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  1. Marloes Kamp

    Marloes Kamp3 dagen geleden

    I would love to hear how your labour was going

  2. kyera russan

    kyera russanMaand geleden

    literally if a video has romee strijd in it i WILL watch it

  3. C. M.

    C. M.Maand geleden

    I would love to more of you and Taylor :) You two are my favourite angels! Love from Germany.

  4. Martha Rezaee

    Martha Rezaee2 maanden geleden

    Tell us in your videos please how do you keep yourself motivated to do workout every day and eat healthy(for lazy people like me :D ;) )! Thank you.

  5. Asmeh June

    Asmeh June2 maanden geleden

    Great to see women having a career even after becoming mothers

  6. lucy Fer

    lucy Fer2 maanden geleden

    video ideas for at home: skin care routine/ favourites, makeup collection, what I eat in a week / day

  7. juliana valle

    juliana valle3 maanden geleden

    Hi Romee! 🥺I dream to be a VS model but Im only 5’5........I always watch you and watch VS model videos and try to be just like one of y’all...I wish I could be you..

  8. kb Vicente

    kb Vicente3 maanden geleden

    Its so hard for believe this it has been so much for the next time and the lricimus next album thisnis just the expectancy i have in hitel rooms caise im like a suler stat warrior i mean madness never abidr yhe orincioleos if giving up your souk to tje devil meaning that bu the fate and tine you oost anitherone inwill ne more inti it because i dont like none of that olease let all of us know your acquaintances sonwe can act like we have for your own ig you want to laugh with your mother olease tell everyone we want to have fun becasie this is hust hiw we have fun with this meaning indint inow buy it makrs sense wemhen you read it like 10000 thousand tine olease give me back my cirginity and ket my larents know in more religious now are we interested in therse feids or are we partying inmean aorty mode on who hoo. Inam still carlos just another addict that luagh with no more drigs

  9. 한국에서Marion Kim 김

    한국에서Marion Kim 김3 maanden geleden

    I am ur fan from Korea ❤🇰🇷

  10. So Sena

    So Sena3 maanden geleden

    Love you Romee keep up the great vlogs

  11. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani3 maanden geleden


  12. Dominique Hargrove

    Dominique Hargrove3 maanden geleden

    You should play new games with her, every month and read!!!

  13. Dominique Hargrove

    Dominique Hargrove3 maanden geleden


  14. Smudgy Notes

    Smudgy Notes3 maanden geleden

    Get the Elvie pumps! It makes it so easy to pump while working. My baby is 8 months old and I don't think I could continue without them. They're completely wireless. People don't even know I'm pumping when I do.

  15. Valeria Lopez

    Valeria Lopez3 maanden geleden

    Love the video!😊❤️Mint is super cute! Can you do a video on your nutrition now after having baby? Like what do you eat in a day, and if you have treat days what do they look like😊❤️

  16. Becky Vandenlangenberg

    Becky Vandenlangenberg3 maanden geleden

    Tummy time!

  17. JAA Channel

    JAA Channel3 maanden geleden

  18. ines b

    ines b3 maanden geleden

    They would better bought a house in america

  19. ReyAlexam

    ReyAlexam3 maanden geleden

    You guys made me believe on true love

  20. rainy haze

    rainy haze3 maanden geleden

    Hey @romee strijd just wanted to remind you that Taylor Hill is more beautiful than you ever will be and she is more fun to watch as well. Good luck to you in your failing modeling career

  21. Irene L

    Irene L3 maanden geleden


  22. Christa Abate

    Christa Abate3 maanden geleden

    You film anything and everything and we will watch and enjoy!!

  23. Petra Krul

    Petra Krul3 maanden geleden

    Hoi Romee, misschien leuk om eens terug te blikken op jouw lievelingsshoots met foto's alsof je een oud fotoalbum doorkijkt?

  24. Sarah Mee

    Sarah Mee3 maanden geleden

    Some advice from a mother. its ok to be selfish you are doing great xx

  25. Becy Eugenio

    Becy Eugenio3 maanden geleden

    You're so beautiful!

  26. Gabby Smith

    Gabby Smith3 maanden geleden

    Put paint into a zip lock bag and give it to mint then she can spread the paint around. Fill a bowl up with water and put in some toys (water safe obvs) and she will more than likely splash around. Put tape on a wall and sit her near it. My daughter loved this she would always pull the tape off and giggle.

  27. Jennifer Murray

    Jennifer Murray3 maanden geleden

    Please do another what I eat in a day

  28. the vampire diaries

    the vampire diaries3 maanden geleden

    Lauren is soo cute as a dad

  29. Jelisa

    Jelisa3 maanden geleden

    Do a postpartum body vlog

  30. Rosi Zuñiga

    Rosi Zuñiga3 maanden geleden

    recuperando la figura despues de ser madre!

  31. Michelle Schlichter

    Michelle Schlichter4 maanden geleden

    If you just film a day in the life at home/ a day in a life as a new mum then that would be very chill and eye opening. Honestly it doesn't matter what you film as we all love your videos so we are just grateful for the content)

  32. Sarah Kihn

    Sarah Kihn4 maanden geleden

    I thought you guys were married but then you said "the best boyfriend of the world award" at 4:15 lol. Are you guys planning to get married down the road, or is that not as common in The Netherlands?

  33. Sonia B

    Sonia B4 maanden geleden

    Everything you film is interesting, I enjoy each video.

  34. Phawadee Pantrakul

    Phawadee Pantrakul4 maanden geleden

    I like the darker floor option! but better get a poreless stone for the top for maintenance. It’s nice tho!

  35. Lommy

    Lommy4 maanden geleden

    I think it's a throw not a scarf. I wish I got such gifts!

  36. Heather Favorite

    Heather Favorite4 maanden geleden

    I love how sweet you are to each other. So refreshing to see a loving family!!

  37. Ciara Redmond

    Ciara Redmond4 maanden geleden

    I love the jewelry but wish your website had pictures of somebody wearing them!! I have to come to your videos and try and find a shot of you wearing them just to get an idea of what they’ll look like 😂

  38. Julia xavier

    Julia xavier4 maanden geleden

    Do a house tour video !

  39. Orce Tata

    Orce Tata4 maanden geleden

    I love you................nitu

  40. Arunachal Baby

    Arunachal Baby4 maanden geleden

    Am I the only one who click the like within 10s of starting? because you know whatever the content may be, it's gonna b cute and smiling😇

  41. Visan Ana

    Visan Ana4 maanden geleden

    Romee, show us what you bought from Zara

  42. Roxanne

    Roxanne4 maanden geleden

    Hi Romy! Ideas for a new video -what are you grateful for in live? -what brings you peace? -what brings you positive energy?

  43. Rebecca Louise

    Rebecca Louise4 maanden geleden

    "When I came in at 11" = me

  44. Jacquelyn Self

    Jacquelyn Self4 maanden geleden

    Just read to her, sleep

  45. Jane Rho

    Jane Rho4 maanden geleden

    Would love to see another Q&A with Laurens, talking about post-baby life, plans for the future, relationship dynamics, etc.!

  46. Diana Dorilace

    Diana Dorilace4 maanden geleden

    I love your home videos more😻🔥

  47. Wynifred Owen

    Wynifred Owen4 maanden geleden

    any video is great

  48. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin4 maanden geleden

    Why would you earthquake the casino?

  49. Rachel Boer

    Rachel Boer4 maanden geleden

    Is dotch studios also a brand from you and laurens? Because you are in a lot of their insta posts?


    SALADIN RAFA DJODY4 maanden geleden

  51. Aish Ashoori

    Aish Ashoori4 maanden geleden

    It is nice u go to office to do your nails and makeup 💄 lol 😂

  52. Shruti Kaushik

    Shruti Kaushik4 maanden geleden

    YOU are ❤️✨

  53. Karenina López

    Karenina López4 maanden geleden

    Love this. But something caught my attention in the comments, Romee is doing 1000 things while nursing the baby, meanwhile her boyfriend cooks breakfast.. and many women praise him for it. Please dont idolize men for doing basic things. Having a baby must be crazy and they are a couple.. Please dont take for granted everything women do.

  54. Cassandra Ouellette

    Cassandra Ouellette4 maanden geleden

    its good if you cant film ! You're a good mom and a good worker ! Take your time my love xx

  55. Rachael Price

    Rachael Price4 maanden geleden

    You should do more what I eat in a day vlogs and tell us your favourite workouts and do a clog showing mint’s daily routine

  56. xNativePirate

    xNativePirate4 maanden geleden

    video ideas: Q&A's, what I eat in a day's, make up/skin care tutorials, work out video's :)

  57. Mony S

    Mony S4 maanden geleden

    Which breast pumps do you use now? Cant see you with the portable elvies anymore, is there a reason? BTW its funny because we are thinking to name our baby boy Laurens ;D but it has nothing to do with you guys haha

  58. Paula Martinez Vidal

    Paula Martinez Vidal4 maanden geleden

    You could do a vlog explaining how you become a model!!!! It would be super interesting🙆🏽‍♀️

  59. Pink Rainbow

    Pink Rainbow4 maanden geleden

    Laurens is the wife LOL

  60. Pink Rainbow

    Pink Rainbow4 maanden geleden

    Is Mint a Swedish name.. or is it just an herb LOL?

  61. Abigail Wasemann

    Abigail Wasemann4 maanden geleden

    Everyday makeup routine

  62. Abigail Wasemann

    Abigail Wasemann4 maanden geleden

    Monthly favorites videos

  63. Reg Bg

    Reg Bg4 maanden geleden

    Do a what I eat in a diet while breastfeeding video!!!

  64. Cathy Newton

    Cathy Newton4 maanden geleden

    I thought no eggs for a year after you took that test ? So it's on again ?

  65. Esther Melo

    Esther Melo4 maanden geleden

    Painting is amazing for the baby ❤️ motor coordination and colors you put the paint in a transparent bag my mom is a psychopedagogue and she does this with the patients I hope this helps u Romme

  66. AnaMaria Navarro

    AnaMaria Navarro4 maanden geleden

    Romeee I would love to see more about your meals and recipes to be healthy 🥰🥰🥰

  67. Jantine Romkes - Hakvoort

    Jantine Romkes - Hakvoort4 maanden geleden

    Wee gallery die heeft boekjes en speelkaartjes in zwart wit met bepaalde patronen die baby’s van 3 maanden goed zien en dus heel interessant vinden. En verder, een bijtring, en knisperboekje was hier favoriet rond die leeftijd

  68. J Doe

    J Doe4 maanden geleden

    Maybe film going on a walk and exploring with Mint!

  69. maikolosav

    maikolosav4 maanden geleden

    Aren't you using the little pumps that go into your bra anymore? They seemed very comfortable.

  70. Leigha E.B

    Leigha E.B4 maanden geleden

    Hi Romee I love you for a new video idea 💡 you never told us your babies name?

  71. steve contato

    steve contato4 maanden geleden

    Romee 💕

  72. marie moyaux

    marie moyaux4 maanden geleden

    Sensory play activities. 4months is the time they start grabbing things and everything. :)

  73. Victor Lui

    Victor Lui4 maanden geleden

    Oh, oh, I want a naetur goody sweatshirt. ♡ =]

  74. Victor Lui

    Victor Lui4 maanden geleden

    Hi Romee!!! Hi Laurens!!! Hi Laurens's sister. ♡ =]

  75. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth4 maanden geleden

    Maybe you can show your summer outfits 😀and training at home 😀

  76. Priscille tipoune

    Priscille tipoune4 maanden geleden

    The decisive jury phenotypically scorch because timbale intraorally learn failing a superb temperature. dear, chilly sentence

  77. Alyana Rhodes

    Alyana Rhodes4 maanden geleden

    would love to see a Zara haul

  78. Lauren Jane

    Lauren Jane4 maanden geleden

    Darker floor if you have lots of light😃

  79. Grete Förster

    Grete Förster4 maanden geleden


  80. Phoebe Cain

    Phoebe Cain4 maanden geleden

    Would love to see videos like what I eat in a day, monthly favorites, and vlogs like these!

  81. Faiza Megharia

    Faiza Megharia4 maanden geleden


  82. Faiza Megharia

    Faiza Megharia4 maanden geleden

    Woow romee, du bist so tapfer! 3 Monate nach Entbindung. Bei meiner ersten Tochter war ich so fix und fertig Hormone , stillen, Schilddrüsenprobleme..... i love you guys 👏👏👏👏👏

  83. Ju Hei

    Ju Hei4 maanden geleden

    I would love to see more videos with your families. I know it is very personal, but maybe.... And I am very curious to see the staus quo of your new house.

  84. katherina cajiao

    katherina cajiao4 maanden geleden

    Ideas for next videos : What you eat in a day after having mint More workout videos More clean products videos Skin routine after pregnancy

  85. mohamed abubacker

    mohamed abubacker4 maanden geleden

    mam if possible u chat or ask question one one with rianne van rompaey and vittoria u directly.

  86. mohamed abubacker

    mohamed abubacker4 maanden geleden

    as i thought u had baby girl :) congratulation ot meeee.... mam

  87. Regis Gonthier

    Regis Gonthier4 maanden geleden

    Viva rommee ans Laurens ans her baby..good Luck m'y Friend

  88. ナタリー猫

    ナタリー猫4 maanden geleden

    I wanna see a haul on gym clothing and other clothing you have and how you decide to piece together your outfits daily.

  89. Tanya Mishra

    Tanya Mishra4 maanden geleden

    Are you eating idli?

  90. Elle Pea

    Elle Pea4 maanden geleden

    **Would love to see videos on**: -your 5 year plan/goals -your decision to leave Victoria secret -your fitness/exercise journey (what you started doing/what you did 2 years ago/your fave exercise/your least favourite) and what you are currently doing -who look up to in your Industry xx

  91. Genesis Eufragio

    Genesis Eufragio4 maanden geleden


  92. Adolphina Laboni

    Adolphina Laboni4 maanden geleden

    Please make a workout video to tone your belly after giving birth and what is helping you to get back to shape. XOXO

  93. always me

    always me4 maanden geleden

    SOOO prooud of you girl! A super mom wife and model. Just seeing you .live a normal somewhat life is so awesome. NO chefs no maids...You your hubby and sweet Mint.

  94. sh chemist

    sh chemist4 maanden geleden

    you are so beautiful and talented, I love your voice and the way you talk. Wish you both forever happiness with princess Mint , and thank you Luren for showing us that a perfect man exist :)

  95. livia

    livia4 maanden geleden

    i really would like to see what you eat in a week

  96. Kaylee Moore

    Kaylee Moore4 maanden geleden

    Please show more of mint ❤️ a day in the life with mint!

  97. Lea Muller

    Lea Muller4 maanden geleden

    We just want to see what you were doing before, you, your life and Laurens and not turn your channel as a parenting life channel as many other just talking about your baby....

  98. June Zoe

    June Zoe4 maanden geleden

    What you eat to lose weight on Pcos

  99. SilverStar613

    SilverStar6134 maanden geleden

    I’d love to see how you went back to looking so fabulous so quickly after the baby. Any tips? I prefer the lighter floor, by the way. 🥰

  100. Millie Wharton

    Millie Wharton4 maanden geleden

    More content of what you do in the day not just saying what youre going to do and then the next day

  101. Teona makharadze

    Teona makharadze4 maanden geleden

    How are you so perfect ? 🥰🥰🥰🥰