I would love to see video of what its like to live in the Netherlands! It looks so different and very beautiful!

  64. 파니PANY

    파니PANY3 maanden geleden

    your skin is so beautiful!! sending love from LA 💕💕💕ps. thanks for always motivating me to keep making content!

  65. Anne-Marie de Hoog

    Anne-Marie de Hoog3 maanden geleden

    Wat leuk, Bagels van Bagels&Beans, Alfrink College en je wordt bijna mijn achterbuurvrouw :)

  66. Dor23

    Dor233 maanden geleden

    Donated!!! 🥰

  67. Annie L

    Annie L3 maanden geleden

    Make a baby essentials video! 💖

  68. Mandi's Houseplant Channel

    Mandi's Houseplant Channel3 maanden geleden

    *Amazingggg* 💕💕

  69. Sonia Schuler

    Sonia Schuler3 maanden geleden

    Omg five guys is the best it's my fiancé and I's favorite place to get a burger 🍔

  70. MsJHeider

    MsJHeider3 maanden geleden

    Where is this light mask from ? 😍🥰

  71. BB Jonas

    BB Jonas3 maanden geleden

    Does anyone know what color lip liner and lipstick she is wearing in the beginning of the video? Thanks!

  72. Eric Janson

    Eric Janson3 maanden geleden

    You don't know what to do? I'll make it easy for you. Cancel your trip and stay home. Easy!

  73. Sandraa__

    Sandraa__3 maanden geleden

    I just love her videos. XOXO

  74. Bee S.C

    Bee S.C3 maanden geleden

    😘😘😘I love these thank you!!

  75. dilay

    dilay3 maanden geleden

    they said our daughters name is so special at the beggining of romee’s pregnancy AND THEY NAMED THEIR DAUGHTER MINT I CANT THEY RUINED MY DREAMSSSS😂😂😂 but how cute Mint is😩😩😩😩I cant!!!!!😍😍😍❤️🤍

  76. Arrania Winter

    Arrania Winter2 maanden geleden


  77. Yue Qu

    Yue Qu3 maanden geleden

    Hi~~~What’s that facial tool’s brand?

  78. Yue Qu

    Yue Qu3 maanden geleden

    Kinda like iron man Mask

  79. B Blue

    B Blue3 maanden geleden

    being that beatiful should be illegal!

  80. Kwena Sinkie

    Kwena Sinkie3 maanden geleden

    Still going strong love this fam😍😍

  81. Aslı Demir

    Aslı Demir3 maanden geleden

    Laurence could be lord beilish in GoT

  82. Giovanna Cavo

    Giovanna Cavo3 maanden geleden

    Mint will be fine with Laurence. It's only 2 nights❤

  83. Giovanna Cavo

    Giovanna Cavo3 maanden geleden

    Hi Romee, could you please add the link for that red light mask, thx😃

  84. Leticia Milan

    Leticia Milan3 maanden geleden

    🤣 red light mask 😳

  85. Ada Zhang

    Ada Zhang3 maanden geleden

    mint is so cute

  86. Late Bloomer

    Late Bloomer3 maanden geleden

    You guys are adorable!

  87. Artes Pintura Ana Estrela

    Artes Pintura Ana Estrela3 maanden geleden


  88. Emma Byrne

    Emma Byrne3 maanden geleden

    "Well good luck w that my little baby girl sweetie cutie... *makes confused face*" Hahahahahaha love it

  89. Akemiko

    Akemiko3 maanden geleden

    I don't want to stop saying this but thanks for keeping it real as model. You and Gigi keep it real and don't edit yourselves like EVERY other model and I appreciate it. @5:26 golden advice hahaha

  90. elfenhüpfer 11

    elfenhüpfer 113 maanden geleden

    Imagine waking up your kids with Romees Redlight Mask! So good!

  91. Krishit Anonymous

    Krishit Anonymous3 maanden geleden

    Mint has such a prominent eye color she got it from Laurence

  92. Lyrical

    Lyrical3 maanden geleden

    Can u update us with your new workout routine?? Please. Also, the baby is really really cute

  93. Mocha Choca Latte YaYa

    Mocha Choca Latte YaYa3 maanden geleden

    how many of that color are you seeing lol

  94. Molly Madaris

    Molly Madaris3 maanden geleden

    Do you still work for Victoria’s secret

  95. Molly Madaris

    Molly Madaris3 maanden geleden

    What state do you guys live in

  96. Arushi Vig

    Arushi Vig3 maanden geleden

    God she looks like a barbie 😍so gorgeous 😍

  97. Suzanne Urban

    Suzanne Urban3 maanden geleden

    I love Laurence's candor. You are too funny with that mask Romee, and baby is absolutely adorable. I like your vlog because it's so unpretentious even though you navigate in an industry that can be superficial at times.

  98. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel3 maanden geleden


  99. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel3 maanden geleden


  100. Kayla Dib

    Kayla Dib3 maanden geleden

    Is the competition for anyone one to enter out side Europe??

  101. keinaz bahramsari

    keinaz bahramsari3 maanden geleden

    i loveeee youuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooooo muchhhh

  102. Emily Ribnicky

    Emily Ribnicky3 maanden geleden

    Coming from a mama of three kiddos, even though it’s more work to pack and bring her along, you might enjoy your work more knowing she’s close by. So often we mamas try to talk ourselves into trying to be separated and it will be fine, and truthfully it will be- she would be fine. But if you don’t have to be separated, it’s absolutely okay and normal to want her with you. And you might enjoy your job more when you’re comfortable and not worried the whole time 😉 Just something to consider. 👍

  103. Helena Bowles

    Helena Bowles3 maanden geleden

    Romee your such a good mom!! I love watching you three!