Behind the scenes at a Victoria's Secret photoshoot // VLOG 54

Hi guys, I filmed at my photoshoot with Victoria's Secret the other week. Currently, I am in The Netherlands staying at home due to the corona virus outbreak. Please stay safe everyone! X


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  1. Nick Broek

    Nick Broek22 dagen geleden

    Im replaying the video, for 3 hours. Cant keep me eyes off you. Theres no way explaining..... How high i am.. your beautifull beyond sense, i wanna build you a pydamid,i wish i knew you..

  2. Ronja Aigner

    Ronja Aigner23 dagen geleden

    How can people hate her?

  3. del rey

    del rey2 maanden geleden

    she looks like a daughter of angelina jolie and brad pitt😂

  4. Maria willams

    Maria willams2 maanden geleden


  5. Janette B

    Janette B2 maanden geleden

    You look like Angelina Jolie and Gigi Hadid had a baby :)

  6. Feona Lee Jones

    Feona Lee Jones2 maanden geleden

    I wish more VS models did documenting as well as you!!


    WARofSOULS3 maanden geleden

    Thats a nice day to have🌈

  8. Ana Veljkovic

    Ana Veljkovic3 maanden geleden

    I will be Victoria Secret model

  9. Rosi Zuñiga

    Rosi Zuñiga3 maanden geleden

    ya estaba embarazada!

  10. Lina Soto

    Lina Soto4 maanden geleden

    I would love to meet you , ur energy is so cute ❤️

  11. Kristian Deemer

    Kristian Deemer4 maanden geleden

    i want do be a model at victoria secret.

  12. zahra zahra

    zahra zahra4 maanden geleden

    Ilove you😘😍♥️🔥

  13. Emmanuel Lasat

    Emmanuel Lasat4 maanden geleden

    Willing greag in show NLpush van modelling show in NLpushchanel in yourself clouthing

  14. Love Youtube

    Love Youtube4 maanden geleden

    You just awesome and lovely person

  15. Meredith Boswell

    Meredith Boswell5 maanden geleden

    Am doing the fasting and you really loose the weight

  16. Snow G

    Snow G6 maanden geleden

    Romee is so sweet n kind. Shes never catty or rude to anyone, I love her beautiful energy she truly deserves the best life.

  17. Kaithlyn Lisbey

    Kaithlyn Lisbey6 maanden geleden

    The rambunctious work bodily trust because underwear intriguingly flow till a acceptable tire. abashed, husky server

  18. Wenna Bee

    Wenna Bee6 maanden geleden

    She looks like Angelina Jolie

  19. Debopriya Das Lifestyle Blogger

    Debopriya Das Lifestyle Blogger6 maanden geleden

    Intermittent fasting came from Vedas.. We do this fasting for religious purpose. I lost 5 kgs doing that.. But you are not supposed to do it everyday.. May be once or twice a week

  20. Gregorio Freitas Barcelos

    Gregorio Freitas Barcelos7 maanden geleden

    Love much see you at photoshoot, Victorias Secret. Kisse.

  21. Charlotte Rose

    Charlotte Rose7 maanden geleden

    Romee: Eats lunch then puts on delicate skimpy Lingerie Me: Thinks about eating lunch and looks five months preggo.

  22. human being

    human being7 maanden geleden

    Beautiful inside and out....

  23. Daniella Inzlihin

    Daniella Inzlihin7 maanden geleden

    She looks like Gigi hadid omg

  24. Tears of a waterfall

    Tears of a waterfall7 maanden geleden

    Is it just me or when it cut to Romee at 6.30 or so she looked like she’d been crying 😫 I hope not, Romee you’re amazing

  25. Shivam Gupta

    Shivam Gupta7 maanden geleden

    Hey. Just saying, it doesn't matter. Let's roleplay girlfriend boyfriend

  26. Nobalee V

    Nobalee V8 maanden geleden

    when i am older i want to become a model, do you have any suggestions

  27. Tianna Mccoy

    Tianna Mccoy8 maanden geleden

    I want to be a vs angel but I won't be look at her I'm not even close to be pretty as her and her skin is so fine my skin some is dark some is brown because of sun burn and my acne makes me have a lot of spots on my fase so I would never make it I know I'm 14 but I just Dont feel I would be famous as I want to be I just want to be a vs angel that's my career but well its up to god as I beg him I love you romee :D Q_Q

  28. STEVE P

    STEVE P8 maanden geleden

    Romee looks so beautiful.

  29. Lucinda LaRee

    Lucinda LaRee8 maanden geleden

    I appreciate your healthy approach to life and your humble and authentic approach. Thanks for sharing.

  30. azul

    azul8 maanden geleden

    the energy is so pure, she looks so sweet and lovely.

  31. Yemima Hutapea

    Yemima Hutapea9 maanden geleden

    She’s so beautiful! Has she uploaded her skincare routine on her channel?

  32. Bonjour bonjour Nais

    Bonjour bonjour Nais9 maanden geleden

    OMG this video gave me some serious confidence ((: I realized that I’m gorgeous too!!!! I look a lot like romee is what I realized when I took a look in the mirror :)))

  33. Hailey Flanagan

    Hailey Flanagan9 maanden geleden

    I literally get bloated from like 1 grape wow

  34. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw Sobocinski9 maanden geleden

    ROMEE STRYJD beauty sexy Supermodel *

  35. Екатерина Скородумова

    Екатерина Скородумова9 maanden geleden

    What is the plus size girl's name?

  36. Dhammi Sini

    Dhammi Sini9 maanden geleden

    So interesting to see this , thank you Rome . You're the most beautiful girl in the world ! 😍🥰😘

  37. Remi J

    Remi J9 maanden geleden

    9:47 why be this way...

  38. Alina krysinska

    Alina krysinska9 maanden geleden

    Imagine having her skin

  39. Olivia Vaccarello

    Olivia Vaccarello9 maanden geleden

    9:43 the way that girl sized up the other girl ..

  40. Екатерина Скородумова

    Екатерина Скородумова9 maanden geleden

    @Olivia Vaccarello thanks 😊 But I wanted to know the name of the plus size girl🍭

  41. Olivia Vaccarello

    Olivia Vaccarello9 maanden geleden

    @Екатерина Скородумова valentina sampaio

  42. Екатерина Скородумова

    Екатерина Скородумова9 maanden geleden

    What is her name?

  43. Hamid Parck

    Hamid Parck10 maanden geleden

    Je pars à 9h photos aujourd'hui vous êtes belle une belle journée à toi avec toi peux-tu prendre un café je pense à toi je te parle avec vous parce que toi tu es stable quand on aime je vois je m'en excuse bientôt mamie avec française

  44. Demetra Dentes

    Demetra Dentes10 maanden geleden

    I love intermittent fasting!! I just start early in the afternoon so that I can have breakfast 😊

  45. Claudia Casanova

    Claudia Casanova10 maanden geleden

    I love your vloggssss ✨

  46. John Presley

    John Presley10 maanden geleden

    Great job pround of all you girls

  47. Ju ferreira

    Ju ferreira10 maanden geleden

    omggg hung is selena gomez´s make up artist!

  48. Δημητρα Λασκαρη

    Δημητρα Λασκαρη10 maanden geleden

    I so much wanted to see Helena Kristensen😞

  49. Kailee Sandbakken

    Kailee Sandbakken11 maanden geleden

    You are so inspiring and I have had many dreams about you!

  50. Corina Arias

    Corina Arias11 maanden geleden

    Hermosa modelo ¡¡¡¡

  51. Tata Mara

    Tata Mara11 maanden geleden

    So fresh

  52. Baddie Lyon

    Baddie Lyon11 maanden geleden

    Gigi Haidi’s twin

  53. Adriyanti

    Adriyanti11 maanden geleden

    The first thing in my head when she is having photoshoot is like wow it must be fun meet the other girls but she barely having conversation here (dunno during off camera). But here one moment when they took pic together and is just like they are not that close or such... Even she is together with valentina sampaio in there rite? Seems like valentina is not get along well with the other too... 🤔

  54. Jill Patel

    Jill Patel11 maanden geleden

    All of that delicious, healthy food was the best part of the video!

  55. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin11 maanden geleden

    Hinde nyo kailangan tulungan ang economy. Pwedeng pwede mong bentahan ng tae ang mga puti

  56. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin11 maanden geleden

    Ang mga puti malakas mag shopping sa walgreens

  57. K.i.

    K.i.11 maanden geleden

    Does Romee has fillers in her lips?

  58. Shoganai Shikataganai

    Shoganai Shikataganai11 maanden geleden

    I love intermittent fasting and plant based diet, I'm 50

  59. Maheer Ghaffar

    Maheer Ghaffar11 maanden geleden

    I do intermittent fasting two or three times a week and it really helps my weight

  60. Wildaa Wila

    Wildaa Wila11 maanden geleden

    Love ya!❤️❤️❤️

  61. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani11 maanden geleden


  62. Jessica Rikard

    Jessica Rikard11 maanden geleden

    As a person with a long history with eating disorders...I totally agree about just eating when you’re hungry and going with the flow. Intermittent fasting can be a gateway to an overly obsessive mindset around food

  63. Αντωνης Κο

    Αντωνης Κο11 maanden geleden



    HUGO GARCIAJaar geleden

    love u romee

  65. Zina Garcia

    Zina GarciaJaar geleden

    The thing is Romee is so Candice and Candice is so Romee❤️❤️ My pretty baes❤️

  66. Zina Garcia

    Zina GarciaJaar geleden

    So candice swanepoel. You both must be the unknown siblings. That high forehead, perfect cheekbones, full lips, blonde and blue eyes too. Omfl u both are too identical for my eyes to handle!❤️

  67. Sana Jain

    Sana JainJaar geleden

    i’ve been on intermittent fast for three months and i’ve reduced 5 kgs. it’s amazing. i didn’t restrict myself from food , however i did the 16/8 hour thing. it works wonders. u should continue it

  68. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani SabaniJaar geleden


  69. Katie Mittelstaedt

    Katie MittelstaedtJaar geleden

    I would love a closer tour in Amsterdam 💕

  70. Andrés Estrada

    Andrés EstradaJaar geleden

    Really good video :)

  71. Kat

    KatJaar geleden

    I love intermittent fasting. After years of having an eating disorder it helps me take my mind off food during the fasting hours. It helps me lose weight, because I eat less even when not counting calories.

  72. Maxime Nia

    Maxime NiaJaar geleden

    She really have a little Candice angle

  73. Sonnie Trees

    Sonnie TreesJaar geleden

    I wish I could of done that ,and been there on March 15 th.

  74. Sauro flores

    Sauro floresJaar geleden


  75. Ahona Saha

    Ahona SahaJaar geleden

    She looks a lot like Elsa Hosk

  76. Anonim

    AnonimJaar geleden

    I am doing intermitted fasting and very satisfied about it. It helps me to get a flat stomach and gives my stomach rest . And ıt keeps me slim . Since ı have not been working due to covid ı don t find hard to do it . I do not eat breakfast any more which ı loved but ıt is worthed .

  77. Veronika Berlin

    Veronika BerlinJaar geleden

    It’s crazy how much this girl works!

  78. Shamika Perera

    Shamika PereraJaar geleden

    Tell vs to hire srilankan models considering their clothing is made in srilanka. Shame on u VS.

  79. Bri Garwood

    Bri GarwoodJaar geleden

    Hey 👋 it’s fruity pebbles from fortnite

  80. James Green

    James GreenJaar geleden

    What's up with that girl at 9:45 than at 9:47 looking at the thick mama''s booty?

  81. Grace Rebecca

    Grace RebeccaJaar geleden

    R u kidding me she’s 24 yo and I’m here going 23. Excuse me where’s my glow up?

  82. Maddie B.

    Maddie B.Jaar geleden

    anyone here when shes pregoooo

  83. Fantastic Lyrics

    Fantastic LyricsJaar geleden

    Romee you are the besssttt! I want to be like you❤️

  84. Gigi Mendes

    Gigi MendesJaar geleden

    Oh me to

  85. happier smile

    happier smileJaar geleden

    You have such beautiful and plump lips not even a liposuction can do such a lip

  86. Sofi Schreil

    Sofi SchreilJaar geleden

    You are such a good role model!!

  87. lica

    licaJaar geleden

    oh my god so beautiful

  88. Katrina *

    Katrina *Jaar geleden

    She is so sweet I adore her!

  89. Natalia Stornello

    Natalia StornelloJaar geleden

    Wow she’s so pretty!!

  90. Karla Santos

    Karla SantosJaar geleden

    Omh she's 25!! I thought she was older. In a good way

  91. Tatiana Carbonell di Terlizzi

    Tatiana Carbonell di TerlizziJaar geleden

    she is 24 actually, turns 25 in july, she is so mature 😊

  92. meowmeow

    meowmeowJaar geleden

    She is really gorgeous

  93. Natalia Dmitrieva

    Natalia DmitrievaJaar geleden

    Romee, I recently started watching your Vlog and I actually found out about and tried the intermittent fasting, a couple of weeks before that. I started learning a lot about the inter/fast and calorie counting, during this "staying at home" time and found it to be very helpful, since the gyms are now closed ((((... Inter/fast takes a little effort and it's not for everyone. For a person with a busy lifestyle like yours, it's probably better to just eat when you can and want to ))... However, since we're all staying at home right now, it might be a good time to try it. Inter/fast is also good for loosing weight.. you don't seem to need that ))... However, when you are counting calories, make sure that you eat more "healthy" calories (calories from healthy fats). Because, this is the time when it's so easy to get carried away with snacks, at least for me )). Another thing, is that when we stay at home, we don't need to eat our regular amount of calories because we aren't using as much energy. Unless, of course, you find a way to run or exercise, the same way as usual. You said you love breakfast, so with inter/fast, you don't actually have to skip breakfast. You can just have an earlier dinner, or some coffee, water, preferably with lemon, and fruit for breakfast. Fruit breaks the fast a little, but not by much. Also, you mentioned about getting bloated from a flight... It might not be from the flight itself, but from what you eat during the flight. Of course, it's totally understandable that on a long flight, you might want to crunch on some snacks... Even if they are healthy snacks, the stomach needs to rest, for a period of time. That's where the inter/fast might also be a good thing. Hope this helps. Thank you for your vlogs and stay healthy and beautiful !!))


    NCY STOREJaar geleden

    Hey I found your twin sister:

  95. Asoe

    AsoeJaar geleden

    Good luck☺️😊

  96. emmanuel Morel

    emmanuel MorelJaar geleden

    You are beautiful

  97. Arianne Mercado

    Arianne MercadoJaar geleden

    those dislikes are from people who is insecure about themselves


    TRENDING NEWS & GOSSIPJaar geleden

    So beautiful

  99. Eszter Pór

    Eszter PórJaar geleden

    Did u guys notice Barbara Palvin?!😍 It's very insane to see her in this video (I'm from Hungary )I really love ur personality and your videos Romee 🦋❤️

  100. Jermannote Von Loo Lee La Ta poliana Loolita

    Jermannote Von Loo Lee La Ta poliana LoolitaJaar geleden

    How do models know how to pose for pics...???? I look so bad in pictures!! 🙄🙄🙄

  101. Mandi's Houseplant Channel

    Mandi's Houseplant ChannelJaar geleden

    Romeeeeeee 💕💕💕💕

  102. Andri Peci

    Andri PeciJaar geleden

  103. Cristianlopez

    CristianlopezJaar geleden

    Beatifull girls

  104. Siva Knr

    Siva KnrJaar geleden


  105. Siva Knr

    Siva KnrJaar geleden