ANOTHER WEEK AS A MOM + WHAT I EAT (vlog 66) | Romee Strijd

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  1. Deah Patriz Caorte

    Deah Patriz CaorteDag geleden


  2. Sarah Daniels

    Sarah Daniels4 dagen geleden

    lawrence is so funny HAHAH

  3. Eva

    Eva7 dagen geleden

    Beauty is who you are on the outside and inside

  4. Solenn Beaulieu

    Solenn Beaulieu8 dagen geleden

    The function of beauty serums (&other products) contain microplastics!! :( (sodium acrylates crosspolymer-2)

  5. Ave Ena

    Ave Ena11 dagen geleden

    Now you are much beautiful beacause you hava a baby

  6. Carol Tomas

    Carol Tomas24 dagen geleden

    Hola Romee, estaría bien que pusieras subtítulos en español, para poder entender tus vídeos, me encantan tus vídeos

  7. Blu

    Blu26 dagen geleden

    I wonder if it's hard to be a mom. I'm not a girl, so I don't know.

  8. Madlyn

    Madlyn28 dagen geleden

    Not only is Romee absolutely beautiful but she's so down to earth. I'm so addicted to watching these vlogs.

  9. Petra Maier

    Petra Maier28 dagen geleden

    Romee seems very tired. I understand...

  10. Vloggys Blog

    Vloggys BlogMaand geleden

    Welke taal spreekt hij/zij

  11. B T

    B TMaand geleden

    I just discovered these vlogs and can't say enough about how much I genuinely love yours and Laurence's (sp?) personalities!! Mint is sooooo cute and adorable to watch too. I can't wait to watch more of these when have time. Although I would not miss the mustache if it went away in future.

  12. Саша Никулина

    Саша НикулинаMaand geleden

    Oh man,so pretty!!!very very very very very very very beautiful woman!

  13. Gul wali Khan

    Gul wali KhanMaand geleden

    Call me

  14. Lina Gärtner

    Lina Gärtner2 maanden geleden

    Your Baby is so sweet💓💓💓 may she always be blessed and protected. But I don’t like people showing their kids officially, because there are a lot of creeps on NLpush .

  15. oq

    oq2 maanden geleden


  16. Elizabeth Turner

    Elizabeth Turner2 maanden geleden

    u are my idol

  17. Esmanur AK

    Esmanur AK2 maanden geleden

    Romee I guess you need to get rest alone. I say as mother of 2 kids. Cause you look very serious. Not like in past. I love you soooo much. Your family number 1 .Your Husbent already helps you . He will get you. Only after 6 months that you give milk to your daughter -you cab breath easier as women 😜.God bless you and your family 🙏keep strong 💪.

  18. Rosie M

    Rosie M2 maanden geleden

    Can or does Laurens have his on channel? If not it's a need

  19. Joeray

    Joeray2 maanden geleden

    Romee can u talk about feminist on your podcast 💬

  20. Joeray

    Joeray2 maanden geleden

    Romee can u talk about feminist

  21. Visn Leo/Ruben

    Visn Leo/Ruben2 maanden geleden


  22. Disgruntled K9

    Disgruntled K92 maanden geleden

    Please give Lorenzio his own cooking show I beg you🤣🤣🤣

  23. Loretta Cohen

    Loretta Cohen2 maanden geleden

    ❤️ you and Laurens! Watch all the time. I’m not sure if Laurens has found any remedies for his stomach/acid reflux. If not, he may consider seeing a functional Dr. They get to the root cause and treat the cause rather than mask the symptoms. Dr. Will Cole is in L.A. and another one is Dr Mark Hyman. I’m not sure where he is located. I know you guys travel everywhere. Hopefully he’s on pre and pro biotics.

  24. Debs

    Debs2 maanden geleden

    What a gorgeous family, the baby is precious 🤩🤩🤩

  25. Katie Maggioli

    Katie Maggioli2 maanden geleden

    Mint is adorable god bless her 🥰🥰🥰🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  26. Melek Güler

    Melek Güler2 maanden geleden


  27. Vroni

    Vroni2 maanden geleden

    …best Coockingshow ever!😂😂😂

  28. Anna Hejdysz

    Anna Hejdysz2 maanden geleden

    Je dochter is zoo mooi😀Prachtig!!!!

  29. Michaela Hutchison

    Michaela Hutchison2 maanden geleden

    My 9 month old boy is sitting here with me and started smiling when he saw Mint ❤️

  30. Dalyan Prieto-Akmansoy

    Dalyan Prieto-Akmansoy3 maanden geleden

    laurens looks so tired ahahahha

  31. Justyne Sanchez

    Justyne Sanchez3 maanden geleden

    Mint looks just like your husband! How sweet.🥰

  32. Anne-Marie de Hoog

    Anne-Marie de Hoog3 maanden geleden

    Ha ha ben je bij Party Point geweest voor de ballonnen voor het versieren van het huis van je vriendin ? Wat een heerlijk moppie is Mint toch. En sprekend Laurens.

  33. claudia privitelli

    claudia privitelli3 maanden geleden

    Laurens literally kills me ahahahahahah hes so funny

  34. Life With Lindsey

    Life With Lindsey3 maanden geleden

  35. Alison O'Donnell

    Alison O'Donnell3 maanden geleden

    the third "look" was perfect :D

  36. Romee Bod

    Romee Bod3 maanden geleden

    kan je bij Function Of Beauty alleen betalen met creditcard? En hoe betrouwbaar is het?

  37. hilda bitner

    hilda bitner3 maanden geleden

    Love Laurence but hate mustache

  38. MrSpice

    MrSpice3 maanden geleden

    great vlog video! I think my most memoriable vlog is when i was at TIFF. Obviously this was pre pandemic. Oh man im depressed now just thinking about it :( Im going to go eat a tub of ice cream and drown my sarrows :*( Great job on your video though :)

  39. I M Lovely

    I M Lovely3 maanden geleden

    Let’s just appreciate the fact that Romee’s programs are totally free, accessible and helped so many people around the world ❤️😊🤚

  40. Antonia López Cartagena

    Antonia López Cartagena3 maanden geleden

    Mint is so gorgeous and cute 😍😍 best family ever 🥰

  41. Julia Koltzoff

    Julia Koltzoff3 maanden geleden

    Laurens-io look tired both do!🏝🤙❤️

  42. Anchal Jain

    Anchal Jain3 maanden geleden

    Plzz make a video about your cheat meals and how often you do it

  43. Rhea Elaine

    Rhea Elaine3 maanden geleden

    Make a "Questions I've never ask my Husband" vlog ❤️pretty please😘Stay safe

  44. Lorena Bustos

    Lorena Bustos3 maanden geleden

    Lorenzio lolololol that was hilarious! PS: Mint is a mini Laurens


    VEGANAISE3 maanden geleden

  46. N. Vision

    N. Vision3 maanden geleden

    Laurens LOLLLL he's so funny

  47. Klára Allyson

    Klára Allyson3 maanden geleden

    Looove the video :) I've just uploaded a new one too :)

  48. Hamma narsani me'yori yaxshi

    Hamma narsani me'yori yaxshi3 maanden geleden

    Wow, you have such a beautiful family with great souls😍😍😍

  49. Johanna*

    Johanna*3 maanden geleden

    Haha, he is amazing, great man :)

  50. Johanna*

    Johanna*3 maanden geleden

    Haha, he is amazing, great man :)

  51. Ai Tanaka

    Ai Tanaka3 maanden geleden

    Hello from Japan 🇯🇵😊I like your NLpush channel ! I have a request. Could you teach me how to workout with resistance band ? thank you read my message 🕊(sorry l can’t speak English well.)

  52. simonesquared

    simonesquared3 maanden geleden



    AIKATERINI RAPTI3 maanden geleden

    Romee, you are born to be a model! A few tips for PCOS.Before 5 months I was diagnosed with PCOS and now I am totally fine, because I was told from my doctor to take INOFERT COMBI. For my case, it was really helpfull. My sister, also a doctor, has been diagnosed also with PCOS since she was a teenager, and after lots of treatments, she solved her problems with drinking every day "achillea" for two weeks before the next period.

  54. SOFIA

    SOFIA3 maanden geleden

    damn having babies really does age people

  55. Helena Bowles

    Helena Bowles3 maanden geleden

    Seeing Mint and Romee with her makes me so happy, very sweet. 💕

  56. Puck Mesker

    Puck Mesker3 maanden geleden

    Hahahah jullie zijn geweldig!

  57. Amber Ray

    Amber Ray3 maanden geleden

    Omg mint looks like Lauren

  58. Edwin Bosch

    Edwin Bosch3 maanden geleden

    ben jij nouw nederlands of je friend vroeg ik me af.

  59. Beau Kreuger

    Beau Kreuger3 maanden geleden

    Waar heb je de schoentjes van Mint gekocht of laten maken? 🥰

  60. Mr.dufferBoi

    Mr.dufferBoi3 maanden geleden

    Laurens kinda look alike Justin Bieber...💌

  61. Juh Xx

    Juh Xx3 maanden geleden

    I loved lorenzo cooking show 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 we are ready for more

  62. Heather Favorite

    Heather Favorite3 maanden geleden

    Such a cute family!!

  63. Madi Shillington

    Madi Shillington3 maanden geleden

    Laurens makes me laugh so hard every time

  64. Sarah Karpe

    Sarah Karpe3 maanden geleden

    Romee that is very sweet of you ❤

  65. Paulette Billy

    Paulette Billy3 maanden geleden

    OMG...Mint is absolutely beautiful.

  66. Helena Tehranu

    Helena Tehranu3 maanden geleden

    you are so beautiful 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  67. Helena Tehranu

    Helena Tehranu3 maanden geleden

    your baby is so so so cute 🥰 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  68. Elisabeth Ferber

    Elisabeth Ferber3 maanden geleden

    As a mom, I can only recommend the Lumi by Pampers baby monitor. You can listen to the. baby, talk to it and even see it in the dark. it works with an app so you can watch your baby on the go.

  69. alicia

    alicia3 maanden geleden

    13:16 I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD HERE I LOVE THIS edit- 14:20 is another chefs kiss moment we need to appreciate

  70. Madeline ASMR

    Madeline ASMR3 maanden geleden

    You and your baby are the cutest things ever omgggggg 😍😍😍😍

  71. Georgina C Kellly

    Georgina C Kellly3 maanden geleden

    Omg I love Laurence 😊😊😊

  72. mohamed abubacker

    mohamed abubacker3 maanden geleden

    need to forget our mistakes like a "passing clouds",u have good life baby and boyfriend hopefully good husband :) romee u rooks.... give us good videos like old romee.

  73. Antonia Voit

    Antonia Voit3 maanden geleden

    Love your videos 😍😍 but you should watsch “Seaspiracy” on Netflix

  74. Antonia Voit

    Antonia Voit3 maanden geleden


  75. Wesela Lecheva

    Wesela Lecheva3 maanden geleden

    Adorable, you are so funny guys, We want to see you more often. And yes, Laurens is also very funny 😀💓

  76. karina

    karina3 maanden geleden

    Your authenticity is so inspiring!❤️

  77. Jaqueline Hernandez

    Jaqueline Hernandez3 maanden geleden

    Love you so much guys💛! I love the videos and thank you for let us know your routine, your day✨

  78. Maria Lit

    Maria Lit3 maanden geleden

    Cooking w Lorenzo lolll

  79. N Sing

    N Sing3 maanden geleden

    Laurencio.. 😂

  80. sapir menashe

    sapir menashe3 maanden geleden


  81. Thomaaz Thomaaz

    Thomaaz Thomaaz3 maanden geleden

    Lindaaaaa 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  82. claraemilial

    claraemilial3 maanden geleden

    i'm glad that Laurens the magician is back!

  83. Fembriati Mahulette

    Fembriati Mahulette3 maanden geleden


  84. Joy Chen

    Joy Chen3 maanden geleden

    sometimes I still can't believe that she is a mom

  85. Giulia Coene

    Giulia Coene3 maanden geleden

    I have a video suggestion!! To do a reaction video on your ''What's in my hospital bag?''-video. These are usually a lot of fun since lots of stuff that was packed was ABSOLUTELY not used hahah Kusjes en veel succes met het (nieuwe) moederschap! Vind dat je het écht top doet voor zover ik kan zien

  86. Diana Dorilace

    Diana Dorilace3 maanden geleden


  87. Ruth Dupey

    Ruth Dupey3 maanden geleden

    cute! Nice vlog! But can you please have Laurens to look into the lens, and not at himself in the view finder lol?

  88. Merima Spahic

    Merima Spahic3 maanden geleden

    You seem so strong by managing doing everything your job, the household, being a mother and a wife and still having time for yourself. ❤️

  89. Crystal Dalley

    Crystal Dalley3 maanden geleden

    Omg love you guys she’s just the most beautiful 👼🏻 angel xoxoxo

  90. verify

    verify3 maanden geleden

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    jason3 maanden geleden

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  92. mayor

    mayor3 maanden geleden

    Thanks for he's contact info I'll get to him right away

  93. larry

    larry3 maanden geleden

    Through whatsap⬇ + 1**2**1**9**5**1**5**0**2**6**9

  94. mayor

    mayor3 maanden geleden

    How do I contact Mr Brandon

  95. Anita

    Anita3 maanden geleden

    Trading crypto with Expert Brandon has being a life changer for me

  96. Lisanne

    Lisanne3 maanden geleden

    Babee please don’t film when you are driving with one hand, please buy a standard for your phone or camera 🙈

  97. A Ric

    A Ric3 maanden geleden

    Laughing at Laurencio! Amazing! Thanks for the laugh. Love the mustache

  98. 24 Lalrinpari

    24 Lalrinpari3 maanden geleden

    Im crying that I'm never gonna see Mint in real life 〒_〒

  99. Anne-Marie de Hoog

    Anne-Marie de Hoog3 maanden geleden

    really ? Crying ? It's not that bad ?

  100. Saurosabani Sabani

    Saurosabani Sabani3 maanden geleden


  101. Nayatara Camilo

    Nayatara Camilo3 maanden geleden

    Where is her couch from...

  102. Soledad Garcia Vasquez

    Soledad Garcia Vasquez3 maanden geleden

    You should make a blog about current fashion trends in Europe

  103. Camila Trindade Petrocchi

    Camila Trindade Petrocchi3 maanden geleden

    You are doing very well as a mother! Congratulations, Romee!!!

  104. Camila Hernandez

    Camila Hernandez3 maanden geleden

    Love u queen

  105. David

    David3 maanden geleden

    Yes you look more different than before Why such a gloomy first picture for video. You must be very happy in all you do. Its not just about you anymore , baby comes first Adorable .

  106. Nechamah Kahana

    Nechamah Kahana3 maanden geleden

    am so impressed you're still nursing and pumping!!

  107. 818nooner

    818nooner3 maanden geleden

    Loved Laurens cooking show. Lol